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HireCamp Presentation - Kenny Mendes, Box

  1. How Bad Reality TV Made Recruiting Better at Box Kenny Mendes Director of Recruiting, Box January 16, 2013 @kmendes
  2. Box has a long history with reality TV….
  3. Meet Allie
  4. (Real Allie)
  5. Goal: Hire 200 sales reps* Team: Allie + Sourcer + Coordinator Constraint: Our sales people still had to hit quota! *Must be epic, world-class sales reps
  6. This brings us back to reality TV and Box
  7. Both start with pre-screened candidates… We use LinkedIn… Patti uses headshots
  8. …And invite them to a social gathering We call ours, “Drink n Sync”…Patti calls hers mixers
  9. Then, we bring our top picks back for a more intimate meeting Ours is called an OOBIE…hers is called a “mini-date”
  10. Thankfully, the recruiting team knows how to close better than Dylan ;)
  12. Thanks!!!

Editor's Notes

  1. The goals are pretty clear…lofty, no doubt…but it was absolutely critical that we hit these hiring goals because all of our revenue targets depended on us succeeding.Allie had a really small team to tackle this problem. It was essentially her, one other sourcer, and a coordinator. There was also this tricky constraint…Our team of 20 sales reps literally couldn’t afford to spend 4-5 hours a day doing interviews. Their productivity would be crippled. This was not a fun position for Allie to be in, but I had full confidence that she’d find a great way to do it.