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Aakazha bartlett


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Final Draft/Rough draft for 2nd essay bartleet english 101. attach to a rough draft version and 2 rubrics w/ peer review

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Aakazha bartlett

  1. 1. Johnson 1Jodi JohnsonRyan BartlettEnglish 10122nd, February 2012 Musician’s AbodeThe time is 10:15pm and the musical event has been scheduled to last until at least 1:00am the following morning. It is lively and people of allages have come to visit the famous music venue, but the down-to-earth occupants chat casually with one another as if they had known eachotherall their lives. Among the line-up of bands scheduled to perform however is one that has a unique take on what someone would normally classifya rock band to be. Outside the venue I meet a musician. He is probably in his early 30’s, maybe a couple inches shorter then myself, with shoulder lengthhair and a sort of happy golucky personality. He doesn’t seem busy, so I introduce myself. He’s friendly and doesn’t mind shaking hands. I askabout himself and his band. He explains that he’s there with one of the band’s performing from overseas. The band is what he describes as,“combines the softness of a falling feather with the heaviness of a hurricane”