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Market research

  1. 1. Jodene ChisholmMarket ResearchIn order to find out more information on how music magazines sell I conducted a questionnairethrough primary research which was designed with questions to help give me information on howmagazines do this. The information that I have found out will help me to create my own musicmagazine, ensuring that it will become successful as I will aim it basing it on the most popular voteon my results. Gender Female Male otherMy results show the number of males and females who took part in my questionnaire. The majorityof people who filled out my questionnaire happened to be females however the numbers of malesasked to fill out the questionnaire were nearly equal to the female’s number meaning that theresults I have found out further on in the questionnaire are of a mixed genders opinion. What is your age range? 15-20 21-25 26-35 35+Out of the 10 people I got to fill out my questionnaire 8 of the 10 featured in the age range of 15-20.This is because I gave my questionnaires out in college which is full of students at this age. The otherage ranges such as 21-25 and 26-35 had one person in the category. Due to this when making mymagazine I will aim it at students ages 15-20 as this is what my results are based on this particularage range.
  2. 2. Jodene Chisholm Preferred Genre Rock Hip-Hop Indie POP RnBWhilst filling out my questionnaire I found out that the most popular genre is POP and RnB thereforeI will be using these particular genres when producing my magazine. The second most populargenres are Rock and Indie which were both equally as popular as each other. I may add some ofthese genres mixed in with the magazine to pull in more of an audience. I found the least populargenre to be Hip-Hop so I will not be basing my magazine on this particular genre as it would notappeal to my magazines audience. Would you be more tempted to buy the magazine if it came with a gift? Yes NoMy pie chart above shows that 8 out of 10 people think that it is a good idea to provide a gift withthe magazine. However 2 out of 10 don’t. If a gift is provided with the magazine then it wouldencourage more people to buy the magazine. From this research I will definitely use a ‘freebie’ topull in more people to buy the magazine. The free item could be a range of things from a poster tomakeup or memory stick.
  3. 3. Jodene Chisholm How often would you like your music magazine to come out? Once every week Once every 2 weeks MonthlyThe results above show that the majority of people would prefer the magazine to come out monthly.The second most popular answer was once every two weeks. The least popular box that was tickedwas once every week meaning that my audience found that producing a magazine every week wastoo often for the magazines audience to buy. Since the most popular box ticked was Monthly then Iwill be using this to my advantage by producing the magazine only once a month. How much would you pay for your music magazine? 0-99 1-2.99 3-4.99 5-6.99 7.99+When finding out how much people would pay for a music magazine I decided to start at a low priceup to the highest price that I would find acceptable. People choose that the price range less than1.00 and above 5.00 wasn’t appropriate as it was either too low or too high. All of the candidateswho took part in the questionnaire decided that an appropriate price to pay would be 1-2.99 and 3-4.99 as the vote was split evenly. The results of my questionnaire show what I need to put into my magazine in order for it to besuccessful. My questionnaire featured a mixed gender with a main age range of 15-20. The resultsshow that people would prefer the magazine to come out monthly rather than once every week orevery 2 weeks so I will be going with the majority people’s opinion and making sure that themagazine comes out monthly. I also found out that the price most people would pay is between 1-2.99 and 3-4.99 so I will be basing the price of my magazine in-between this. When I asked people
  4. 4. Jodene Chisholmabout the preferred genre I found that the most popular genres were POP and RnB so I will bemainly using these particular genres. The second most popular genre is indie and rock so I will beusing these genres as sub genres to pull in more of an audience for my magazine. In my results I alsofound out that if the magazine came with a gift so the audience would be more tempted to buy themagazine making it a good choice that I provide a free item for the people who buy the magazine.