My top 10 2 d game characters


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My top 10 2 d game characters

  1. 1. My top 10 2D game charactersName SonicGame/Franchise Sonic the hedgehogDescription Sonic is a blue hedgehog with the power of being able to run at extremespeed and faster than the speed of sound. He protects the world from evil forces and hisnemesis Dr Eggman. Sonic has a range of spinning attacks and can transform into supersonic, an invulnerable and faster version of himself. Often sonic will also team up withother characters such as his friends knuckles and tails to help him accomplish his goals.Name DerplGame/Franchise AwesomenautsDescription Derpl is an alien creature who’s IQ is rated lower than plankton, he is alsothe sole heir to his uncle’s galaxy spanning business empire scared that Derpl would ruinhis business, he asked him to field test the Specialized Universal SecretaryInterface(SUSI) integrated into one of the companies combat walkers hoping he wouldsuffer a fatal blow, however the walker makes up for the dim-witted driver. When askedwhat he wanted to bring devastation to his enemies he simply drooled and said “I wuvcats!” and so the cannon on his walker fires explosive holocats at his enemies. Derpl isalso able to drop a trap that ensnares opponents. Lastly Derpl’s walker is equipped with abooster jet to allow him to jump and a siege mode which turns the walker into animmobile turret. The holocats are replaced with turret fire and the snare trap is replacedwith a homing nuke
  2. 2. Name MarioGame/Franchise MarioDescription Mario is a Italian plumber who lives in the mushroom kingdom. He alwayshas to go to rescue Princess Peach from an evil fire breathing turtle called Bowser whokidnaps her. Mario doesn’t have many attacks and is a simple character, he kills mostenemies by jumping on them or by using power ups such as the flower which allows himto use fire balls and the star which temporarily allows him to kill enemies on touch andmakes him invincible. Mario has a number of friendly and enemy characters who appearto help or hinder his adventures and a lot have their own spinoffs popular examples ofthese are Luigi, Yoshi and Donkey Kong
  3. 3. Name Pac ManGame/Franchise Pac ManDescription Pac Man is a extremely simple character who was inspired by Japanese talesof a ghost that ate evil spirits and the design of Pac Man’s physical form was inspired bya pizza with a missing slice. Pac Man is set in a maze and the character has to navigatethrough this maze with the goal of eating all the dots. Pac Man is chased by four ghostsbut if he eats one of the larger dots he is able to eat the ghosts for a limited amount oftime.Name KirbyGame/Franchise KirbyDescription Kirby is a pink circle creature with not many features and is designed tolook cute to the audience with big red shoes, stubby arms, two big eyes, a mouth andblush marks. He has the power to suck enemies into his mouth and can absorb theirpower to use their abilities and some of their appearance, he can also turn the power up tocreate a co-op partner instead, and Kirby can also fire the enemy out of his mouth as aprojectile. Kirby can also inflate and flap his arms to fly as well as some normal attacks.Kirby also has some association with stars using them as attacks and to travel.
  4. 4. Name LinkGame/Franchise The legend of ZeldaDescription link is a hero he is recognised by his green outfit but since the first gameswere in a overhead perspective the only visible part was the iconic green hat although inthe next games more of the body was visible. He has to go on quests to rescue Zelda andsave the world he also has to do lots of exploring and puzzles. Link gathers moreweapons and items throughout the game such as the sword, shield, boomerang and bombsthe sword also has a chargeable spin attack.Name Mega manGame/Franchise Mega manDescription Mega man is a character with blue armor and a mega blaster on his arm.Mega man can jump and shoot but his shots can be charged for extra damage this soundssimple but for every boss Mega man defeats he gets a new ammo type though these dohave limited ammo. Mega man is always set the task of defeating the evil Dr Wiley andhis robots which appear as bosses they all usually revolve around a theme like springman’s appearance is based around a spring and the ammo powerup given to the player isa spring shot
  5. 5. Name IsaacGame/Franchise The binding of IsaacDescription Isaac is a boy who is unclothed and has big teary eyes the body is all onecolour and has no disturbing features and most the attention is brought to the face whichalso covers some of the body. Isaac escaping his religiously insane mother who is out tomurder him escapes into the basement through a hatch in his room there he travels deeperin fighting monsters exploring a Zelda like cave system and he also must face up againsta random boss at the end of each floor. Isaac’s only attacks are his tears which work asammo and bombs which are limited and appear randomly on floors however the gamehas a large variety of items there are three types all can change Isaac’s appearance somechange his statistics and ammo types such as one makes him fire a laser beam and onecan just increase max health, the second type is a item which has one powerful use andthen has too charge through the completion of rooms and the last type has a passive affecton the game like more bomb drops also only one of the last two can be held at any time.
  6. 6. Name Alien HominidGame/Franchise Alien HominidDescription A yellow alien shot down from space it only has a blaster and is trying tofight the FBI to get back to space. It can unlock different hats but they only affect itsappearance, he can also pick up power ups (sometimes given out by a helpful fat kid) likerapid shot or acid burst and can also charge the blast, other than the blaster it can jump onthe heads of enemies for a human shield and can control where they go or can bite off hishead and there is the ability to kill them with a knife if they’re too close. One of thealien’s only other weapons are grenades which are pick ups however it can enter vehicleslike its UFO and cars when they are available.Name AbeGame/Franchise Odd worldDescription Abe is a Mudoken a race of people enslaved to work in factories and mines,Abe himself works in a slaughter house he was cleaning when he overheard a meetingthere he found the animals being slaughtered were almost all gone and profits were goingdown, he then found out he and his race were next to be turned into food he escaped and
  7. 7. met a being who told who gave him some psychic powers like possession then he wentback to save his friends by guiding them to safety through use of platforms traps and hispowers.