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Lagom - The Art of Having More Time


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In this fascinating presentation, Emily West from made agency, discusses how they implimented the thought pattern of 'lagom' into their marketing agency, resulting in a six hour working day, much better productivity and plenty of cake!

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Lagom - The Art of Having More Time

  1. 1. for productivity & wellbeing Emily West Business Development Manager made agency
  2. 2. Background BA(Hons) UEA Employed & self-employed Financial & creative sectors Business development & sales Started at made in Sept 2017
  3. 3. MADE in 2017 Low efficiency of projects Quality too low and falling Relatively low morale & mindset No focus on external marketing Less leadership involvement People doing their own thing Something needed to change
  4. 4. What we changed Strategy Operations – lean, systems thinking Leadership – flattened structure Organisational Culture – working hours, self managers Marketing – website, social, networking Environment – physical work space & colours Service Marketing – consumer needs Brand – “lagom”
  5. 5. “Not too much, not too little…” - Lagom Just the right amount Flows through everything we do Working hours Project Operations Customer interactions Internal communications Decision making
  6. 6. How we work 8:45 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:15 - Fika at 10:30 and 14:30 - One hour lunch break at 12:00 “Rigid flexibility” Library rules Short meetings No slides, bars or pool tables Calm working environment No deadlines Team events, lunches and charity days
  7. 7. The result One team pulling together Higher efficiency As productive for 6 hours as 8 High motivation and innovation Quality continuously improving Never been busier Easier recruitment Happier, better rested team
  8. 8. Key take aways A different and happier way of working Quality over quantity Attract good people and talent Your culture is part of your brand Would work for any company Quiet, productive times are key Everyone should be on board Go with it 3 months to make it habitual Think differently & challenge the norm!
  9. 9. Key Reading It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work Heinemeier Hansson, D and Fried J (2018) Drive Pink,D (2011) Lagom - The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life Niki Brantmark (2017)
  10. 10. Thank you 01603 626436 “We think, mistakenly, that success is the result of the amount of time we put in at work, instead of the quality of time we put in.” ― Arianna Huffington