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  1. 1. “Don’t count your cards until the dealings done.”
  2. 2. SUMMARY Dead Man's Hand is the story of a heroin's revenge on her partners in crime who once cheated her out on £66k in a poker game. The story unfolds when Sam, Neil and Si (The One-Eyed Royals) conduct a bank heist, on the escape Sam slips away with all the money leaving Neil and Si empty handed. This results in a chase for the money, where all ends in blood and gore.
  3. 3. SYNOPSIS Three criminals conduct a heist. Shortly after, two of the three criminals get to the meeting point and their female accomplice doesn’t show up. They assume she’s been caught by the police so they carry on. Sam is getting revenge on Si and Neil, because they cheated her out of £66k in a poker game. Ryan and Liam want their money back, but who can be trusted? Characters: Beth – Femme Fatale. She swindles the money of Ryan and Liam and eventually comes out on top when they want it back. Ryan and Liam – Two gangsters who lose their money. Not the brightest. Twists: One of our twists comes early on when Ryan and Liam realise that Beth has taken all the money, but the main twist is when Ryan turns on Liam and we realise that they were working together all along. We find out that Beth bribed Ryan to help her kill Liam, but Beth knows that Ryan helped Liam cheat at the poker game.
  4. 4. 3 ACT TREATMENT- FILM ACT 1 • Post heist (influenced by reservoir dogs) of a bank. • Clean get away- Neil and Si run out front, Sam has gone out back with money • ACT 3 ACT 2 • Double cross- Sam runs off with money leaving Si and Neil at the meeting spot empty handed. Sam wants revenge- for past incident (Neil cheated Sam £66,000 from the help of Si in a poker game) - Shown in trailer • Neil and Si on search for Sam and the money, whilst Sam is on the run Twist: Si has been helping Sam from the beginning, and was involved in the first double cross at the bank. • Although Sam knows Si helped Neil cheat at the poker game, she still bribed Si pre-heist to help her by killing off Neil so she could get revenge on him. • Once the deed is done and Neil is dead, Si regroups with Sam to then be killed, Sam knocks 2 birds out with one stone and gets away with £3,000,000
  5. 5. ALLOCATED POSITIONS • JOE: cameraman, editing • RYAN: actor • LIAM: director, actor • BETH: actor LOCATIONS: Barclay’s Bank- In town Back alleys NCP car park High street Joe’s House Varndean College Characters: • Heroine/protagonist – Sam A.K.A Smiley • Antagonist/villain – Neil A.K.A Dopey • Antagonist/villain – Si A.K.A Grouchy
  6. 6. DEAD MAN’S HAND • According to legend, Wild Bill Hickok was shot to death in the middle of a poker game with 2 pairs: black aces and black eight's. No one knows for sure what the kicker was, but from then on black aces and eight's has been called dead man's hand. Definition: • The film name wasn’t initially chosen due to the definition but because it relates to the films main conventions we thought that it was ideal i.e. because the plot revolves around the heroine getting revenge on the men that cheated her at poker (who are later killed)
  7. 7. MARKETING • Because our film is low budget and independent it would be marketed through social networking sites on web 2.0 like Facebook, the films own website, and other publicity like interviews with the actors and director on the internet and small company magazines. The film could also be advertised on gambling websites/games which would relate to the film. • It would also be shown at small film festivals and award nights before the main release. • The cinemas our film would be viewed at would be independent cinemas like the Duke Of York’s in Brighton.
  8. 8. USP The USP (unique selling point) of our film is that we have a strong female lead, which most films don’t really do as they use males most of the time. However we have used a female lead (Beth) because of films such as kill bill. We feel that this doesn’t only make our film stand out but it also gives it a postmodern twist.
  9. 9. Slogan What is a slogan? :A slogan is a memorable motto or phrase The slogan of a film is probably one of the main things that the audience remembers and that’s why they have to be short and simple. The slogan that our group has chosen to use is: She just got f**ked, now she's the one doing the f**king. The reason for this slogan is that the female lead in our film got cheated out of 66,000 pounds in a poker game and now she's back for revenge.
  10. 10. Target population The target population for our film is mainly for people between 15 and 25. So a young audience but we have also took into account that probably people of a older age will also enjoy our film, this is a bonus for us as more people will want to see it.
  11. 11. Classification of our film The classification of our film is a 15. What does the 15 symbol mean? No-one under 15 is allowed to see a 15 film at the cinema or buy/rent a ‘15’ rated DVD. 15 rated works are not suitable for children under 15 years of age. .strong violence .frequent strong language (e.g. 'f***'). .portrayals of sexual activity .strong verbal references to sex .sexual nudity .brief scenes of sexual violence or verbal references to sexual violence .drug taking These are things which make a film a 15.
  12. 12. INFLUENCES • Kill Bill – Femme Fatale • Reservoir Dogs – Post Heist • Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – Poker elements involved • Jackie Brown – Femme Fatale + Money is the key prop in the film that is used as the McGuffin
  13. 13. STORYBOARD
  14. 14. STORYBOARD