Analysis of CD Covers


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Analysis of CD Covers

  1. 1. Analysis of CD Covers <br />
  2. 2. Advantages of a CD Cover <br />Blank Canvas – plenty of room for creativity. <br />Basic square shape to work with. <br />Doesn’t give anybody an advantage over anybody else – everybody has the same shape and space to work with. <br />
  3. 3. Disadvantages of a CD Cover<br />There isn't much room for creativity because you are restricted to a very basic shape. <br />Due to the shape and size not much detail can go into an album cover. <br />Full body shots don’t tend to work as the artist has to be made very small to fit. <br />
  4. 4. From this CD cover, without even knowing the artist I can tell that the music on it will be pop music and have an upbeat feel due to the bright colours and pretty setting. The cartoon font of the artists name gives insight into the pop genre of music and personalitly of the artist. There is definitely reference to the notion of looking on this CD cover due to the costume and pose Katy Perry is in. Due to the CD title being in a larger font and positioned higher than the CD title it shows that this CD cover is selling the artist possibly slightly more than her music. <br />
  5. 5. From this CD cover I can tell that the music on it will be dark and gothic, possibly rock music. I can tell this due to the basic colours used (black and white) and the dominant colour of red used carrying the connotation of danger with it. The scary masks also add to the sinister feel of the CD. There is a blurry look when you look at the CD cover and due to the low camera angle it makes it look like the scary masks are superior to the audience and looking down upon them. Although there is no CD title the bands name is displayed in an iconic font of the band and the genre of them. This shows that this CD is more about selling the band than their music and that the audience for this CD will already be fans of Slipknot. <br />
  6. 6. From this CD cover I can tell that the music on it will probably be easy listening. The picture of Adele looks very soft with her eye closed. It is also in black and white which I think was chosen as she wanted to strip all the trimmings and just have the main focus on her and her music. I noticed that she doesn’t make eye contact with the audience because I think that she isn't trying to sell herself as an artist, just her music which suggests that people who buy this album will already be fans of Adele. A simple font is used and the only bit of colour is the album title in lime green to make it stand out. Notice the Artists name and CD title are in the same sized font, unlike Katy Perry’s which is mainly selling the artist. <br />
  7. 7. The artist’s name is a lot bigger than the CD title and is positioned at the top of the album on a white background to make it stand out – suggests it must be a very popular artist<br />Background made to look darker to make Katy Perry, title and the flowers stand out more. Looks unrealistic and exaggerated <br />Cartoon font gives insight into the upbeat artists personality/image<br />Direct eye contact – engages audience <br />Seductive pose – draws in a wider audience <br />Full body shot – notion of looking<br />colourful flowers gives an upbeat feel to the album<br />Pink is the dominant colour with the name, costume and props all matching giving off a very feminine scene which then contrasts with the CD title in blue ‘One of the Boys’ <br />
  8. 8. On the front and back of the CD the costumes, props and poses all carry a vintage/retro connotation – possibly an insight to the type of music on the album e.g. record player on the front, high waisted shorts on the back<br />White italic font listing songs stands out on the background, pink outlines match the rest of the album and the album title<br />Full body shot again – notion of looking <br />Same setting for front and back of album<br />Italic font all in lower case gives an informal handwritten effect<br />Paddling pool and lollipop shows Katy Perry’s fun, childish side <br />Pink and blue are the dominant colours – matching the front cover<br />Small print on back: Artists website, MySpace and production company details <br />