Media Relations and Social Media Skills


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Powerpoint presentation for a leadership group in Oregon.

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  • to determine who is the big blog in your field. Find the top influencers in your industry, research them and move in for the kill.
  • Research has shown that consumers are often much more mistrusting about a message when they know it's a paid advertisement. 
  • Bullying issues…school safety…..breaking news—about ecoli outbreak--chance to pitch local grassfed cattle company or vegetarian company
  • Media Relations and Social Media Skills

    1. 1. Presented by Jodi UnruhPresident of Jodi Unruh and Associates, LLC
    2. 2. Overview What is Public Relations (PR)  Benefits of PR  Changing Landscape  New Media  Traditional Media  Media Skills
    3. 3. PublicRelations (PR)PR is the practice of managing the flow of information between anorganization and its publics to enhanceits reputation and to maintain and create mutually beneficial relationships.
    4. 4. Flow of Information
    5. 5. Benefits of Public Relations Enhance the image and perception of your organization and company Portray your organization as involved, innovative and as an active community member Build brand awareness
    6. 6. Benefits of Public Relations Crisis Management Generate buzz Create credibility Increase search engine visibility and organic results Cost effective way to reach your target audiences
    7. 7. Internal Public RelationsPR within the organization tobuild good rapport amongits employees--staffhandbooks,meetings, luncheonsandnews releases
    8. 8. External Public RelationsPR to maintain favorablerelations with the public—holding conferences, sending press releases managing eventsand alumni groups
    9. 9. PR Campaign  Set objectives  Identify target audiences Identify messages for audiences
    10. 10. Get Your Message OutTraditional Media: Print, Radio and TelevisionImportant tools for PR, but traditional media has also been losing readership and viewership…
    11. 11. New Media: Online Communication
    12. 12. Create a Conversation Image Credit: Brian Solis
    13. 13. Listen, Learn, and Share Share information, educate, interact, and LISTEN Learn what your target markets want and need
    14. 14. Great Return on Investment (ROI)More efficient and cost-effective method to gather information about your target audience than surveys and focus group discussions.
    15. 15. Company Website Viral Business CenterImage Credit: M3NewMedia
    16. 16. Boost Your Website’s Ranking  Search Engine Optimization or SEO (Relevant Keywords) Create Back Links—get other websites and bloggers to link to you Best FREE online search engine for links: Open Site Explorer:
    17. 17. SEO TIP SearchEngines Love Content—keep it “fresh”!
    18. 18. Online Reputation  Research it  Put best foot forward Build and maintain online Reputation
    19. 19. Submit Quality Content  Blog  Press Releases Social Networking
    20. 20. QuickResponseCode(QR Code)QR codesenhance bothyour searchengine andsocial mediaoptimization
    21. 21. QR CodeWhen you scan or read a QR code with your iPhone,Android or other camera-enabled Smartphone youcan… 1. link to digital content on the web 2. activate a number of phone functions including email3. connect the mobile device to a web browser
    22. 22. QR Code for Facebook You can use likify tocreate a QR code that links your mobile device to a fully functioning LIKE button for your Facebook page.
    23. 23. Top Social Network Sites
    24. 24. Build BrandSource: Fred Cavazza
    25. 25. The CMO’s Guide tothe SocialLandscapeSOURCE:WWW.CMO.COM
    26. 26. SocialMediaStrengthsOutstandingway toestablishyourself as anexpert
    27. 27. The BreakdownImage Credit: AddToAny
    28. 28. Facebook No hard selling Be interesting—give people information they can use. Getting people to like, share and comment on your posts--will lead to viral distribution of your message.
    29. 29. 80-20 Rule80% educating and entertaining 20% promotional content
    30. 30. BloggersJournalistswrite facts, bloggers write opinions
    31. 31. Connect with Bloggers  Start a blog  Research bloggers  Connect  Aim to help  Respect
    32. 32. Reference Blog Directories  Alltop  Blog Catalog  Alexa  Technorati
    33. 33. Blog Services: BlogDash GroupHigh eCairnHelp you findrelevantinfluencers—then rate them,group them,contact them andfollow up.
    34. 34. Connect to Bloggers and Journalists
    35. 35. TraditionalMedia Still Matters
    36. 36. Mainstream Media Online“In many ways, the influence of traditionalmedia today can be measured by the volume and methods by which it spreads: Social media amplifies, rather than detracts from, its influence.” ~ Frank Strong, Director of PR, Vocus
    37. 37. News Coverage News coveragecan increase credibility and boost sales.
    38. 38. How toPitch aStory Create aNewsworthy Angle
    39. 39. Make it NewsworthyKnow what’s making headlines--reporters look for overall trends or emerging issues
    40. 40. Call, Fax or Email Pitch? Research the contacts preferred pitch methodRecent Study: 80% reporters prefer to pitch via e-mail
    41. 41. Prepared Pitch Create a targeted media list for your story Know your reporter and the publication Have stats and anecdotes ready to show how your product or company is tied to the bigger picture.
    42. 42. Prepared Pitch Be Exclusive Get Visual Suggest Interviews—make their job easy! Press kit Be Flexible
    43. 43. Timely Pitch Don’t call during reporter deadline hours Keep it concise develop a bulleted “fast facts” sheet Wait if breaking news hits Weekend or weekday story?
    44. 44. Pitch Follow Up Follow up with an email within 24 to 48 hours of the first pitch You can wait a week if thestory is timeless
    45. 45. Build Media Data BaseIt’s all about building relationships!
    46. 46. Public Relation’s Quote“If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.” ~ Bill Gates, Founder & CEO of Microsoft
    47. 47. Skill Building Session Create some news angles for your PR objectives  Create a targeted media list Write a concise 30 second pitch for a reporter