Jodie: A Health Consumer Perspective


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This is a powerpoint presentation converted to PDF regarding a consumer perspective on our state health system. Just the basic facts and what we need to still address, even after health reform. Brought to you by

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Jodie: A Health Consumer Perspective

  1. 1. The Queensland Health SystemFrom A Consumer Perspective Presented by: Jodie Guerrero Health Consumer Advocate
  3. 3. What is Jodie’s Journey & Who is Jodie? JODIESJOURNEY.COMis one women’s blog journey through blood cancer. ANDCONSUMERCONSULTATION.COM is a valuable & handy patient connection portal.
  4. 4. All About Jodie• I am a mother of 2 children (Julia/10 & Anna/8).• Wife of 15 years to Greg.• Our eldest daughter (Julia) has multiple disabilities (Moderate-Severe ASD & an Intellectual Disability) – special school.• Member of the Family Advisory Council, Queensland Children’s Hospital, opening 2014.• Prior to my health consumer experiences, I completed qualifications in Dental Nursing and also worked in radio, retail, airlines & worked with Boeing Aerospace in Brisbane.
  5. 5. JODIES JOURNEY HEALTH CASE IS FOUND ON THIS PAGE:• SEPTEMBER/2006 - whilst working Full-time in Aerospace – delayed & very serious diagnosis of avid, stage 4, B Cell Non- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.• Diagnosis all-up took 11 months, 7 doctors & 21 med. visits.• I was becoming so sick – I was pleading -‘Cries for help’.• I had avid disease through body, eating into bones, muscles.• 8 months of chemotherapy, to save my life.• Emergency radiotherapy - R leg function/damage spinal.• B Cell Lymphoma is currently incurable, 10 years or cure.
  6. 6. JODIES JOURNEY HEALTH CASE IS FOUND ON THIS PAGE:• After 1st remission & returning to work - I sought answers, through the HQCC & an investigation process.• HQCC dismissed concerns, I requested an internal review.• AUGUST/2008 – My symptoms returned & I relapsed again.• In my 2nd relapse, I continued to press for investigation.• AUGUST/2009 – My former GP was finally disciplined.• This was a unamimous decision by the Medical Board.• JANUARY/2010 – Symptoms returned – Leg disability. However, I have been able to speak up & advocate, via However,webbing, blogging & social media. Raising awareness about media. health and social issues, as I live through them.
  7. 7. What is a Health Consumer Advocate (HCA)? A person with passion, speaking up about health issues. Many HCA’s are either former or current patients. Also some are family of patients or community people. Health reform and more representation are often called for. Health workers & clinical staff also often become HCA’s.There are hundreds of consumer representative groups in QLD.They represent almost all health issues, excluding rare diseases. HCA’s are increasing using social media as a springboard.
  8. 8. Why Do We Need HCA’s? QUEENSLAND has thehighest rate of preventative diseases in our nation. The level of overall preventable mortality is twice as high in men as it is in women. QLD Strategy for Chronic Disease –2005 to 2015 outlines targeted efforts toreduce behavioural risk factors such as tobacco smoking, physical inactivity, poor nutrition and excessive alcohol consumption. at2005.pdf
  9. 9. MEDIA ATTENTION ON THE FOLLOWING FAILURES OF QUEENSLAND HEALTH Hospitals ER Crisis, Long Waits Ambulance Ramping Not Enough In-Patient Beds In- Clinical & Ward Staff Overworked Poor Training New Pay System Mess
  10. 10. HEALTH CONSUMERS QUEENSLAND (HCQ)• HCQ comprises a Ministerial Consumer Advisory Committee and Secretariat supported by QLD Health.• It has been established to contribute to the continued development and reform of health systems and services in QLD, by providing the Minister for Health with information and advice from a consumer (patient) perspective and by supporting consumer engagement and advocacy.• HCQ aims to strengthen the consumer perspective in health services policy, systems and service reform and improvement. In acting as your voice in health, HCQ supports consumer, community and patient involvement in all aspects and stages of their individual and collective health care journey.
  11. 11. PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEM, FROM 2007 TO NOW • 24th November, 2007 - nation-wide health reform package. • Information was gathered from the public via Community Cabinet. • Our health system required a major overhaul. • Particularly in regards to the lack of systemic consumer engagement . • Several ‘Health Community Councils’ As part of the health reforms.• Legislation has been introduced into Parliament, transforming existing Health Service Districts into independent statutory bodies called ‘Local Health and Hospitals Networks’ from 1 July 2012. • Each network: required to develop strategies for consumer engagement. • ‘Queensland Children’s Hospital’ – due to finish in late 2014. • The project will combine all Peadiatric services at South Brisbane and has supporters, plus opposers both in the print/broadcast media, social media.
