Foster LeRoy Gordon & Loe Erickson


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Foster LeRoy Gordon 1908 – 1979) &
Loe E. Erickson (1911 – 1985)

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Foster LeRoy Gordon & Loe Erickson

  1. 1. Foster LeRoy Gordon (1908 – 1979) & Loe E. Erickson (1911 – 1985) Foster LeRoy Gordon Born: 20 Jan 1908 Smithfield, Cache Co, Utah Died: 17 Oct 1979 Draper, S alt Lake Co., Utah Burial: 22 Oct 1979 Draper ,Salt Lake Co., Utah MARRIED: Loe E Erickson 7 Sep 1928 Farmington, Davis Co., Utah Loe E Erickson Born: 11 Mar 1911 Beaver, Beaver Co., Utah Died: 28 Jul 1985 Draper ,Salt Lake Co., Utah Burial: 31 Jul 1985 Draper ,Salt Lake Co., Utah
  2. 2. FOSTER LEROY GORDON My Dad and Mother were Samuel Arthur and Harriet Louisa Meikle Gordon. They were married in the Logan Temple. I was the fourth of ten children of their marriage. I was born in Smithfield, Utah and I am Foster LeRoy, born 20th of January, 1908. My first recollections of any activity was the 4th of July that used to be celebrated in Smithfield with a 50 gallon barrel of lemonade set in the middle of the park and us kids used to have a wild time drinking lemonade and eating our lunch there in the park.
  3. 3. I started school in Taylor Creek, Idaho, the 24th of September 1914. January 1912 - Taylor Creek, Idaho
  4. 4. We lived there for several years till we moved back to Smithfield. Then I went to the grade school in Smithfield, Utah. Then we moved to South Jordan and I went to school there. I went to school at Jackson elementary school in Salt Lake. Then we moved to Cornish, Utah. There I graduated from the eighth grade 22nd of May, 1924. Then I went to North Cache High School for two years. 1916 We then moved to Salt Lake again. I had several jobs during this time. I got one job from an employment agency and they sent me out east of Price where the D & R G railroad had been washed out. We were put on as skinners on 6 foot scrappers. We had sixteen head of mules each of which we walked around and around filling dirt in until that job was accomplished. I then came back to Salt Lake. Then we went down to Manderfield, close to Beaver, Utah, where I helped Dad Samuel A. Gordon) on the farm for a couple of years. Then I went to the railroad tunnels in Caliente, Nevada, where we made a double tunnel out of a single tunnel. In other words we just made them double the space they had previously. From Caliente that fall we went down into Zion Canyon, where I worked on the Zion Canyon tunnel. It had just been started. I was one of the drillers. I drilled and my brother, Harold, worked at the Zion Canyon Lodge as a carpenter. So we batched together down under the apple trees in Springdale, Utah.
  5. 5. When that job was finished in the fall of 1928, 1 went back to Beaver. I took the girl I had been going with for several years and we came to Salt Lake with Mother (Harriet Louisa Meikle Gordon) and the child- ren. We settled on Carson Street in Salt Lake. I married this girl I had brought up from Beaver. Her name was Loe Erickson. We were married in Farmington, Utah by Quayle Cannon, on 7th of September, 1928. Then we went to Rexburg, Idaho where I was a farm-hand and Loe was the cook. We stayed there for a couple of months just during the harvest season. Then we came back to Salt Lake and I secured a job in Provo Canyon, construction job. They were making a road from Provo Canyon over into Alpine through American Fork Canyon.
  6. 6. <= 1933 Then we moved to Beaver and Loe stayed there with her folks while I went to the Grand Canyon area and worked on the highway for just a few months. When I went back to Beaver Loe and I moved back up to Lark, Utah where I worked in the Lark mine. The next spring were going to get into business for ourselves so we started buying roasters (chickens). We cleaned and sold them to eating places, mainly Coon Chicken Inn on Highland Drive. That didn't last very long, because at this time there was a lot of sickness in the chickens and roasters were too hard to get. I went to Bingham and worked in the old Apex Mine for just a few days. One of the men I worked with got killed in the mine. He was from South Jordan. So that was my last day there. We came back to Salt Lake and started to work for the Brick Yard. I saw an ad in the paper for employment at $6.27 per day and at the time I was getting $3.40 per day. We immediately went down and signed up for this job. And we moved to Rock Springs, Wyo. From there they sent me out to Superior, Wyo. We had a few days of settling and getting acquainted. Then I started to work in the "C" Mine for the Union Pacific Coal Co. I worked and studied for several years, I had to work for five years to be eligible to take tests the Co. provided to move up to become fire boss and mine forman. As soon as I got five years worked, I took the examinations and passed. Then they gave me a job as unit foreman on "B" Mine. I worked here for several years. At this time "B" Mine finished and they moved all the machinery out. They sent all the men up to D. 0. Clark that was a big mine where there were four teams working directly over each other. I worked in what they called the seventh team on the hill. That was up the hill close to the surface. I spent eighteen years in the Superior Mines.
