Life of Ethel Roberts Erickson


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Life of Ethel Roberts Erickson (1887 - 1959)

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Life of Ethel Roberts Erickson

  1. 1. Life of Ethel Roberts Erickson by Ethel Erickson I was born in Beaver, Utah 6 Sept. 1887. Beaver was just 31 years old. I was born in the days of the Indians in Beaver. I remember how frightened we were of them. There were Indians in Beaver, one who was blind and Old Mary Wquaw, also old Coyote who was abolished from his tribe for killing his squaw. When I was a small child these Indians came to our place quite often and Mother always gave them something to eat and flour and other food to take with them. I remember Grandma Roberts, my Father’s Mother, telling us about how mean the Indians were when they first came to Beaver. They came in 1863 and made their home here the rest of their lives. Lots of times Grandpa Roberts had to get up in the night and go help guard the Indians so they wouldn’t come into town and bother the people. I remember when there was no street on the east side of our place. This place was my Grandfathers home and the old log house that stands here today is the house that they built, one of the first places built in Beaver. I also remember the field gates that were across the road that now goes to Milford. They were big high gates. My Grandfather was the gate keeper and when any one went through they had to get him to open the gates for them. Everyone kept their cattle inside these gates. It was a community field. The first school I went to was the Rock school house the Ernest Muir lives in today. I also went to the Central school house located where the tennis court is today. I remember how the old bell would ring to tell us it was 8:30 O’clock and again at 9 O’clock. They also used the bell for curfew bell to ring at 9 O’clock at night to get us off the streets. Later I went to school at the Park building where I finished the 8th grade.
  2. 2. When I was 18 years of age I was married to Larkin Andrew Erickson, and lived in Milford. for two years. When I was twenty two years of age my mother died and left three small children. I came home to Beaver to help take care of them along with my own. Nine months after mother died, my younger sister Loe died. She was fifteen years of age. I have raised seven children of my own five boys and two girls. On February 1 1944 my father died. On January 23 1945 my youngest child Joe was drowned while he was in the service. His remains were brought to Beaver for burial in October 1947. I think Beaver has had many opportunities that have slipped by. We had the Beaver Woolen Mills here where they made blankets and flannel cloth. They had the tannery here where they tanned hides for leather. We also had the Murdock Academy here where a lot of people came to college. It seems to me the people of Beaver need to work together. If it wasn't for the creameries, what would happen to us? I have lived a very happy life here in Beaver and would like to see something made of it. I had my temple work done and most of my own family. St George Temple 15 April 1950. Lark and Loe were sealed to us in the Salt Lake Temple 21 February 1951 I hope I will have my health to do the rest of it in the near future. Copied from a note book in possession of Beatrice E Spendlove Written by Grandma Erickson herself ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. 3. 1959 - Ethel Roberts Erickson Children & Spouses
  4. 4. Part of Obit- Full Obit show below
  5. 5. 1959 FIND A GRAVE Ethel Roberts Erickson Burial: Mountain View Cemetery , Beaver, Beaver Co., Utah, USA Plot: B_B21_2 Larkin Andrew Erickson Burial: Mountain View Cemetery , Beaver, Beaver Co., Utah, USA Plot: B_B21_1