AS Media Main Task Pitch - The Collector


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AS Media Main Task Pitch - The Collector

  1. 1. The name of the production company is SCREAM CREATIONS
  2. 2. The name of the film is THE COLLECTOR
  3. 3.  Girl-she is called Vicky and she is an innocent friendly teenager who is going on her morning jog. Boy- he is called Steven and appears to be a seemingly normal boy who has a fetish for girls hair, and once he has their hair he becomes obsessed with that particular girl. He ends up stalking the girls and killing them.
  4. 4.  A normal average boy, who always works at same place of next victim, stalks certain girls and eventually kills them. Later on in the film he attempts to stalk one particular girl however, the victim finds out and tells the police, yet they don’t believe her. The boy goes into hiding but is still stalking and terrorizing her. And the girl has got to try and avoid him as well as having to prove its him.
  5. 5.  It starts off with a close up shot of some of the girls hair being cut off with scissors. Then there is a medium shot of the same girl running through a park and she is out of breath. After this there is a flashback of a room full of pictures of various girls. Then there is a long shot of the girl running through the park again, we then have a close up of her face and we can also hear her music from her iPod. After this there is a tracking shot of her running again which is followed by a close up of the stalkers face. At this point the stalker reaches down and pulls out some hair from his pocket, he then sniffs it. After this there is an over the shoulder shot (from the front) and in the background the stalker stands up. Next the girl runs into the woods and the stalker can be seen in the background, but he is closer than before. Then the girl stops and leans on a tree as she is out of breath. Then there is a point of view of her looking down and again we hear her iPod. Then the point of view pans up and we see the stalkers face.
  6. 6.  At the beginning of our research we analysed Face Off. One particular element that we liked about this sequence was when the killer was holding a drink, and with our sequence the stalker is holding a Starbucks coffee. We have done this to highlight the normality of both characters everyday lives. Another sequence that we looked at was When A Stranger Calls as this has the similar elements of an isolated girl being terrorized by a mysterious man.