Adam & Elszabeth White 1868 Immigration


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Adam & Elszabeth White 1868 Immigration

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Adam & Elszabeth White 1868 Immigration

  1. 1. Adam White (1827-1889) & Elizabeth Lampitt White (1825-1894) Adam White Birth: 15 November 1827 Stretton-On-Fosse, Worcestershire, England Death 20 Sep 1889 Beaver City, Beaver, Utah Elizabeth Lampitt Birth 11 November 1825 Feckenham, Worcestershire, England Death: 13 december 1894 Married: 29 January 1852 Redditch, Worcestershire, England A- Feckenham, B- Stretton-on-Fosse, C Redditch Worcestershire, England CHILDREN Fredrick White 1854-1895 Samuel White 1860-1865 – Passed away before 1868 Immigration Leonard Lampitt White 1861-1936 Anna Elizabeth White 1864-1909
  2. 2. 1860’s Image of Typical Steamship All were equipped with steam and sail LDS IMMIGRATION Liverpool to New York on the Minnesota (30 Jun 1868 - 12 Jul 1868) THE MINNESOTA. -- The steamship Minnesota, with a company of Saints numbering 534 persons, left this port for New York on Tuesday, June 30th. Previous to her departure, a meeting was held on the poop deck, when the Saints were addressed by President F. [Franklin] D. Richards, upon the course which they should pursue on their voyage. He exhorted them to faithfulness, unity, order, and brotherly love, and promised them, on condition of observing these things, a safe and swift passage across the sea. Elder C. [Charles] W. Penrose engaged in prayer, and dedicated the ship and the company to the care and protection of Almighty God. Several hymns were sung, and much good feeling was displayed. In addition to the presiding officers of the company, the following named returning missionaries took passage on the Minnesota -- Elders Isaac A. Kimball, Johathan Steggell, George Hunter, William S. Grant, and Almon Robison. The Minnesota steamed away to sea at 4 a.m., amid the cheers and rejoicings of the Saints on board. God speed her on her way." MS, 30:28 (July 11, 1868), pp.442-43 "Tues. 30 [June 1868] -- The steamship Minnesota, with 534 Saints. under the direction of John Parry, sailed from Liverpool, England. It arrived at New York July 12th, and the immigrants reached Laramie City July 22nd.
  3. 3. PASSENGERS White, Adam Last Name WHITE, First Name Adam Age 45 Origin England Additional family members on this voyage: White, Elizabeth (Age: 42) White, Frederick (Age: 14) White, Leonard (Age: 7) White, Anne (Age: 3) 1865 Source: BMR, p.7 - Database: Mormon Immigration Index (1840-1890) "Sunday, July 14, 1867, at [-] o'clock, we anchored on U.S. shores, but we were held all day Sunday on the ship, as the doctors didn't arrive until Monday morning to give [-] examinations. At the next stop, Castle Garden, we changed [-] our money at the depot. Castle Garden Immigration Receiving Center "At last we started on the long trip westward, riding miles in cattle cars, standing all the way.” "As we traveled through the States people would come to meet us wherever we stopped, and they would try to persuade us not to come to Utah, telling us the people in Utah were a bad lot. I told them I was acquainted with quite a few of the people there, and I could not see how they could have gone from good to bad in such a short time, anyway I was going on and see for myself.
  4. 4. It is not unusual that unable to find the family listed with a 1868 LDS Immigration Wagon Train However it is assumed they were with one of the 1868 Wagon Trains ”Arriving at Laramie [Fort Laramie] the Mormon boys surrounded the train. They had their belts and caps on. I was very frightened, thinking we were surely captured, when they quickly explained that they were the Mormon boys, Salt Lake Teamters, driving the horses for us. . .” “Before we got off the train we got a sight of the emigration teams waiting there for us. Four or five hundred people were gathered around the camp indulging in a rough and rather uncouth dance. There were no ladies participating, however, it was only a stag dance of the teamsters.” "At Echo Canyon the teamsters fired their revolvers so we could hear the echo. The Mormon boys were working in the middle of Echo Canyon building the railroad.. .” "We arrived in Salt Lake the last of August, 1867. We were directed to the Tithing Office.
  5. 5. The family located to Beaver, Beaver Co., Utah