Lesson four small talk and gossip


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Lesson for ELL learners about what kinds of topics to start a conversation aboaut

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  • Small talk is just a bit different than gossip. Gossip has the idea that what you are talking about may have a bit of truth to it but also contains your opinion or your perception on the topics.
  • Are these topics similar to topics you would discuss with your co-workers?
  • What kind of weather are you having today?What kind of weather is in the forecast?
  • These are pictures from my family reunion on the 22nd of June. What do you think each group discussed?
  • Do you bowl? If so, what is your score?What kind of shopping do you prefer?When you eat out, what kind of restaurant do you like to eat at?If you have seen a movie in the last few weeks, tell me about the movie. Was it an action movie, an adventure movie, a dramatic movie, or a comedy?Have you been to a sports event lately? What did you see? A football game, a golf match, a table tennis match, a running race, a biking event?
  • This local college dormitory is scheduled to be imploded on June 29th, 2013.Many people will come to see this implosion.The college will build a new dormitory.
  • A topic of great concern to middle class families in the US. What kinds of costs do you have associated with health care? Tell about an average doctor visit. How long is the visit? How much does it cost?
  • This image shows a mother cleaning a gun for her son to use in battle. What is your response to this image?
  • Do you enjoy reading about celebrities and their issues? What kinds of celebrities do you enjoy watching? What advice could you give Ms. Shields since you have daughters as well? Would you want to be a Hollywood actress?
  • What topic would be your first choice to talk about? What topic would you avoid altogether?
  • Lesson four small talk and gossip

    1. 1. Small Talk What will we talk about?
    2. 2. Review from last week Very little money is coming in the business
    3. 3. What do we talk about?  Would it be appropriate to talk about gossip during these events?  What about “small talk”?  How is small talk different from gossip? yes yes
    4. 4. Small talk  Small talk is generally considered conversation to fill the time.  Topics of small talk include:  Weather  Children and family  Arts and entertainment  News-local, state, country, world  Celebrity Gossip
    5. 5. A little about the weather-what is the forecast? Predict what might happen Rainy Sunny Windy Stormy cloudy
    6. 6. Children and family cousins Brother-in-laws Uncle and nephew
    7. 7. Arts and entertainment
    8. 8. News-local Local news Gage Towers Dormitory scheduled for implosion.
    9. 9. News-state news and national What will you forecast will happen with health care costs in the next few years?
    10. 10. News-international Syria at war-when you see this picture of a woman with a gun, what is your response?
    11. 11. Celebrity Gossip Actress Brooke Shields talks about her life and children
    12. 12. Which topic will you choose?  News?  Family and children?  Weather?  Arts and entertainment?  Celebrity gossip?
    13. 13. Vocabulary review  Forecast-the suggestion of what will happen  Brother-in-laws-sister’s husband; spouse’s brother; spouse’s sister’s husband  implosion-violent inward collapse  Response-reply given to the question  Celebrity-somebody who is famous during his or her own lifetime
    14. 14.  Please tell me a sentence using these words: 1. Implosion 2. Forecast 3. Brother-in-law 4. Response 5. Celebrity
    15. 15. Reflection