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Bigger Small Talk June 2009


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How FAR would you GO for the opportunity to experience and learn about BIGGER small talk and its impact on your personal and professional effectiveness? Come to FARGO June 16-17 for the third annual Bigger Small Talk Summit!

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Bigger Small Talk June 2009

  1. 1. June 16-17, 2009 Fargo, North Dakota
  2. 2. “ How are you?” “ Fine. And you?” “ Can’t complain.” (Awkward silence.) “ OK. Well, see ya later.” “ Yep. Don’t work too hard.”
  3. 3. Small Talk.
  4. 4. “ Who are you and what do you want?” “ How can I use blogging to better market my business?” “ How might we integrate self awareness and leadership into our public schools?” “ Is there a God?” “ What makes us happy?” “ How can I prepare my employees for a future that doesn’t yet exist?” “ What is A New Earth ?”
  5. 5. BIGGER Small Talk.
  6. 6. BIGGER Small Talk = Meaningful conversation.
  7. 7. Meaningful conversation ACTION.
  8. 8. ACTION makes a difference.
  9. 9. How FAR would you GO for BIGGER small talk ?
  10. 10. Come to FARGO June 16-17.
  11. 11. Register Today: