Marketing to connected communities: from play to stay


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As promised, here is the "Marketing to connected communities: from play to stay" presentation I made at the MARKNADSCHEFERNA lunch meeting in Stockholm on October 4, 2012. I've included some bonus slides, which I did not have time to present live. Got questions? Contact me for support.

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  • From now on, people expect the things to have built-in intelligence, connected to the internetand powerful
  • From now on, people expect the things to have built-in intelligence, connected to the internetand powerful
  • From now on, people expect the things to have built-in intelligence, connected to the internetand powerful
  • This is a scene from the movie Minority Report. Tom Cruise walks in the mall while his eyes are getting scanned by 3D screens. The screens call him directly by his name to get his attention.141 likes, 6 dislikes
  • Brand: NASASMMS:“Not many people enjoy flying, but even fewer like delays and flight cancellations”
  • Brand: NASASMMS:“Not many people enjoy flying, but even fewer like delays and flight cancellations”
  • users can see all conversations happening within Twitter about their favorite resorts without leaving the app. We even took it one step further and separated the conversation between the public and official resort Twitter streams. Users are also able to update their Twitter status from within the app and see what others are saying about their favorite resorts in real time
  • Brand: NASASMMS:“Not many people enjoy flying, but even fewer like delays and flight cancellations”
  • fun, addictive competitive 3D racing game based competition to promote the new Lexus CT 200h model, hailed as the world’s first luxury hybrid hatch.The game challenges players to take the Lexus CT 200h for a spin through courses modeled after Australia's capital cities, culminating in a live playoff at the Melbourne Motor show and a chance to WIN a Lexus CT 200h
  • Synching a company’s strategic intentions with its internal development-to-delivery processes not only ensures purposeful actions to be taken. Together with powerful communications, a company actively builds its desired reputation.
  • Marketing to connected communities: from play to stay

    1. 1. Marketing to connected communities: from play to stay MARKNADSCHEFERNA: Nåut till kunden via mobilen Musikaliska, Stockholm Thursday, October 4, 2012©Joe Danielson, 2012
    2. 2. Act 1: About Joe©Joe Danielson, 2012
    3. 3. When I was young, we did not have…©Joe Danielson, 2012
    4. 4. When I was young, we did not have…©Joe Danielson, 2012
    5. 5. Mail = Then Now©Joe Danielson, 2012
    6. 6. Computing = Then Now©Joe Danielson, 2012
    7. 7. FB = Franz BeckenbauerNow Then©Joe Danielson, 2012
    8. 8. Joe, 20 years©Joe Danielson, 2012
    9. 9. Joe, mobile marketing©Joe Danielson, 2012
    10. 10. Me and marketing toconnected communities 1994-2001 Marketing biotech technology DNA sequencers and tools to go from drug discovery to production©Joe Danielson, 2012
    11. 11. Me and marketing toconnected communities Users: Life scientists Research facilities Drug determination Drug efficacy Drug production©Joe Danielson, 2012
    12. 12. Me and marketing toconnected communities Big community project: Identifying and mapping 20,000–25,000 genes of the human genome Users wanted: Easy-to-access content free DNA stored in databases available to anyone on the Internet Collaboration, knowledge sharing, tips, technology, methods --- not propaganda©Joe Danielson, 2012
    13. 13. Drug discovery & development today Report “Mobile Marketing to Life Scientists” June 2012 Research of over 540 global scientists 67% own a smartphone 72% use a PDAs, smartphones& other mobile devices to support their research everyday 33% would like brands to send them promotions via a mobile device 96%smartphone owners expect suppliers to send protocols and application notes to device©Joe Danielson, 2012
    14. 14. Act 2: Mobile status©Joe Danielson, 2012
    15. 15. Here, there & everywhereToday: 5 billion worldwideusers connected to mobilenetworks©Joe Danielson, 2012