  7. 7. My church life in Superior-- I was first ordained second councilor to Bishop L.E. Harris. In the Superior Ward 25 August, 1935. I held this position for just a little while then the first councilor was transferred to Salt Lake. Then Bishop Harris asked me to be first councilor, 26 of April, 1936. I was ordained by David A. Smith, Rock Springs, Wyo. Held the position for more than a year. Bishop Harris was about ready to retire. The Stake President from Lyman, President John Bruff, came out to Superior to ask me to be the Bishop. On October 27, 1940 he asks me. I was made the Bishop 17 November, 1940. I was Bishop until we left Superior in June 3, 1945. I was set apart as Bishop by Joseph L. Writhlin. Through our married life we have been blessed with three lovely daughters. They have always been very attentive to me and their mother. Words cannot express the love we have for them. We are proud of them sib their accomplishments. We are proud of each of the boys they married and of all our grandchildren. NUMBER REPLACED CHILDREN NAMES Our first daughter was born 5 July, 1930 in Beaver, Utah. We named her (Daughter #1). She married (Son-inLaw #1) from Morland, Idaho. They were married 15 October, 1952 in the Idaho Falls Temple. They are now living in Wendover, Utah. Monte is Bishop in the ward there. They have five children.. Four sons and one daughter. Our second daughter was ' born 2 February. 1932 in Superior, Wyo. Her name is (Daughter #2). She married (Son-in-Law #2) from Murray. They were married 19 December,-1952 in the Salt Lake Temple. They are now living in Draper and are very active in the ward. They have six children, Our third daughter was born 1 June, 1933 in Superior Wyo. Her name is (Daughter #3). She married Son-in-Law #3), from Draper. They married 21 February, 1951 in the Salt Lake Temple. They are living in Draper and active in -the ward. They have five children:
  8. 8. Foster LeRoy Gordon & Loe Erickson Gordon Home in Draper, Utah So after we moved from Wyoming to Draper we bought this little home and place from brother Gonne. He and his wife have since passed away. We have enjoyed very much this home and surroundings. We have been in the chicken business while we have lived here. We were in business for about 20 years. It seems our lives have run in 20 year periods. We worked in the mines for 20 years and had chickens for 20 years. Now we just loaf around because the doctor said get out of the chicken business. So for about five or six years we have just puttered around the place here and enjoyed life and the kids and do little odd things around here. We like to take part in church work and travel and visit with the many friends we have. This is about the size of my life work. This is about all I can say at this time. Foster LeRoy Gordon At this time I am 64 years old. HISTORY OF GRANDMA AND GRANDPA GORDON'S HOME IN DRAPER, UTAH The home at 13312 So. Fort Street in Draper was the first house built in Draper. It was finished on December 13, 1852. It had a willow roof and cloth windows. A daughter, the 9th child of William and Mary Allen Phillips, was born that night, the day the house was finished. William Reynolds taught school in one room of this house and it was the first in Draper. He built a house in the fort. He was a counselor to Isaac Stewart. He was called by Brigham Young to go to St. George to take care of a cotton mill. The tree now standing in the front of the house was the first tree planted in Draper. (Grandma and Grandpa Gordon are Foster LeRoy and Loe E. Erickson Gordon
  9. 9. Foster Leroy Gordon Birth: Jan. 20, 1908 Death: Oct. 17, 1979 Burial: Draper City Cemetery Draper, Salt Lake County, Utah Plot: C-113-4 Loe Erickson Gordon Birth: Mar. 11, 1911 Death: Jul. 28, 1985 Burial: Draper City Cemetery Draper, Salt Lake County, Utah Plot: C-113-5 Your tombstone stands neglected and alone. The name and date are chiseled out on polished, marbled stone. It reaches out to all who care. It is too late to mourn. You did not know that I exist. You died and I was born. Yet each of us are cells of you in flesh, in blood, in bone. Our heart contracts and beats a pulse entirely not our own. Dear Ancestor, the place you filled so many years ago. Spreads out among the ones you left who would have loved you so. I wonder as you lived and loved, I wonder if you knew That someday I would find this spot and come to visit you.
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