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Litter worksheet

  1. 1. Our EnvironmentRead the following poem by Levi Tafari.Litter“Well hello everybodyhow do you do? A really long timeI wanna introduce Even though you’ve mademyself to you! Dropping me a crimeMy name is LITTER And if you think I’m roughI dwell in the gutter You ain’t seen nothing yetI’m comprised of glass, I’ll get up to your neckWood, metal and paper And make you sweatI’m getting larger This is a promiseHour after hour It is not a threatYou’ll find me lurking Yes you can call me namesIn your area.” Say I’m no good“I move around the city But it won’t stop meI make it untidy Messing up your neighbourhood.”To human beings “BecauseI’m really unhealthy I’m LITTERI’m not very pretty From the gutterIn fact I’m quite ugly And my missionSome people even say Is to make you SUFFER.”I’m real dirtySo I do what I canTo upset manI’m unpopularI’m not a part of his planA menace to societyI’m very naughty Levi Tafari was born in Liverpool. He is theLike poison author of three poetry collections: DuboetryI’m quite deadly (1987), Liverpool Experience (1989) and RhymeVermin love me Dont Pay (1998). His new collection, From theI make them feel secure Page to the Stage, is forthcoming. His plays haveI’m produced by the rich been performed at the Unity Theatre and theThrown out by the poorI’ve been around Playhouse in Liverpool, as well as at the Blackheath Theatre in Stafford. He has also worked on educational projects running creative writing workshops in schools, colleges, (Source: http:// Teacher: Joana Rita Aveiro
  2. 2. 1. Identify the words in the poem which characterize the litter. deadly2. Match the following words with their synonyms: 1. A thing or a person that threatens to harm. a. Dwell 2. Small animals and insects that can be harmful and which are difficult to control when they appear in small numbers. b. Gutter 3. A channel between a road and a path whose purpose is to collect and carry c. Comprised away rain. d. Lurking 4. To be or stay hidden, especially when waiting to attack or appear. e. Menace 5. Composed or constituted. f. Vermin 6. To live in or at a place.3. Answer the following questions according to the poem :a) What is happening to litter? ___________________________________________________________________b) What kind of promise does litter make? What does it mean? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________c) What can we do to prevent the increasing of garbage in the world? ______________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Teacher: Joana Rita Aveiro