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Teen singer chilla kiana is making a breakthrough in her young career & being chosen to sing the indonesian version of disney song “the glow


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Teen singer chilla kiana is making a breakthrough in her young career & being chosen to sing the indonesian version of disney song “the glow

  1. 1. Teen singer Chilla Kiana is making a breakthrough in her young career & being chosen to sing the Indonesian version of Disney song “The Glow”. Produced and written by the Disney Channel for its Disney Princesses franchise. Chilla said her cooperation with Disney was a dream come true. “I am very honored, excited and humbled that I got to be a part of The Glow project because I have always been a huge Disney fan, ever since I was a little kid,” 19-year-old told Chilla. “I always wondered how it would feel to be a part of Disney and now that I am actually able to sing a Disney song and be a part of a Disney project, it feels amazing.” Her success is a result of a 12-year process in which she has constantly developed herself as a musician, an artist and an entrepreneur. Chilla said she had known what she wanted to do in life since her childhood. Born in Surabaya, Indonesia, 19 years ago, Chilla first took on piano music was when she was seven, and won many piano competitions awards.
  2. 2. Chilla complemented her musical repertoire by taking singing classes and at only 11 and when most girls are busy playing with their barbies AND she had fun composing songs, writing lyrics and arranging notes by herself. In Chilla’s early song-writing career (11), she wrote and composes a religious Christian songs, called “I Belong to Jesus”. When she was 13, she wrote and composes a Patriotic Song, named “My Indonesia” dedicated to her country. “A while after, I got the chance to sing and release two English-language songs and ‘Loneliest Hour’ and ‘Jealous’.” The Universal Music Group then put me on contract and finally, on October 2014, I got contract with The Walt Disney Company for the song of Disney Princesses “The Glow” in Indonesia Version.” When Chilla was not busy writing songs, She love to play piano and other music instruments, she was just like any other teenagers, she likes to watch movie and shows on the Disney Channel during her spare time. The pop musical style of Disney then began to influence Chilla in the way she wrote her songs. “I grew up watching Disney. I was actually inspired by a lot of Disney artists. Chilla said “As for genre, I think my songs are mostly pop but I don’t want to limit myself to a genre because I’m always constantly learning, I’m always constantly trying to evolve, and I want my music to evolve with me and to grow with me as well.” For the themes of her songs, she said it would depend on her feelings and what she wants to write, but mostly, they’re about friendship or something that is empowering and positive. Being positive, she says, is a must for an artist to survive in the tough dog-eat-dog world of the entertainment industry “You have to keep going even though sometimes things are hard. There are rejections and problems, which happen quite a lot in this industry,” said Chilla, whose pet dogs, Cotton and Candy, keep her happy and cheerful. At her age, she already understands that talent and passion alone are not enough for musicians and artists such as herself to make a long-term living. At the age of 16, Chilla has already attended university, majoring in international business. “Obviously, I like music. It’s my hobby, it’s my passion but I took a business degree because I’m
  3. 3. interested in it and I want to learn how business works and I think it will be beneficial in the long term. I like music but I also want to learn how things work in the industry.” She said to become a successful musician and to earn a living from it, first of all, it depends on the person. “But being true to yourself is important and always working for your craft and constantly improving and constantly trying to be better is also important,” she says. “I think good music speaks for itself. If you make really good music and you promote it well, people will want to buy it I guess.” “For me, personally, I just want to be myself and be natural I guess,” she said. Her achievements so far have definitely put a little bit a pressure on her, but she takes a positive perspective of it. “A little pressure is good because it keeps you in check and motivated. It keeps you wanting to improve and be better.” Chilla Kiana. BUSINESS NAME : CHILLA KIANA Keywords : Disney, Disney Princess, Disney Channel, Music, Movie, Singer, Chilla Kiana, Indonesia, The Walt Disney Company, Universal Music Group Catch Chilla on : Twitter @ChillaKiana , Instagram @chillakiana , Youtube Chilla Kiana , Facebook Page Chilla Kiana (musician/band) VIDEO'S INFO: VIDEO 1: Disney Princess Chilla Kiana The Glow #TheGlowbyChilla #DisneyChannelAsia #DisneyPrincess VIDEO 2 Disney Princess Chilla Kiana The Glow VIDEO 3 Chilla Kiana (cover) Part of Your World Little Mermaid URL : Management contact :
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