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Joe Yersavich Manager of Hilltop Branch Columbus Metropolitan Library Self Check Out Tips

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  • OMG these self checkout machines should be taken to be redesigned. I have tried to use them in Sainsbury and Tesco in the UK and they are a usability nightmare.
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Self Check Out Slideshare

  1. 1. Joe Yersavich Manager, Hilltop Branch Columbus Metropolitan Library New Service Model
  2. 2. Today’s Goals: Inform Instruct Interact Inspire
  3. 3. Interaction Check Moo moments Hootie Hoo moments
  4. 4. Challenges we face
  5. 5. Quick History My history at the library. New Albany Library (the plan). Check Out Ambassadors.
  6. 6. Current Self Check Statistics 80,690,970 76,657,101 Total Circ 2004 - 2008 Self Circ 2004 - 2008
  8. 8. HAVE FUN! KEEP IT POSITIVE This is a great new service. Get excited about it. Don’t worry about being perfect
  9. 9. KEEP IT SIMPLE  Everybody uses the new machines.  Explain why if you make an exception.  Use your judgment.  Just say yes. Ask the question “Why am I saying no?”
  10. 10. TRY IT…YOU’LL LIKE IT!  Be proactive in helping.  If customers need help walk them through it.  If they need more help do it for them and show them how easy it is.  We will always be here to help if you need it.
  11. 11. CALLING ALL STAFF  Support from all levels of staff with self check out.  “This library is all self check out” let me show you how it works.  Staff use the Check Out units.  Share stories.
  12. 12. GREAT NEW THING  Try these machines, they are cool.  Keep evaluating techniques.  Open lines of communication  Try different things.
  13. 13. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW  Staff walks customers through the check out process.  More time on teaching and training customers instead of “scanning items”.
  14. 14. WE ARE HERE TO HELP Have staff on the floor to help customers with the machines. Some customers like it better to learn it on their own.
  15. 15. SHOW ME THE NUMBERS Post daily numbers to show your percentage of “self” check out versus total circ. Look for patterns.
  16. 16. SHOW ME THE CHOCOLATE Know your goal (aim higher). When you reach this goal, have a party. Celebrate your success
  17. 17. IT’S ALL GOOD  Customers are less dependent on staff  Staff has more time for complex issues  More access points to check out  Lines disappear  Teaching instead of “hand holding”  More customer responsibility.
  18. 18. IT’S ALL GOOD (2)  Better form of service.  Let people do what they are best at.  No more lines (did I say that)  Customers who need help get that help quicker.  Customers who don’t need help, don’t have to wait
  19. 19. FEARS
  20. 20. Myths  “X” group can’t or won’t do it.  We will lose our jobs.  My skills will be obsolete.  Everything will get stolen.  Not as personal. More removed.  Nice but it won’t work here.  We will lose customer interaction.  Customer service will drop.
  21. 21. Ready to Scan CardReady to Scan Card
  22. 22. Ready for PINReady for PIN
  23. 23. One item scannedOne item scanned
  24. 24. Receipt screenReceipt screen
  25. 25. Words from Staff Amazingly it make checking out FASTER (that still blows my mind). I feel that this has created a friendlier interaction with the customer Reduced stress during busy times…a lifesaver. Customers don’t have to wait behind a customer with Lost & Paid or shelf checks to check out.
  26. 26. Words from Staff (pg 2) If you enjoy serving customers, you’ll love the work even more – it’s a better job. You are going to have better and more rewarding interactions with the customers than you ever had before. I got more handshakes, more jokes, more smiles…the entire interaction is just so much more positive.
  27. 27. Quick To Do list 1. Create team (Service, IT, PM staff, etc). 2. Test, test, test (usability testing). 3. Evaluate 4. Make punch list (prioritize). 5. Select pilot location. Big kickoff. 6. Evaluate again. 7. Gather feedback from customers and staff. 8. Share.
  28. 28. Wrap up Questions? Thank you Allen County Public Library.