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Robert Meikle (1835 – 1890)

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Robert Meikle

  1. 1. PIONEER HISTORY OF Robert Meikle (1835 – 1890) Robert Meikle Born: 15 Apr 1835-36 at Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland Baptized: 6 Jul 1848, England Died: 1 Sep 1890 at Smithfield, Cache, Utah LDS Emigration Ship: ‘Old England” 5 Mar 1854, Port of Departure: Liverpool, England Apr 1854, Port of Arrival: New Orleans, Louisiana May 11, 1854 Arrival St. Louis, MO Mid May 1854 Arrival Westport, MO 15 Jun to 15 Jul Departure from Westport, MO 3 to 28 Oct 1854 Arrival at SLC, Utah Marriage(s) Sarah Ann HATTON, Marriage: 12 Jan 1862 Salt Lake City Endowment House Martha GARDNER, Marriage: 20 Oct 1867 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah Mary Susan BOLLINGER, Marriage: 23 Jun 1881 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Ut A Biographical Sketch of The Life Of Robert Meikle. Written By His Daughter Agnes Meikle Thomas [Born: 16 Feb 1871 at Smithfield, Cache, Utah] [Her mother was: Martha Gardener] and SMITHFIELD UTAH HISTORICAL SOCIETY, PERSONAL HISTORIES, [additions by J.E. Anderson – 2007]
  2. 2. PARENTS William Meikle first married Marion M. Cochran and the couple had eight children 1- George /Meikle/ Born 18 Feb 1819 at Carnwath, Lanarkshire, Scotland 2- James /Meikle/ Born: 12 Dec 1820 at Carnwath, Lanarkshire, Scotland 3- Janet /Meikle/ Born: 18 Aug 1822 at Carnwath, Lanarkshire, Scotland 4- Elizabeth /Meikle/ Born 1823 at Bethwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland 5- William /Meikle/ Born: 15 Oct 1824 Bethwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland 6- Clifford /Meikle/ Born: 1827 at Bethwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland 7- Jane /Meikle/ Born 1 Jul 1830 at Bethwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland 8- Gilbert /Meikle/ Born 3 Feb 1833 at Bethwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland Marion M. Cockran died during 1833 or 1834 William Meikle and Jessie Jackson Meikle were married on 22 Jun 1834 at Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland The couple were sealed on 3 May 1870 at Endowment House, SLC, Utah, after Jessie Jackson Meikle arrive in Utah My Father, Robert Meikle, was born in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland, April 15, 1835. He was the son of William Meikle and Margaret Jackson Meikle. [The couple had three children:] 1- Robert /Meikle/ Born: 15 Apr 1835 at Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland 2- Isabelle /Meikle/ Born: 6 Apr 1837 at Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland 3- James Joseph /Meikle/ Born 5 Jul 1839 at Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland William and Margaret Jackson Meikle, were cultured, refined people. They loved the little rugged land of Scotland, a land that maintained its independence through centuries of arduous struggle with England. At the age of six, Robert Meikle entered a religious school (a product of John Knox). […] Robert sought and found light employment during school vacations; he was the oldest child in the family, 13 years old when the family joined the Latter Day Saints Church, August 17, 1848. The family was discussing and considering the “Come to Zion” call of President Brigham Young. However, Grandfather (William Meikle) died (22 June 1853) before it was possible for them to emigrate. Father (Robert Meikle), being the oldest son and a dependable, energetic young man, his mother decided for him to come first. He was nineteen years old when he started for Utah. He landed in Salt Lake City in 1854.