    16. 16. Every 24 hrs:250 million photos uploaded to Facebook200 million tweets3 billion YouTube views©Joe Danielson, 2012
    17. 17. Q:What do 40% of globalsmartphone users dobefore getting out of bed?©Joe Danielson, 2012
    18. 18. A:Check email, weather, FB updates, stocksprices, etc.©Joe Danielson, 2012
    19. 19. Q:Why people love them?©Joe Danielson, 2012
    20. 20. Intellectually:Situation awarenessInformation superiority©Joe Danielson, 2012
    21. 21. Emotionally:Feel in controlFeel connectedFeel loved©Joe Danielson, 2012
    22. 22. Some data©Joe Danielson, 2012
    23. 23. More smartphones and tablets sold than PCs©Joe Danielson, 2012
    24. 24. By 2016, mobile-connected tablets will generate almost as much traffic as the entire global mobile network does in 2012 Source: Cisco’s “Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update”, 2012©Joe Danielson, 2012
    25. 25. 50 billion connected devicesby 2020©Joe Danielson, 2012
    26. 26. By 2012, over 100 million smartphone users>1 GB/month of data©Joe Danielson, 2012
    27. 27. Number of mobile-connected devices willexceed the number of people on Earth byyear’s end©Joe Danielson, 2012
    28. 28. 10 billion mobile-connected devices in2016, including machine-to-machine(M2M) modules-exceeding the world’spopulation at that time (7.3 billion)©Joe Danielson, 2012
    29. 29. Avg. # of mobile connected devices2016: 1.42022: 6©Joe Danielson, 2012
    30. 30. Take away: If your marketing strategy doesn’t focus on mobile now, get in sync©Joe Danielson, 2012
    31. 31. Act 3: Consequences for marketers©Joe Danielson, 2012
    32. 32. We’re the last generation that grew up in a dumb society©Joe Danielson, 2012
    33. 33. Already now most things in society around us are smart & social©Joe Danielson, 2012
    34. 34. Accessing relevant information and services will never be so slow again©Joe Danielson, 2012
    35. 35. Go beyond novelty, games&“LIKES”Get to know products/brandsContact brands/companiesStimulate my careerReferrals fromother usersFind deals or promotionsTalk to expertPersonal entertainment©Joe Danielson, 2012
    36. 36. Today: app, app, app….but:75% of apps lose their audience after three months96% lose their audience after 12 months85% of apps are only used once©Joe Danielson, 2012
    37. 37. Tomorrow?©Joe Danielson, 2012
    38. 38. Like this? ( See )©Joe Danielson, 2012
    39. 39. Personalization technology • Every click, download, shopping item, etc. gives picture of a customer • Marketers build profiles of online behavior • Then profile relevant content and products • Or offer customer support: instructions, ordering code, etc. • All in near real-time©Joe Danielson, 2012
    40. 40. Social side tooHow far off?( See )©Joe Danielson, 2012
    41. 41. Mobile + social + personal =• Websites as we know them will go away• Dynamic, adapted content• Assembled, adapted and sent on the fly• On devices, tablets, posters, real world kiosks• Not just a mobile experience• Like a whole store adapted to each shopper…• …placed into the purchaser’s hand©Joe Danielson, 2012
    42. 42. Act 4: Mobile marketing examples©Joe Danielson, 2012
    43. 43. Uses for mobile & social marketing Sales promo &branding Alignment &Service R&D Source: Web Analytics Demystified and Altimeter Group; Mobile and social marketing analytics; 2010-2012©Joe Danielson, 2012
    44. 44. Dell Collaborate: Client-driven R&D Medium: www + mobile sites Online “brainstorm” Gives customers a direct voice to collaborate with Dell Over 17,689 ideas submitted >738,520 votes >96,725 comments > 515 ideas launched©Joe Danielson, 2012
    45. 45. Uses for mobile & social marketing Alignment &Service©Joe Danielson, 2012
    46. 46. Tetra Pak Alignment: all BU employees global Medium: www,sms+ filmBest practice circle• Sync business strategy with employee actions• Alignment examples from day-to-day workflow• Inspirational cases/presentations• Templates for improvement ideas• >400 improvement ideas in 1 yr.©Joe Danielson, 2012
    47. 47. Frontier Airlines Service: Customer support Medium: Twitter Operates >500 daily flights to more than 80 destinations Hail storm damages 22 planes Thousands of customers would face cancellations and delays©Joe Danielson, 2012 47
