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Javascript meetup mini-sprint for our weather app. Planning to do test driven development with qunitjs and sinonjs.

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  1. 1. Weatherapp mini sprint 5/30/2015
  2. 2. Weatherapp mini sprint Today’s Event hosts • St. Patrick’s Church & School - Tacoma • Knights of Columbus Tacoma Council 809 5/30/2015
  3. 3. Weatherapp mini sprint Moderator: Joe Devlin 5/30/2015
  4. 4. Weatherapp mini sprint Access this slideshow at: 5/30/2015
  5. 5. A word from our hosts •St. Patrick’s Church – Tacoma o The pastoral council has generously offered us this location for today, as part of the churches community outreach. o Founded in 1892 o Aligned with St. Patrick’s Catholic School link o Reference: The Bible API o Working on the Engaged Church model “Growing an Engaged Church” by Albert Winseman, Gallup Press, ISBN 978-1-59562-014-9 o Promoting personal development with Strengths Finder. “Strengths Finder” by Tom Rath, Gallup Press, ISBN 978-1-59562-015-6  5/30/2015
  6. 6. A word from our hosts • Knights of Columbus o Founded in 1882 o Dedicated to “Saving Lives and Changing Lives” o Promoting strong families through charitable giving and a AAA rated life insurance and annuity program. o Local projects Habitat for Humanity Build, Blood Drive, Ultrasound for pregnancy care &, Coats for Kids, Wheelchair Mission. 5/30/2015
  7. 7. Introduction •Joe Devlin - moderator o Member of St Patrick’s Parish and K of C council 809 o Working as a web host for small to medium sized businesses. o Interested in Javascript for the obvious reasons that it is a must for web development, plus for the purposes of getting people together to code; JS is a universal standard that comes with freely downloadable browsers and tools. We can easily collaborate. 5/30/2015
  8. 8. Time management 5/30/2015 Present Code Discuss
  9. 9. Desirables 5/30/2015 • Have fun! • Deliver testable functional code in the time available to our github master o Since the time frame is short it is NOT necessary to complete the entire goal, however, progress should be testable and functional. o Make incremental progress. Do not wait to the end of time to submit. • Collaborate as a team to get it done
  10. 10. 5/30/2015 Schedule 0830-0845 Set-up laptops, coffee tea and pastries 0845-0900 Introduce ourselves 0900-0920 Workspace setup, git Basics, pull weatherapp 0920-1050 Deliver function and test shell 1050-1115 Deliver some output 1115-1200 Test 1200-1230 Lunch
  11. 11. Rest Rooms • Down the hall past the fireside room 5/30/2015
  12. 12. Attendee Introduction • Let each of us introduce ourselves o My name is ____________. (First name) o Working as a ____________, or looking for work as a _________. o I have been working on / studying ____________________. o What ergonomic issues do you face from working long hours on a computer? What solutions have you found? 5/30/2015
  13. 13. Setup for today 5/30/2015 • Sign up for github if not already registered • o Send a request for write access. • Get git at • Reference: • • Version control with git •
  14. 14. Setup for today - initial directory setup 5/30/2015 • if you do NOT already have weatherapp • Make a directory named coding_projects $mkdir coding_projects (or whatever you call your project directory) • Change into that directory $cd coding_projects • Make a directory named weatherapp $mkdir weatherapp • Change into that directory $cd weatherapp • Clone the remote repository • $ git clone public_html my_directory (Chapter 12 Repository Concepts pg. 197) • $git clone /c/Users/Joe/Documents/0_2015_Vivid_Ventures_LLC/Engineering/cod ing_projects/weatherapp
  15. 15. 5/30/2015
  16. 16. 5/30/2015
  17. 17. Setup for today - initial directory setup 5/30/2015 • if you D0 already have weatherapp • Change into that directory $cd weatherapp • Make sure your local HEAD is updated • $git status • $git add <files as necessary> • $git commit • Integrate the remote repository with local • $git pull • Reference:
  18. 18. git status lifecycle of a file 5/30/2015 Reference:
  19. 19. 5/30/2015 Project revisions process origin Clone 1 r rr rrr Ahead by 4 Clone 2 r rr Ahead by3 Clone 3 r Ahead by 1 The r changes in the clones may be ahead of commits to the origin.
  20. 20. 5/30/2015 Project revisions process
  21. 21. 5/30/2015 Project revisions process
  22. 22. 5/30/2015 Project revisions process: PUSH
  23. 23. 5/30/2015 Project revisions process origin r rr rr Clone 1 (no diff) Clone 2 r rrbehind by 1 Clone 3 r behind by 2 The r changes in the clones may be behind commits to the origin.
  24. 24. 5/30/2015 Project revisions process: PULL
  25. 25. 5/30/2015 Revisions process $git clone write test write code test code $git add $git commit $git pull origin $git push origin DONE
  26. 26. Weatherapp requested features 5/30/2015 • To request features to the weatherapp we will be using the github issues tab: o • It goes without saying that before git pushing; your javascript should pass validation tests such as jslint, jshint, and html .
  27. 27. Reference 5/30/2015 • git • Documentation: • • Book • TDD pdf IBMdw • Qunitjs - • Test spies, stubs and mocks Sinon.js -