  3. 3. [Meikle, Robert, 1854, NA, Old England, Ship roster on microfilm(s) 200177 25690] “Old English” Ships Roster MEIKLE, Robert <1835> Age: 19 Origin: Perth Note: BMR, p. 62 Vessel Rig Registry Tons Master No. LDS Pass. Depart. Port Depart. Date Arrival Port Arrival Date Passage Days Comp Old England Ship U.S. 917 J. Barstow 45 Liv. 3-5-54 N.O. 4-26-54 52 J. Angus Robert Meikle LDS Emigration 5 Mar 1854, Port of Departure: Liverpool, England aboard Ship: Old England 26 Apr 1854, Port of Arrival: New Orleans, Louisiana May 11, 1854 Arrival St. Louis, MO Mid May 1854 Arrival Westport, MO 15 Jun to 15 Jul Departure from Westport, MO 3 to 28 Oct 1854 Arrival at SLC, Utah Ship: Old England 5 Mar 1854, Port of Departure: Liverpool, England LDS Immigrants: 45 Church Leader: John O. Angus 26 Apr 1854, Port of Arrival: New Orleans, Louisiana Source(s):BMR, Book #1040, pp. 61-62 (FHL 025,690); Customs #173 (FHL #200,177) Notes: "DEPARTURES -- The Old England. -- Forty-five souls sailed for New Orleans on board the Old England, Captain Barstow, which cleared on the 4th instant. Two ex-presidents of conferences emigrated on this vessel, Elder J. O. Angus, president of the company, and Elder T. W. Brewerton. . . ." <MS, 16:11 (Mar. 18, 1854), p.171> "SEVENTY-THIRD COMPANY -- Old England, 45 souls. The ship, Old England, with forty-five Saints on aboard, under the presidency of John O. Angus and Elder Thomas W. Brewerton; sailed from Liverpool on the fifth of March, 1854. For twelve days the ship was tossed and tacked about in the Irish Channel, owing to contrary winds, after which the company had a pleasant voyage, and arrived at the mouth of the Mississippi on the twenty-fourth of April. One birth took place on board. From New Orleans the company proceeded by steamboat to St. Louis, in connection with a few Danish Saints, and a family by the name of Flewit, who had come from England in another ship. From St. Louis the company subsequently continued the journey to the camping place near Kansas City. (Millennial Star, Vol. XVI: pp.171, 218, 297, 346, 477.) <Cont., 13:11 (Sep. 1892), p.510> Between June 15 and July 15 1854 eight (8) LDS Pioneer Co departed Westport, MO for SLC, Utah. They Arrived in SLC, Utah between 3 Oct 1854 and 28 Oct 1854.,15773,3966-1,00.html Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 1847–1868 Meikle, Robert Birth Date: 15 Apr.1835, Death Date: 1 Sep.1890 Gender: Male, Age: 19, Company: Unidentified Companies (1854) CONTINUED: A Biographical Sketch Of The Life Of Robert Meikle. Written By His Daughter Agnes Meikle Thomas [Born: 16 Feb 1871 at Smithfield, Cache, Utah]
  4. 4. Soon after father landed in Salt Lake City, he met Brother John R. Winder who later became counselor to President Joseph F. Smith and for whom the little settlement just northwest of Preston Idaho was named. William Jennings owned the first tannery built in Salt Lake City. Brother Winder was superintendent of this tannery, in which he gave father employment, also taught father the tanning trade. Robert worked hard, kept steady employment, was highly respected as an employee and learned the business thoroughly. Father (Robert) worked hard, saved his money and, over two years, sent enough money to help pay the passage for his mother, sister Isabelle and brother James (and ½ brother William) Grandmother (Jessie Jackson Meikle), with her three [3] children (Isabelle, James & stepson William), bade goodbye to their native land and started for Zion. In the company with other saints they reached Iowa City in time to start across the plains with the first two handcart companies. These two companies were led by Edmund Elsworth and Daniel McArthur. Captain Elsworth left Iowa City 9 June 1856, and Captain McArthue's company left 11 June 1856. My folks came in McArthur's company. Grandmother Meikle pulled the handcart all away across the plains. There were about 500 saints, 100 handcarts, 5 wagons, 24 oxen, 4 mules, and 25 tents in each company when they started. On the 26th of September 1856, they were met in Emigration Canyon by President Brigham Young, a company of minute men and a large crowd of citizens. Imagine the joy when they met their loved ones whom they had been separated from for years. After a hearty welcome and a handshake, the company was escorted into the city by William Pitt's Brass Band. James Joseph, Robert’s younger brother, later returned to Scotland and his place of birth to serve a mission for the church, the family that was still their told him he was a sight they never thought to see again. In the year 1860, father [Robert Meikle], grandmother [Margaret J.Jackson Meikle], and Uncle James [James Joseph Meikle] moved to Smithfield, Cache County, Utah. Here they built a home in the fort side of the creek. Robert built a home on 176 West, First North Street, Smithfield, Cache Co, Utah (that location became the permanent home of Robert Meikle and his mother). His brother James lived at 193 West First North Street, Smithfield, Cache Co, Utah.