    48. 48. Frontier Airlines Service: Customer support Medium: Twitter Help >7,000 customers over a 7-day period to re-book flights, get up-to-date information, and help their customers©Joe Danielson, 2012 48
    49. 49. Uses for mobile & social marketing… Sales promo &branding©Joe Danielson, 2012
    50. 50. Considered purchase processFrom play to stay ACTION LOYALTY AWARENESS EVALUATE SUPPORT ADVOCACY INTEREST ©Joe Danielson, 2012
    51. 51. AWARENESS Stage Driven by Who decides Marketing Awareness: Intellectual Customer Start purchasing perceives needINTEREST Interest: Ensure participation Emotional Marketer shortlist suppliers in purchasingEVALUATE Trial: Customer, colleagues Reduce length and Intellectual evaluate options and experts complexity of process ACTION Action: Customer and Ensure brand Emotional choice on decision marketer preference SUPPORT Support: Intellectual and Customer and Justifybrand validate choice relational marketer preference LOYALTY Loyalty: Customer and Ensure brand Relational re-choose marketer loyaltyADVOCACY Advocacy: Support more Emotional Customer tell others purchasingcycles ©Joe Danielson, 2012
    52. 52. Some good examples & take-aways ACTION LOYALTY AWARENESS EVALUATE SUPPORT ADVOCACY INTEREST ©Joe Danielson, 2012
    53. 53. Qualcom AWARENESS Awareness: Snapdragon launch Medium: app + augmented game( See ) ©Joe Danielson, 2012
    54. 54. BradescoSeguros AWARENESS Awareness: car insurance Medium: ads for iPad& tablets( See ©Joe Danielson, 2012
    55. 55. AWARENESS Key take-aways• Go beyond “play”• Start purchasing process by building trust – Respect, relevance & relationship• Location data provides context• Expect paid media to still fuel this phase, for now©Joe Danielson, 2012
    56. 56. Murat INTEREST Interest: Jewelry collection Medium: QR + interactiveprint( See ©Joe Danielson, 2012
    57. 57. IKEA INTEREST Interest Interest: Home furnishing Medium: AR, app + print Home furnishing inspiration Films Interactive experiences Photo galleries 3-D models of products( See ©Joe Danielson, 2012
    58. 58. INTEREST Key take-aways• Reconsider how to present your product catalog & inventory information• New technology will provide instant context using mobile and social data• Inspiring and interactive = participation©Joe Danielson, 2012
    59. 59. Sephora EVALUATE Trial: Try products virtually Medium: app Plus: • Watch “how-to” tutorials and demos • Scan in-store barcodes and QR codes • Access >1miliion ratings and reviews • Locate nearest store • Check in-store availability©Joe Danielson, 2012
    60. 60. EVALUATE Key take-aways• Reduce length, uncertainty and complexity of deciding• Allow ordering/purchasing with a click• Personalization technology to pay dividends here, too• Social commerce to boost sales from mobiles: – shopping lists based on social and location data©Joe Danielson, 2012
    61. 61. Tesco ACTION Action: Purchase goods Medium: QRJune 2011Scan to purchase goods in virtual subway supermarketsSame day deliveryMore than 10K consumers in SeoulNew members rose by 76%Online sales increased by 130%©Joe Danielson, 2012
    62. 62. MicroLoan Foundation ACTION Action: Donation Medium: sms + digital outdoor( See ©Joe Danielson, 2012
    63. 63. ACTION Key take-aways• Purchase or act to ensure brand preference and loyalty• Point of purchase/action is no longer limited to a physical location• Not limited to the time of purchase©Joe Danielson, 2012
    64. 64. Frontier Airlines SUPPORT Service: Customer support Medium: Twitter Help >7,000 customers over a 7-day period to re-book flights, get up-to-date information, and help their customers©Joe Danielson, 2012 64
    65. 65. ©Joe Danielson, 2012Hilanders is part of the Intellecta Group
    66. 66. SUPPORT Key take-aways• Improve customer service and call center support• Improve sales support• Reduce support costs by giving information to consumers on hand• Offer ability to conduct peer-to-peer support• Personalization technologies (LiveChat, Vergic, etc.) enable direct support in real time (web-to-mobile)©Joe Danielson, 2012
    67. 67. Sprite, Nokia LOYALTY & Kolkata Knight Riders Loyalty: three bands Medium: sms India campaign 2009 Engage youth Drink limited edition Sprite bottle Unique code reveled SMS code to win a new Nokida every hour + meet team©Joe Danielson, 2012
