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Evaluation question 4


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. OCR G324 Joe Garnett 3304 Aquinas College: 33435
  2. 2. Evaluation question 4 How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  3. 3. Camera We used a digital camera with a memory disk in it, to record the footage we needed in order to create a trailer. I also used a camera when doing the preliminary tasks(stop frame animations and practise soap trailer). The memory disk helped us because the upload from it is very quick, whereas if we had used a tape camera it would have taken as long as the footage was to upload it.
  4. 4. iMovieiMovie was the editing software which Iused to create my main product andpractise soap trailer. It is easy to use –cropping footage, changing soundlevels, overlaying sound and adding suchthings as slow – motion.Many parts of my trailer include slow-motion, and all of the clips were croppeddown so that they matched the beats ofthe music.iTunes is part of the same iMac softwareare make it easy to transfer things fromone to another. I had to do this when Iwas importing music.
  5. 5. Keynote I used Keynote to create title cards for the soap trailer, keynote is very similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, it is used to create slideshows but slides can be exported as JPEGs so they can be used on other programs. Using Keynote I was able to change background colours font types and colours.
  6. 6. Social mediaOur class used twitter to I used it to give my teacher thecommunicate with the teacher link to my soap trailer rough cutsfor information about our work. and final product on YouTube. Twitter was very useful to me because it allowed me to easily communicate with my teacher when out of college and also post links to my product.
  7. 7. Social media I uploaded my soap trailer rough cuts and finished product to YouTube. This enables other people to watch it, the potential for feedback and allowed me to embed the video onto my blog, with YouTube I could share my work on Twitter.
  8. 8. Social media I also used YouTube for research, I watched things such a Dallas and Eastenders. I then upload some clips of what I had watched to blog to show my research and it allowed me to not have to search for them again of YouTube.
  9. 9. Blogger Blogger is a website that allows you to upload videos, slideshows and text. I uploaded my research, planning, stages of development with my soap trailer, my ancillaries and evaluation. It is very easy to use and I could also follow other peoples blogs, I followed the blogs of the people in my group so that we could share all of the work that we had done.
  10. 10. PowerPoint and SlideshareI used PowerPoint to create myevaluation as I could put text andimages on the slides, I was in controlof the colours and fonts. To upload my evaluation to my blog I used Slideshare, a website which converts PowerPoints into a format which works on the internet