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Wooden Toys Are Fun- You Can Make Them Too


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With the right instructions, and information making wooden toys can be easy. See some of the projects that could be yours.

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Wooden Toys Are Fun- You Can Make Them Too

  1. 1. You can make it too! Learn to make wooden toys
  2. 2. A wooden truck? What would you choose to make?
  3. 3. Or maybe two?
  4. 4. Something on wheels? Make it big enough to ride
  5. 5. Or maybe just to pull along
  6. 6. A car is lots of fun, you could do more than one
  7. 7. A rocking horse Make it go from this To this
  8. 8. Or maybe a train, or a whole train set There’s so much to choose from
  9. 9. It doesn’t have to be such a puzzle
  10. 10. The instructions are easy The plans are clear Pick one to start And you will see What satisfaction it can bring!
  11. 11. Get your copy today