    68. 68. LOYALTY Key take-aways• Stay phase: re-choose• Loyalty programs of the past are based on long term commitment and total potential spending value• In the future, factor in social influence, as well as ability to share with others into your loyalty programs• The natural outgrowth of loyalty programs is social©Joe Danielson, 2012
    69. 69. ADVOCACY Some examples mentioned©Joe Danielson, 2012
    70. 70. ADVOCACY Key take-aways• Gain word-of-mouth, gain fans• Support start of more purchasing cycles• The holy grail of marketing, this is the lowest cost –yet highest trusted form of marketing©Joe Danielson, 2012
    71. 71. Act 5: 3 focus point©Joe Danielson, 2012
    72. 72. Building your mobile and online reputation.#1: Content is king©Joe Danielson, 2012
    73. 73. Content marketing is three times moreeffective than digital advertising e/nielsen-news/trust-in-advertising- %E2%80%93-paid-owned-and- earned/©Joe Danielson, 2012
    74. 74. Content marketing’s cost per lead drops80% after the first five months Kapost and Eloqua; offer=KapostEbook&elqchannel=PressRel ease©Joe Danielson, 2012
    75. 75. Content marketing generates morequalified leads/ $1000 than paid search Kapost and Eloqua; 45?elqoffer=KapostEbook&elqchan nel=PressRelease©Joe Danielson, 2012
    76. 76. Take away#1: Content is king• Content has been & always will be what interests communities• Deliver all forms: inspiring, easy-to-access content• Tons of mobile marketing forms & channels: change quickly• Focus on quality content and building trust & relationships• Think stay not play©Joe Danielson, 2012
    77. 77. Mobile and online reputation.#2: Win share of love©Joe Danielson, 2012
    78. 78. Winning share of love• Mobile marketing different that traditional mass marketing sales process• Customer is in charge (activate search)• Calls for relationship-based marketing• And lead generation on considered purchasing process©Joe Danielson, 2012
    79. 79. What matters is relations ACTION LOYALTY AWARENESS TRIAL SUPPORT ADVOCACY INTEREST ”Share-of-love” ”Share-of-mind” ”Share-of-voice”©Joe Danielson, 2012
    80. 80. Take away#2: Win share of love• Share useful and inspiring interactions• Relevancy• Respect• Relationship©Joe Danielson, 2012
    81. 81. Mobile and online reputation.#3: Sync ACTIONS INTENTIONS COMMUNICATIONS Knowwhere to go: Sync mobile marketing to business development targets Knowhow to get there: Sync mobile marketing to operational routines and internal alignment Knowhow customers use mobiles before, during & after purchase: Sync mobile marketing to on- & offline sales, support, and loyalty programs©Joe Danielson, 2012
    82. 82. Act 6: About Hilanders©Joe Danielson, 2012
    83. 83. HilandersDeep experience in synching brand strategy, alignment & communicationsB2B and considered purchase buying processes focusInternational and domesticStrong intellectual capital:• 30 employees• Stockholm &Malmö©Joe Danielson, 2012
    84. 84. INTENTIONS COMMUNICATIONS ACTIONS In sync©Joe Danielson, 2012
    85. 85. Sync: an overview“Where we must be” --- Intentions“How we act to deliver our offer” --- Actions“How we communicate” --- CommunicationsThe end result is an aligned customer and employeeexperience of the brand.And that is the ultimate measuring stick of any brand.©Joe Danielson, 2012
    86. 86. Support areas Follow Activate Design up Insights Strategy Produce Concept Follow-up: measurement, trackingcore reporting alignment programs, Alignment and reinforcement programs: internalprograms, packaging Design programs: visual identity, productresearch, trends, competitors, Strategy platforms: brand platforms, marketing action channels . loyalty, Business concept: brand of contentand communications concepts,and Creative intelligence: analysis of market design against KPIs for Production: distribution promise, in all media for all plans, lead alignment,inspiration, website monitoring, communications organic salesforce themes, content,plans,development, opportunities, plans, design, etc.engagement, satisfaction, etc website optimization, etc. sales generationloyalty, business integrated preference and campaign etc. campaign growth, etc. digital media plans, etc.Insights Activate Design Produce Strategy Follow up Concept©Joe Danielson, 2012
    87. 87. ©Joe Danielson, 2012