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Analysis contents nme

  1. 1. The colours red and black have been used throughout ‘NME’s magazine to create a house style. As you can see below the same colourshave been used on the masthead and overall page.The colour red is associated with love and passion which could be related to how theaudience feel love and passion for the music magazine. The colour is also related to danger which could suggest that the magazine has anedge. Whereas the colour black represents mystery and strength suggesting that the magazine ‘NME’ is powerful yet mysterious as younever know what you’re going to get with this kind of magazine.The Sans-serif font gives the magazine a more informal approach making it more appealing to its teenage audience. NME’S contents‘Band Index’ uses the sans page seems to beserif font and has been split into 3 sections,place in the primary the band index,optical area. The use of main article and thebold is effective as this is list of things thethe area where our eyes article is going to beare drawn to first. about.The list of band names The white headingsare placed down the left such as news, radar,hand side of the page reviews, live! Andmaking it easier for the features have beenaudience to know which bolded and arepage their favourite artist shown in front ofis on and if they are the black text boxesfeatured in the magazine. in order for them toDue to the vast number of stand out more.bands listed it is morethan likely that a coupleof the individuals Black arrows sayingfavourite bands will be in ‘on the cover’ havethe list making the been used toaudience want to buy the highlight the articlesmagazine to find out that interested theinformation on their individual to openselected bands. The list of the magazine in theband names is placed in first place. Thethe same position every arrows make theweek making it known to articles stand outthe reader that this is and so naturally ourwhere they should look if eyes will be drawnthey want to know which to a selected band ison. The large red arrowThe advert underneath the article that The only images on the contents page are of Oasis. has been placed insays ‘subscribe today’ is placed directly Oasis are associated with Brit Pop which is another the terminal areaunder the main article as this is where our word for the genre rock. As Oasis are a popular band it which will be the lasteyes are drawn too. Once we have read is most likely that when the audience open the area the audiencethe article our eyes tend to naturally move magazine up they will see Oasis and automatically will look at. This hasdown not up making the advert be the first want to buy the magazine in order to find out more been done tothing that we see. The main colours used about the band. encourage theon the contents page are red and black so audience to turn thethe yellow text on the advert makes it Due to Oasis being the only image shown it has been page like the arrowstand out. The above points will make the placed in the middle of the page making it the centre is telling them to do.audience want to subscribe for the focus. Below the image is a short article talking about The colour red hasmagazine as they will think that they are selected bands. The article has been shortened so that been used to allow itgetting a good deal when in actual fact it gives the audience a sneak peek on the type of to stand out as thethey probably use the same deal or similar articles that the magazine will produce. colour surroundingmost months. the arrow is black.