  12. 12. A push by QLD HEALTH, to know our rights• Many of us, as health consumers have little understanding of what our rights are, as a consumer. This is particularly so for senior Australians.• Many Australians feel uncomfortable complaining about their standard of healthcare, either from their GP or from their local public or private hospital.• Often as health consumers - we feel unable to voice our concerns in a GP office, because we don’t wish to ‘rock the boat’ – which is a cultural characteristic of many Australians.• But with the advent of social media, including video sites, like You tube – as But, health consumers we are connecting more, discussing more and thinking more about what we want in terms of our own health care.• In Queensland, we have one important health document available to all consumers in terms of their health and the quality of service they are recieving. The Australian charter of healthcare rights. In Posters, flyers and documents And in (keyword – safety).
  13. 13. What happens when things go wrong? ‘Dr Death’ – Patel Case (2005-2010) and a new era in Queensland health.• The highly publicised case of gross medical negligence by surgeon Dr. Jayant Patel from 2005 to 2010 changed the entire face of QLD Health. • Massive internal changes were made within QLD health (as a result of this case) and many new policies were implemented in regards to making a difference in the reporting, documenting & lodging of health service related complaints. • The entire senario certainly made the nation sit up and take a look at their own health reporting systems. A culture of transparent accountability was implemented and a new concentration of the Quality & Improvement of our health services in Queensland commenced. Health Quality & Complaints Commission (HQCC) This commission was set up as an independent health watchdog for Queensland health in 2005 and is the first port of call for all consumers who wish to report a concern or incident relating to poor health care in Queensland. One of the most important functions is to also ensure that all stringent standards are upheld byindividual & clinical medical staff. As part of an investigative process by the HQCC, some serious cases are referred to the Queensland medical Board for further investigation into the licensing of individual practioners.
  14. 14. AUSTRALIAN CHARTER OF HEALTHCARE RIGHTSACCESS – You have the right tohealth care.SAFETY – You have a right to safeand high quality health care.RESPECT – You have a right torespect, dignity & consideration.COMMUNICATION – You have aright to be informed about services.Treatment, options & costs in a clear& open way.PARTICIPATION – You have a rightto be included in decisions andchoices about your care.PRIVACY – You have the right toprivacy and confidentiality of yourpersonal information.COMMENT – You have a right tocomment on your care and to haveyour concerns addressed.
  15. 15. Every five years the Australian Bureau of Statistics carries out an extensive survey (ABS Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers) that gives detailed statistics on the prevalence of disabilities in the Australian community. The last (1998) Surveyfound that, of the total population aged between 5 and 64 years, 19 per cent (some 3.6 million people) had some form of disability. The Survey also found that an additional 3.1 million people had some sort of impairment but it was not bad enough to restrict them in their daily activities. Of the total of those who had some form of disability (i.e. the 3.6 million group) approximately 3.2 million people experienced some sort of restriction with respect to daily activities, employment or schooling.
  16. 16. The NDIS will be a new support system for people with a disability, their families and carers. It will transform the way services are funded anddelivered, ensuring people are better supported and enabling them to have greater choice and control.
  17. 17. KEY ADVOCACY ISSUES REQUIRING ATTENTION• Greater GP Awareness: blood disease signs & symptoms of Lymphoma/Leukaemia. • Safer & faster diagnosis of blood cancers.• More support & research into the needs of younger health consumers/young cancer.• Stats: Only 1% survival improval in 30 yrs. • More medical & social assistance for families & women with illness/disability.
  18. 18. In Conclusion – Advocates like me – either as an independent or within advocacy groups are changing the system and Queensland Health wants to listen more than ever. Couple this with the public’s new common access to social media & the internet with our current state healthreforms – we are sitting on an enormous opportunity to goforward and get key issues off the ground and fixed in this state.In addition, with the current problems in political climate –the ALP team in government is ripe to be taken over by the opposition. The opposition wants power yesterday and they’re ears are ready. They are writing and preparing for their next election package and looking for issues that are being currently ignored. THIS IS OUR TIME TO MOVE AND TO ADVOCATE!!
  19. 19. Jodie’s short form story in ‘Inspiring Stories of Hope’ Ark House Press Available here today for $14.95