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Analysis of front cover, contents page and dps


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Analysis of front cover, contents page and dps

  1. 1. The tagline of the magazine is visible but not too big to draw The price, the your attention away. date and the The barcode The middle word ‘Life’ issue isn’t written doesn’t use to is in pink which also big but it is much space makes it stand out. visible. on the front cover.The magazine title is This makes yousimple but stands want to read theout and isn’t too magazine andmuch and doesn’t find out how youtake your attention can win the Iaway from the other Phone.stuff on themagazine frontcover.Things that areincluded standsout but againdoesn’t drawyour attentionaway from theimage, the maintitles are in pinkto show what’s This shows whatimportant. included in the magazine and it goes over the picture which draws your attention because you see it when Big image which This is promoting other artists you’re looking at the stands out, this which could draw in readers picture. It is also the magazine used a close because they are well known. only white writing on up which can show the page which facial expressions and makes it seem makes it easy to see important as all the from far away. other writing is black and so is the title.
  2. 2. The logo of the magazine features on the contents page. Includes the The words date of the feature and every magazine. month has a red background line to emphasise it. One big main image which is related to one of the features in the magazine.The contentswriting is smallwhich makes itlook as if thereisn’t much toread. One of the features is bigger than the others because it relates to the big main image which can justify why they put the image on the contents page. Shows what the magazine A small image to back includes every month. up the writing to the This is good because if right of the image. someone likes something in the magazine and they know it features in there every month they will continue to buy it.
  3. 3. The title is big but it blends in with the background too much This magazine used bright background and dark coloured writing so it works well together.Highlightedbackground ingreen. Stand outfrom the rest of Contains a well known phrase.Contents andpage numbersaren’t too big ortoo small so it isreadable. Includes some Includes page pictures that numbers on relate to the the pictures so stories inside you can skip the magazine. straight to that story.
  4. 4. A headline about that the article is basically The main title is about. This is good her name which because you can decide is big and whether you are stands out. interested in reading this bit of the magazine.Small text around 3 smallthe picture. I think imagesthere is a bit too whichmuch text on this relate topage which the textbecomes boring to on the leftread after a while. of them. Website and email dress which helps One big I think that promote Elly main image there is too White. many colours on the page which makes it look a bit messy.
  5. 5. This could be seen as a pull quote as well The magazine used a close up of This double page spread has used as a title of the the person to show facial a big title which draws your article. expressions which are happy and attention and the fact that it has not really bothered by people attention seeker in the quote saying they are an attention makes it stand out more.Bigger writing to seeker.explain a bit about thea4rticle writtenunderneath. Small page number. Credits to the photographer. A big image helps the doubleCredits to the Small writing makes the page to stand out especially aswriter of the article look interesting her top is the only other colourarticle. because it doesn’t look like on the page other than black there’s much writing as and white that is on the page. most of the article is taken up by the picture and big writing.