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New sudan jonglei orphans foundation Giving Circle VT

  1. 1. NSJOF www.nsjof.orgFounder: Peter Garang Deng
  2. 2. North Sudan:Capital: KhartoumGeology: desertThe Red Sea holds Sudan’soil refineriesOfficial Language: ArabicReligion: MuslimSouth Sudan:Independence: July 9, 201110 southern states99% voted for independenceGrassland, swamps, tropicalrainforest and vast oil deposits,gold and cotton.Ethnicity: Dinka, NuerReligion: Animist, Christian
  3. 3. Jonglei StateAugust 30, 2011Clashes between tribesand supported militia:3.500 displaced peoplenow living in the bush.680 dead860 wounded208 children abducted8,000 houses burned250,000 homelessDinka tribe has beendisarmed, no longer ableto defend itself frommilitia and other raidingtribes.Landmines from the civil Source: VOA and Sudanwar are still in the Vision, Sept 6region.
  4. 4. born in South SudanAge 5: orphanedAge 12: Moved to a refugee camp in Kenyawhere he went to school2005: Became an Adult Education Teacher2009: Migrated to the U.SAttended CCV and Champlain CollegeJanuary 2010: Founded NSJOFMay 2011: Graduated from ChamplainCollege with a Business Degree
  5. 5.…to raise money and provide scholarships to the orphanedchildren of Sudan to achieve a better life through education. Toprovide funding for education, and educational services toorphaned children in the Jonglei area of Sudan, andsurrounding areas in order to make them productive membersand future leaders of their community♦ To develop a strong sponsorship program to build thecapacity to sponsor orphaned children to be able to go togood affordable schools.♦ To have at least eight to ten orphaned children sponsoredby the end of 2011.
  6. 6. ♦ Largest state in South Sudan with greatest number oforphans.♦ Jonglei was most affected since the Founder of SPLA/M,Father of the new nation, is from here. Men followed him intothe bush, lost their lives and left orphans behind.♦ Orphans lack financial support to pay school fees.♦ Dropout rate is higher among orphans leading to apopulation of street kids and early marriage among girls.♦ Hungry and lack clothing. Many can be found naked.♦ Health problems due to poor nutrition, poor housing andpoor health seeking behavior.
  7. 7. An assessment includes the following:♦ Name, age, gender, and previous education.♦ The orphan status will be verified by acquiringinformation regarding when each parent passed away.♦ Specifically where in Jonglei each applicant comesfrom (i.e. region, clan, sub-clan, tribe, family).♦ The applicants vision of how they will use theireducation, specifically a plan in which they commit togive back to their community.
  8. 8. ♦ Select only orphans.♦ Choose applicants from a variety of tribes, clansand regions.♦ Students who have previous education.♦ Students who show potential for excelling.♦ Choose equal number of boys and girls.♦ Choose students who show the most interest inimproving their communities.
  9. 9. Sponsored 7 children to date:1 boy to University in Uganda3 boys to high school Akur Mabior, 151 boy and 2 girls to middleschoolWaiting Sponsorship:Makor, 15Makeer, 13Akech Majok Agang, 14
  10. 10. $50 each month or $1.67 a day sends one child toboarding school in UgandaMakor and Akech’s primary school educationcosts $600/yearMakeer’s high school education costs $700/yearWhen you educate an orphan today, he or she willeducate another child in the future.