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Eastenders Analysis


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Eastenders Analysis

  1. 1. Eastenders- analysis
  2. 2. Without seeing the title of the show, most people immediately know that this is Eastenders . The theme tune is also easily recognisable as Eastenders.The O2 arena and the riverThames shows us that it is setin London.When we see the title it isaccompanied with the BBClogo.
  3. 3. The title of the show‘Eastenders’, gives us a morespecific area of which it is set. The music suggests that the characters lifestyles in the show are going to be boring.
  4. 4. The opening scene shows a man trying to sneak out of a house, it suggests that he is in somebody elses house. As he begins to walk towards the door, we see that he has had a one night stand. This is shown to us through meeting another character, a woman who is tying her dressing gown, which suggests that she has no clothes on.“A goodbye would’ve been nice.” thedialogue shows that the woman is moreconnected to the man than the man isconnected to her.
  5. 5. the house seems like it has not been decorated for some years, which could suggest that the woman is old fashioned or does not have the money to redecorate. The cheap wooden frames and banister accompanied with leopard print wallpaper suggests the women is of working class.The school bags, felt tips and footballshows that she is either a mother orgrandmother and the teddy and pinkclothing on the banister also show shehas a daughter or grandaughter