  5. 5. Robert and James procured some farm land and began a side line in the tanning business, but seeing the possibilities of such a business, they moved zealously into it; soon supplying large quantities of good leather for Cache Valley, and later, quantities to send to Ogden and Brigham City shoe makers, harness makers and saddlers, in the Ogden area. They ground the bark for the tanning purposes by horse power. On 12 January 1862 father married Miss Sarah Hatton in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City. She passed away 22 February 1867 leaving father with three children: Robert William, and Sarah, Joseph (children Joseph and James had died as children). Marriage(s) Sarah Ann HATTON, Marriage: 12 Jan 1862 Salt Lake City Endowment House Born: 2 Sep 1842 Manmouth, Warren Co., IL Died: 15 Feb 1867 Smithfield, Cache Co., Ut Four children were born to them; they were : Robert William, Born: 28 Oct 1862 Sarah, (1866) Joseph (who died at age 14) James (who died in infancy). Sometime after Sarah Ann HATTON died 15 Feb 1867, father met my mother, Miss Martha Gardener, in Salt Lake City. She with her parents and the other members of the family joined the church in Preston, Lancashire. England, and had recently immigrated to Utah. They were married in the Endowment House 20 October 1867. She assumed the responsibilities of being a mother to father’s children by his former wife. And she did it in a way that made them love and respect her. Martha Gardner Meikle came into the Robert Meikle home 8 months after the death of Sarah Hatton Meikle who had left three children: Robert, Sarah, and Joseph (Joseph died at age 14). Martha GARDNER Born: 6 Dec 1849 Preston, Lancashire. England Died: 10 Apr 1880 Smithfield, Cache Co., Ut Marriage: 10 Oct 1867 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah Five children were born to them; they were Agnes, (1871) Martha (1878) Alice. (1880) Nephi, (died at birth) Lottie, (died at birth)
  6. 6. To father (Robert Meikle) and mother (Martha Gardener) were born five children: [list above] We had a happy home. Father was a very devoted husband and father. He was cultured and kind but firm and provided well for his family. Father loved the gospel and helped us to appreciate it. He strengthened our faith by has example. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Father was again left with out a companion. Mother (Martha Gardner) died 10 April 1880 at the age of 31, leaving baby Alice just 10 days old. A year later father married [on 23 Jun 1881] Swiss Nurse, named Mary Bollinger, who had one son (Henry) whom she left in Switzerland. Father sent for him and adopted him into our family. Mary Susan BOLLINGER, Marriage: 23 Jun 1881 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Ut Born: 14 Aug 1855 Bussnang, Thurgau, Switzerland Died: 14 Feb 1924, SLC, Utah ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About 1875 the tannery was enlarged and improved, the bark was now ground by water power using water from Summit Creek. The tannery now contained two lime and twelve tan vats, two soak pools, bait, boiler, leach sink and a 14 inch turbine wheel running machinery for pumping and grinding bark, with thirty cords of bark used yearly and 2,000 sides, calf, kip and hides, valued at $6000 tanned. Father was superintendent of the tannery from the time it was started until his death. He took an active part in civic and church affairs. He was a city councilman from 1870-1880 and was very interested in genealogy and temple work. Father [Robert Meikle] was a well built man.5ft.10in. in height and weighed 150 pounds. He had dark blue eyes and black hair. Father had a keen sense of pride about his personal appearance and was always clean and well dressed. He was generally able to meet emergencies with calmness and good judgment. He did full well his share in helping to build the communities in which he lived. Robert Meikle in personality was a gentleman with many Christian attributes. He was highly spiritual, moral, ethical, honest in word and deed; he paid deference to rules, precepts and principles of his accepted religion and civic regulations, supporting his church by contributions of money and service; he became, by call, a leader in church position in the priesthood for 22 years. In civic activities Mr. Robert Meikle was elected to the office of City Councilman in 1870 and for seven successive elections. The most intended service as councilman of any man holding that office in Smithfield. Father died 1 September 1890, at the age of 55. In Smithfield, Utah. He was buried in that city cemetery the day the Utah Agricultural College opened in Logan, Cache, Utah.
