Anchillary task album work new final


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Anchillary task album work new final

  1. 1. Mumford and Sons produce music based on the The image continues onto the back album cover bygenre rock/indie/folk. The whole album cover is having the same white house as the background with abased on the image of a house which continues stained glass window. The window could represent theonto the back. The rule of thirds has been used audience trying to look into the window at Mumfordmaking the white house central so that it’s the first and Sons, looking into their life through the songs onthing we look at when we look the album. Mumford the album. The serif font continues onto the back albumand Sons are shown in the window of the house cover through the listing of the songs. The title of thewith the instruments that they play. The house songs have been placed in a way that looks as thoughMumford and Sons are in is white. White suggests they’re bricks which ties in with the whole house imageinnocence, cleanliness and purity. Mumford and on the album. Unusually the album doesn’t followSons being shown in this particular house could guttenburgs design principle as the barcode has beenrepresent them welcoming the audience into their placed in the strong fallow area. Although as thehome which in this case would be the songs on the background is plain white the window stands out whichalbum. The colours of the houses are green, white makes your eyes be drawn to it. This is a goodand blue. These three colours are very nature-based technique due to the albums song choices being placedand simple which fit the folk band perfectly. underneath.‘Mumford & Sons’ has been underlined so that itstands out on the imaged background. The typefaceused on the album cover of ‘Sigh No More’ is seriffont. The cd cover is simple. Grey can be seen as a cool, mature, safe colour which fits well with the album. Mumford and Sons age range is wide and so using a simple colour that will suit all audiences is very effective.
  2. 2. Emilie Sande’s music focuses on soul and RnB. The The old vintage picture look continues onto the back housetyle colour used on this particular album is grey of the album cover. As the background is quite plain and faded. The image of Emilie Sande on the front and simple it makes the titles of the songs stand out album cover uses the rule of thirds. Emilie has been more. The song list has been placed in the middle of placed in the middle of the front album cover with the album which makes this the first thing we see. nothing else around her so that she is the main focus The gutternburgs design principle has been used of the album. Emilie herself has been shown using here by the song list starting in the primary slight use of colour to allow her to stand out even optical/strong follow area following down to the more. The image of Emilie would make the album weaker areas. more recognizable through the recognition and therefore increase sales. Although there is little use of colour used on the album there are different shades of grey which have been used. The light and dark grey have been split so that the light grey is mainly in the primary optical area and diagonally follows the reading gravity gradually getting darker until it reaches the terminal area. This could suggest that Emilie’s album has a soft happy side but also an emotional sad side. The image itself looks like it has been taken in the past due to their being no use of colour and the background looking somewhat damaged. This links in with Emilie’s album title of ‘Our Version Of Events’ which is past tense. The text used on the front album cover is sans-serif which gives the album an informal look.The cd cover is a similar colour to the album itself, black. Theblack background allows Emeli’s name to stand out. Thesimple cd cover matches Emeli’s voice as it speaks for itself.The cd cover doesn’t need anything fancy on it as the songson the cd arewhat’s important.
  3. 3. Lana Del Rey’s produces ‘Indie POP’ style of music which has The large font shown on the front of the album isa big influence on the way Lana herself must be portrayed. also used on the back which links into theFor example on the front cover of Lana’s album you can see albums housestyle. The titles of songs have beenhow the record label has dressed her in a vintage fashion made the main focus by the housestyle colourwhich would appeal to Lana’s audience as this kind of blue standing out on the pale cloudy bluefashion is seen as being ‘indie’. The white coloured top Lana background. Guttenberg’s design principle hasis wearing portrays innocence. The rule of thirds has been been used again by the song titles being placedused on the front cover. Being placed in the middle allows in the primary optical area continuing onto theLana to be the main focus and is easier recognition for the strong fallow area. As our eyes naturally readartist. A medium close up shot of Lana is used whilst being from the top left corner across the right whilststood in an upright position with her head tilted up. This moving down the song titles will be the firstposition has been chosen to give a more dominant feel to thing individuals will see when reading the backthe image. The whole album cover is based on the war and of the album. This is an easy way for individualspast. The position Lana is stood in, the clothes and text of to see which songs are on the album making it‘Born To Die’ resembles an army based image. Posters such more appealing to customers. In one of theas ‘Your country needs you’ follow similar layouts to this weaker areas such as the terminal area thefront cover making the album more recognisable and barcode price has been cleverly placed. Thefamiliar to audiences. Guttenberg’s design principle has barcode will have been placed here so that thebeen used on the front album cover as ‘Lana Del Reys’ name individual will look at the whole album want tohas been placed across the primary optical areadue to this buy it and then be less likely to be put off by thearea being when people look first. All of the text used on the price. If the barcode was placed in the strongfront album cover is written in large bold capital letters fallow area an individual may look at the pricemaking it eye-catching for the public eye. The main colours tag and then put the album back down withoutin the image are blue, white and green which are all very looking at it more due to the price being toonature based colours. These three colours are very positive high.and all give the album a ‘fresh’ look.The disk inside the album uses a cream colour for the baseand images of 3 roses. The roses are coloured red. Thecolour red is seen as love, passion and danger. The red onthis cover could suggest the love individuals have for LanaDel Rey’s music and the passion she has for music.