Mobile marketing for profit


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Mobile marketing for profit

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing For Profit 16:59 Presented by: Jodi Kaplan 727-282-4001 Peak Reputation, Inc.
  2. 2. 16:59 Mobile Marketing For Profit Popular Mobile Devices are: Cell Phones Smart Watches/Smart Devices Smart Phones Google Glass Tablet Computers •Google reports that 77 percent of searches from mobile devices take place at home or work, only 17 percent on the move. - Harvard Business Review, May 2013 •56% of American adults are now smartphone owners. Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2013 •The number of US mobile coupon users will rise from 12.3 million in 2010 to 53.2 million in 2014, driven by the rapid adoption of smartphones. eMarketer, 2013  75 percent of Americans bring their phones to the bathroom. Digiday, 2013!!
  3. 3. 16:59 Mobile Marketing For Profit HERE IS THE ABSOLUTE WHY!!
  4. 4. 16:59 Mobile Marketing For Profit Study: 90 percent of websites not ready for mobile use (2012 Mongoose Metrics Data Series) A redesign with a responsive theme or a simple mobile landing page is now necessary Adobe's 2013 Dig-i-tal Mar-ket-ing Opti-miza-tion Sur-vey • Companies with mobile-optimized sites triple their chances of increasing mobile conversion rate to 5 percent or above. • Companies spending more than 25 percent of their marketing budgets towards optimization are twice as likely to enjoy high conversion rates • Two-thirds of smartphone users say a mobile-friendly site makes them more likely to buy a product or service; 74% say they are more likely to return to the site later.
  5. 5. 16:59 Mobile Marketing For Profit How do I use Mobile Marketing for Profit in my business? Tip#1 – Create a mobile site or optimize your desktop site for mobile devices. Can use for e-commerce or brand recognition. Also to get more customers/patients into your facility. Theme Forrest sells responsive WP themes that the pros use. About $50 for one site Mobile simple sites can be created free with:
  6. 6. 16:59 Mobile Marketing For Profit Tip #2 is Local SEO for Mobile. 1. Local marketing via Google Places including Google Maps. Foursquare, Yelp, Instagram and Pinterest. Geo tagging!! 2. Much easier to be at the top of search because the competition isn't on Mobile yet. Tip #3- QR Codes
  7. 7. 16:59 Mobile Marketing For Profit QR Codes require these for success: 1. Mobile Landing Page (Different from a mobile website) 2. A Clear Call to Action 3. Offer value through the QR campaign 4. Statistical Reporting Examples of profits through QR Campaigns: 1. Building prospect lists through forms. 2. Coupons 3. VIP Clubs 4. Brand Recognition 5. Appointment scheduler 6. Sales for Mobile users only. The possibilities are really endless.
  8. 8. 16:59 Mobile Marketing For Profit Tip #4 – SMS Marketing (small message service) Also known as text marketing!! What you need for text marketing: 1. A short code: ie: 71441. Texts are sent to these. Can buy one or rent from aggregator. 2. Keywords – Specific to your offer and not used by anyone else renting that short code. 3. 160 character campaign. (specific message) 4. Auto-responder. For immediate auto reply. 5. Promotional material for opt-in campaign. Table tents/signs/ads, etc.
  9. 9. 16:59 Mobile Marketing For Profit
  10. 10. 16:59 Mobile Marketing For Profit
  11. 11. 16:59 Mobile Marketing For Profit •Text messages cost very little. •You can send 10000 messages in a couple of minutes •Customers have opted in and are wanting these texts •All cell phones can receive texts not just Smartphones. •4:1 ratio for devices receiving texts vs. email. •People have their mobile phones with them always. •90% of texts are looked at within the first 15 minutes of receipt. •Texts convert to action 41% of the time. •Text messages are easily and often forwarded by recipients. •Text coupons and promotions are Green!! Why Text Campaigns?
  12. 12. 16:59 Mobile Marketing For Profit What is Push and Why? Apple started this service in 2009. Now available on most mobile devices. Retailmenot – geo targeted promos. Breaking News Amber Alerts Sports scores, etc.
  13. 13. 16:59 Mobile Marketing For Profit M Commerce???
  14. 14. 16:59 Mobile Marketing For Profit So, Can you see how Mobile Marketing will be a profit center for your Business? Complete Mobile Marketing Services by: Peak Reputation, Inc. 727-282-4001 Text the word CentreClub to 71441 (no spaces, can be upper or lowercase) This opts you in for 10% discount off of any marketing services needed including design and strategy.