  7. 7. “Death of Robert Meikle," The Deseret Weekly, 13 Sep. 1890, Pg. 396. Death of Robert Meikle By letter from Smithfield we learn that brother Robert Meikle an old and much respected citizen of that place died on the first inst., of dyspepsia and kidney disease and was to be buried today. Brother Meikle was a native of Hamilton Lanarkshire, Scotland he embraced the gospel on the 17th of August 1848 being baptized by Elder John Shields and emigrated to Utah sometime in the fifties. He resided in the Seventh Ward of this city for some years where he obtained a wife in the person of Miss Sarah Hatton estimable lady who died several years ago. When Cache Valley was open for settlement the deceased removed thither and became one of the pioneers of Smithfield which, has since his home. He established a tannery there and labored in various other lines to develop the resources of the country. He was a sterling Latter Day Saint of unswerving faith and performed every duty required of him in the Church with fidelity. He died at the age of 55 years 4 months and 15 days, honored and respected by all who knew him =================================================================== NOTE: When did Robert Meikle come to Utah 1851 or 1854? I have elected to show Robert Meikle as emigrating in 1854. Other may decide otherwise. Both the biographies 1- “A Biographical Sketch Of The Life Of Robert Meikle. Written By His Daughter Agnes Meikle Thomas” and the 2- “SMITHFIELD UTAH HISTORICAL SOCIETY, PERSONAL HISTORIES” state that Robert Meikle came to Utah in 1851. 1- “He was sixteen years old when he started for Utah. He landed in Salt Lake City in 1851” 2- “When Robert was 16 years of age the family got necessary finances and arranged for his going to Utah in 1851.” Pioneer Search Meikle, Robert, 1854, NA, Old England, Ship roster on microfilm(s) 200177 25690 Meikle, Robert Last Name MEIKLE, First Name Robert Age 19 Origin Perth Standard Surname MICHEL Standard Given Robert Head Surname MEIKLE Meikle, Robert, 1856, 21, Daniel D. McArthur, Handcart Roster in Our Pioneer Heritage Vol. 14 p. 311 microfiche 6049788 (On pages 311 & 312 there is a roster listing of those traveling Danield D. McArthur 2nd Handcart Co. “MEILKE, Margaret 57, children: Isabella 19, Robert 21, James 17 William 30.” Robert may have gone east to meet his family and travel with the 2nd handcart co. However, there is no indication of this in the biographies.) No other sources show Robert was with the 2nd Handcart Co. Pioneer Search shows the following as being with the 2nd Handcart Co. Daniel D. McArthur Company (1856) Meikle, Margaret Jessie Jackson (56) Mother, Step-Mother Meikle, William (30) Step Son Meikle, Isabelle (19) Daughter Meikle, James (17) Son
  8. 8. 2- “SMITHFIELD UTAH HISTORICAL SOCIETY, PERSONAL HISTORIES” state that “In two years he earned and saved and sent to England enough money to pay the passage to Utah for his mother, Isabelle, a sister, and his brother James.” “They arrived at Iowa City in time to start West with the […] Hand Cart Company led by […] Mc Arthur.” 