AS Media Music Industry iPods and iTunes


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AS Media Music Industry iPods and iTunes

  1. 1. iTunes and iPods The History
  2. 2. iTunes iTunes is the media player specifically for apple products iTunes was introduced on January 9th 2001 However, in 1999 it was called SoundJamMP, prior to being bought by Apple in 200 and rebranded as iTunes iTunes was originally programmed for MAC, but in October 2003, a version for windows was released
  3. 3.  Versions of iTunes for phones such as Motorolas, were shipped with phones to allow users to sync music with their phone However this stopped with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 iTunes changed the way users listened to music. With iPods becoming more popular, iTunes allowed for direct purchasing of tracks to be directly synced to their iPods. Also it allowed for quick conversion of CD music to mp4 format allowing for a CD collections to be put onto a portable device.
  4. 4. iTunes development April 2003 – iTunes music store with 200,00 songs – itunes sold 1million songs in the first week June 2004 – iTunes store goes international October 2005 – store offers tv shows and music videos September 2006 – feature length films become available on iTunes store May 2007 – iTunes U launches January 2008 – Apple introduce movie rentals with all major film companies July 2008 – App store debut with iPod touch – 10 million apps downloaded in the app stores first weekend
  5. 5.  March 2009 – HD films available for rent or download
  6. 6. iPod and its development The iPod is a portable music device allowing for thousands of songs in your pocket The first iPod was introduced in October 2001 holding 1,000 songs The next iPod was compatible with windows holding 4,000 songs in July 2002 April 2003 the 3rd generation iPod was released holding 7,500 songs In June 2003 the 1 millionth iPod was sold
  7. 7.  January 2004 – introduction of the iPod mini available in 5 colours January 2005 – iPod shuffle September 2005 –iPod Nano replaces the iPod mini and becomes the biggest selling music player ever October 2005 – iPod 5th generation introduced which plays videos and photos May 2006 – Nike+ introduced September 2006 – iPod nano becomes aluminum in 5 colours New clip on iPod shuffle allowing users to wear their music
  8. 8.  January 2007 – iPhone introduced iPod shuffle becomes available in 5 colours April 2007 – 1oo millionth iPod sold September 2007 – iPod touch introduced with Wi-Fi June 2008 – iPhone 3G September 2010 – new iPod touch with FaceTime New iPod nano with touch screen and built in clip iPod shuffle becomes the worlds smallest music player
  9. 9.  What an iPod means to us Having an iPod is an innovative and modern way for us to listen to music on the go. They are small and compact, and therefore easy to carry. The memory holds up to 16,000 songs (64gb) which is enough for every song you could want, plus apps and pictures etc. Having an iPod keeps you connected with the social networking system, this is due to the apps created by apple, such as facebook and twitter. Its a necessity now, that it would be strange not to have a form of iPod in some way, whether its shuffle, classic, touch, nano, iPad, iPhone or mac.
  10. 10. iPod timeline with iPhones2001 2003 2004 2005 20062007 2008 20092010