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Career Coaching


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Overview of career coaching approach for entrepreneurs, mangers and high potential executives

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Career Coaching

  1. 1. Career CoachingWhy and How<br />Joe Casey<br />(609) 921 1521<br />
  2. 2. What Is Executive Coaching?<br />A Collaborative Process<br /> What It Is<br /> What It Is Not<br /><ul><li>Therapy or Counseling
  3. 3. Life Coaching
  4. 4. Mentoring
  5. 5. Done in Isolation
  6. 6. Focused More on the Past
  7. 7. A Way to Accelerate Development
  8. 8. Business and Results-Driven Process
  9. 9. Customized to Your Needs and Priorities
  10. 10. Works Within the Context of Your Career
  11. 11. Focused More on the Future</li></ul>2<br />
  12. 12. Determine Your Future Direction<br />Reality: Demands of 24/7 Global Business<br /> Impact: " I Don't Have Any Time to Think…"<br />Coaching offers you:<br /> Time for Structured Reflection <br /> Trusted and Objective Partner<br /> Proven Process<br /> Map<br /> Support and Challenge<br /> Accountability<br />3<br />
  13. 13. 4<br />Designing Your Plan<br />Vision, Strategy and Informed Action<br /><ul><li> Clarify What You Really Want to Achieve
  14. 14. Figure Out How You'll Measure What Matters
  15. 15. Explore and Evaluate Options for Your Future
  16. 16. Leverage Your Unique Strengths
  17. 17. Compensate for Weaknesses
  18. 18. Assess Risks and Obstacles
  19. 19. Develop Clear Next Steps</li></li></ul><li>Curious?<br />Your personality and how it influences your career ?<br />Your core values and what reallymotivatesyou?<br />Your tendencies understressand why you could derail?<br />Your emotional intelligence?<br />How you prefer to think?<br />How you prefer tolearn?<br />What others see as your <br />strengths and…<br />What you should do differently?<br /> About:<br />5<br />
  20. 20. Assessment<br />Determine Focus<br />Complete Assessments<br />Life Map<br />Goal Setting<br />Explore Options <br />Refine Goals<br />Set Milestones<br />Action Strategies<br />Leverage Your Job<br />Personal Branding<br />Strategic Networking<br />Allies/Mentors/Sponsors<br />Coaching Sessions <br />Learn from Experience – Now<br />Differentiate<br />Expand Contacts<br />Create Partners<br />Increase Self-Knowledge <br />Self- Awareness<br />Learn From Your Past Before Moving Forward<br />Coaching Process<br />Timeline for Discussion <br />Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 2011<br />Blueprint<br />Range of Alternatives<br />Thoughtful Goals <br />Realistic Timeframes<br /> Blueprint<br /><ul><li>Specific Action Plan
  21. 21. What Have You Learned?
  22. 22. What Will You Do Differently ?</li></ul>7<br />
  23. 23. Joe Casey is an Executive Coach based in Princeton, NJ. In addition to his training, he brings extensive experience with individual and organizational change from his work with C-level executives and leading global teams and initiatives.<br /> Leadership Experience<br />  Prior to becoming an executive coach, Joe spent 26 years at Merrill Lynch, where he was most recently Senior Vice President and Head of HR for Global Markets and Investment Banking. At Merrill, Joe held various leadership roles including Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer for Global HR and Head of HR for the ML & Co. Corporate groups. As COO, Joe led a global organizational redesign that led to an annual cost reduction of $100mm while improving client satisfaction levels.<br /> Education <br /> Joe earned an MS from the University of Pennsylvania in OD, an MA in Executive Coaching from Middlesex University (UK), and a BA in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. In college he was a cartoonist for the daily newspaper and brings visual problem-solving skills - and some humor - to his executive coaching. <br /> Continuing his professional development he is currently in the Columbia University Coaching Certification Program. He is certified in the Hogan Assessment Series, the EQ-I, the EQ 360 and the Center for Creative Leadership suite of 360 degree assessments.<br />Personal<br /> Joe is a dedicated husband and father of four, an avid sports fan and is training for his ninth marathon.<br />(609) 921 1521 192 Nassau Street Princeton, NJ<br />Bio <br />8<br />