1856 (therefore Robert would have arrived SLC during 1854) “Old English” Ships Roster MEIKLE, Robert <1835> Age:19 Origin:Perth Note: BMR, p. 62 The birth date <1835> is right but the Origin: Perth is questionable. The family home was is Hamilton, Scotland near Glasgow, Scotland. Perth, Scotland is North East of Glasgow. He may very well have been living and working in Perth, Scotland at the time he started his journey to Utah. At this time folks started work, as young adults, by age 12 – 13. Even though those who wrote Robert Meikle’s biographies show he arrive in SLC, Utah in 1851, others records indicate he arrived in 1854. The Smithfield biography also contradicts itself when saying he arrived two years before his mother and siblings (which would mean he arrived during 1854) Genealogy records can include erroneous data; this erroneous data can get duplicated in other genealogy records. These records seem to contradict each other. However, for this record, I have elected to show Robert Meikle as emigrating in 1854. Other may decide otherwise.,15773,3966-1,00.html Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 1847–1868 Meikle, Robert Birth Date: 15 Apr.1835, Death Date: 1 Sep.1890 Gender: Male, Age: 19, Company: Unidentified Companies (1854),15791,4018-1-46846,00.html “Evidence from emigration and church (Public Works Accounts Books) records proves he traveled to Utah in 1854. This date of arrival is different than the year of arrival given in his brother James's 1924 obituary, but that family tradition is apparently muddied by the passage of time. Those who drafted Robert Meikle's own obituary were unclear about his arrival year ("emigrated to Utah sometime in the fifties").”
  9. 9. 1860 Robert Meikle, "United States Census" name: Robert Meikle residence: Great Salt Lake, Utah age: 23 years estimated birth year: 1837 birthplace: Scotland gender: Male --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1870 John Robert Meikle, "United States Census" Name:John Robert Meikle Birth Year (Estimated):1812 Gender: Male Age (Original): 58y Race:White Birthplace:Scotland Event Place:Utah, United States Household Gender Age Birthplace John Robert Meikle M 58y Scotland Mary Meikle F 58y Scotland ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1880 Robt. Meikle, "United States Census" Name:Robt. Meikle, Event Date:1880, Event Place:Smithfield, Cache, Utah, United States Gender:Male Age:45, Marital Status:Widowed Occupation:Tannery Supr. Race (Original):W Ethnicity:American Relation to Head of Household: Self Birthplace:Scotland Birth Date:1835 Father's Birthplace: Scotland Mother's Name:Margaret Jackson, Mother's Birthplace:Scotland Household Gender Age Birthplace Self Robt. Meikle M 45 Scotland Son Robt. W. Meikle M 17 Utah, United States Daughter Sarah U. Meikle F 14 Utah, United States Daughter Agnes Meikle F 9 Utah, United States Daughter Martha E. Meikle F 2 Utah, United States Daughter Meikle F 0 Utah, United States Mother Margaret Jackson F 78 Scotland Page:205Page Letter:BEntry Number:2528Affiliate Film Number:T9-1336GS Film number:1255336Digital Folder Number:004244808Image Number:00058
  10. 10. Your tombstone stands among the rest neglected and alone. The name and date are chiseled out on polished, marbled stone. It reaches out to all who care. It is too late to mourn. You did not know that I exist. You died and I was born. Yet each of us are cells of you in flesh, in blood, in bone. Our heart contracts and beats a pulse entirely not our own. Dear Ancestor, the place you filled those many years ago. Spreads out among the ones you left who would have loved you so. I wonder as you lived and loved, I wonder if you knew That someday I would find this spot and come to visit you. FIND A GRAVE bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Meikle&GSfn=Robert&GSiman=1&GScid=77435&GRid=181944& Robert Meikle Birth: Apr. 15, 1835, Hamilton, Scotland Death: Sep. 1, 1890, Smithfield, Cache Co., Utah Burial: Smithfield City Cemetery Smithfield, Cache County, Utah, USA, Plot: SB_8_1