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Presentazione di Workindenmark: Life Sciences in Denmark - Bio Pharma Day Milano 2012


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La presentazione di Workindenmark al Bio Pharma Day di Milano: Life Sciences in Denmark

Il Bio Pharma Day è una giornata di orientamento alle carriere interamente dedicata a laureandi, neolaureati e giovani professionisti operanti in ambito biomedico, biotecnologico, farmaceutico, medico e sanitario.

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Presentazione di Workindenmark: Life Sciences in Denmark - Bio Pharma Day Milano 2012

  1. 1. 28 Marzo, Milano - Palazzo delle StellinePresentazione di WORKINDENMARK: Life Science in Denmark è un evento organizzato da:
  2. 2. WORK IN
  3. 3. About WorkindenmarkEstablished by the Ministry ofEmployment in 2008Aim:To increase the volume of qualifiedcandidates wishing to work inDenmark3 centres:Copenhagen, Odense and Århus
  4. 4. Browse job ads in English
  5. 5. Create your profile and CV
  6. 6. The Danish labour market today and in the future• Unemployment rate today: 6,8%• Many companies are on stand-by• Job openings within highly specialized functions• Denmark will continue to lack skilled employees in the future (due to the demography, the labour force will shrink henceforward)
  7. 7. Denmark
  8. 8. Life and work in Denmark• High salaries• 37 hours working week• 5 weeks of vacation + 9,5 official holidays• 8 months of maternity leave• Taking care of kids – with pay – during illness• Excellent day care system• Free education• Free health care
  9. 9. More information about Denmark• Taxes app. 38 % - Researchers: 26 % during the first 5 years• No additional health payment• Apartments in Copenhagen area, 2 rooms: app. € 800• Excellent public transportation system• High percentage of English speaking• General public willingness to help
  10. 10. Language skills• English at a high level• Danish courses: free courses
  11. 11. Danish working culture• Flat hierarchy – high level of independence and responsibility• Culture of discussion and consensus• Informal tone• Work-life balance• Flexible working hours• Danes enjoy their work• Danes are reserved• Humour is important• Social events and activities
  12. 12. Job opportunities
  13. 13. Job opportunities• Specialists (+5 years of experience)• Graduate Programs (Graduate trainees – 3 years)• Research (Phd/Post Doc/Professor) Specialists in – Chemistry – Pharmacy – Biotechnology – Chemical engineering – Bioinformatics – Molecular and cell biology – Molecular medicine – Biochemistry – Protein chemistry, etc.
  14. 14. Medicon Valley
  15. 15. Medicon Valley Scandinavians largest life science cluster• Bi-national life science cluster• Greater Copenhagen and the region of southern Sweden• 150 biotech and pharma companies• 200 medtech companies• 33 hospitals• 9 science parks• 11 universities
  16. 16. Research areas• Neuroscience• Cancer• Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases• Inflammation, Allergy and Autoimmune Diseases• Infectious Diseases
  17. 17. Important websiteMedicon Valley Online: – Reference guide to life science organisations and their compounds in development – Jobs
  18. 18. Research at academic institutions Phd/Post Doc/Doctor• Technical University of Denmark:• University of Copenhagen:• University of Aalborg:• University of Århus:
  19. 19. Health Care
  20. 20. Working in the Danish health sector• High standard of healthcare• Time to care for your patients• Focus on training and development• Family and work life co-exists naturally ***
  21. 21. Jobs in the Danish health sector• Cardiologists• General Practitioners• Neurologists• Oncologists• Psychiatrists• Radiologists ***
  22. 22. Finding a ”health sector” job in Denmark health@workindenmark.dkWhat should you do?• Send an email to• Create a profile on will Workindenmark do?• Present your CV to Danish hospitals.What will Hospitals in Denmark do?• Contact you directly if they are interested in your profile. ***
  23. 23. CVHow to write an effective CV?
  24. 24. How to Structure your Chronological CV1. Personal details2. Personal profile3. Education4. Work experience5. Skills6. Interests7. References
  25. 25. How to Structure….2. Personal Profile= brief and targeted summary about yourself• What are your main skills? What are your personal qualities?• Think in keywords• Target the content• Keep it short and to the point.