Corporate presentation sg network in english


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Product innovative use 3G data card in roaming flat rate for worldwide use with a reduced

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Corporate presentation sg network in english

  1. 1. Corporate presentation!SG Network!Official distributor!Podsystem España!Web: www. - Mail:!c/ Víctor Andrés Belaúnde 10. 1ºB 28016 Madrid – SPAIN!
  2. 2. Contents!•  Background information on Podsystem and SG Network!•  Services provided!•  Global Internet services!•  Flexibility!•  Tariffs available!•  Our Solutions!•  Potential company users!•  Service architecture!•  SimBilling platform for management in the cloud!•  European and Worldwide Cover!•  Price comparison with WiFi hotspots and Spanish national operators!•  Conclusions!•  Contact!•  References!!
  3. 3. Information on Podsystem!!  
  4. 4. Services provided!!  Connected tothe majorityof mobilenetworksworldwide!No roaming costs!ExclusiveMobileInternetService!Offers bothflexibility andcost control!Fleetmanage-ment inthe cloud!Variousplans andsolutions!
  5. 5. Global Internet Solutions!  SIM  cards  for  tablets,  laptops    and  USB  modems  !Contracts!Range of fixed tariffs!Europe or Global (Worldwide)options!No roaming costs!Pay as you go & vouchers!MIFI  router  and  global  SIM  !Connect your devices to Internet!Wherever you go!Plug & Play !Up to 8 devices at a time!WiFi connection!
  6. 6. Flexibility  No  monthly  charge  No  fixed  contract  Same  price  for  all  countries  in  the  world  Pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐go  tariff  Personalised  vouchers  Prepaid  and  contracts!  
  7. 7.  Tariffs  available  Pay  as  you  go    One  price  per  MB  Invoicing  per  1  KB  block  Customised  consumer  limit  Global  voucher  per  SIM    Customised  up  to  1  GB  DuraHon  30  days  
  8. 8. All our solutions include:!!  SIM card forInternet accesswhile travellingabroad!Fixed tariffinternationaldata !Secureconnectionwithpersonalisedpassword!Mostcompetitiveprice onmarket!Maximumcover.Automaticconnectionto variousoperators!For alldevices:tablets,SmartphonesPCs, Mifisetc.!Micro SIMsfor iPad &iPhone!
  9. 9. Potential company users!!  CEO level!Executives whotravelinternationally!Executives withVIP (multi-network)connections!Sales!Internationalsales forces!Internationaldistributionnetworks!Engineering!Project managerswho travelabroad!International insitu supportstaff!Relocated ITteams!People who travel!Airline pilots!Multi-countryexecutives!Ex-pats!Clients!Device rental!Events!
  10. 10. Service architecture!!  GPRS/UMTS system!Management & Billing Center!Radius Server!VPN!VPN!
  11. 11. SimBilling platform for management 
in the cloud!  ü  Consumption displayed in real time per line!ü  Data limits established for each SIM!ü  Alerts created when SIM almost at its limit!ü  Lines can be activated and deactivated!ü  Possibility to assign a user name to each SIM!ü  See bill historical data!ü  Assign SIMs to different cost centres!ü  Detailed consumption can be downloaded perline (CSV & PDF format)!
  12. 12. European cover!!  Italy!Iceland!Latvia!Liechtenstein!Lithuania!Luxemburg!Malta!Norway!Netherlands!Poland!Portugal!UnitedKingdom!Czech Rep.!Romania!Sweden!Switzerland!Germany!Austria!Belgium!Bulgaria!Cyprus!Croatia!Denmark!Slovakia!Slovenia!Spain!Estonia!Finland!France!Greece!Hungry!Ireland!
  13. 13. World cover!!  Afghanistan!Albania!Algeria!Andorra!Anguilla!Antigua and Barbuda!Argentina!Aruba!Australia!Austria!Azerbaijan!Bahrain!Bangladesh!Barbados!Belgium!Bermuda!Bolivia!Bosnia & Herzegovina!Brazil!British Virgin Islands!Bulgaria!Canada!Cape Verde!Cayman Islands!Chile!    China!Colombia!Costa Rica!Croatia!Cyprus (south)!Czech Republic!Denmark!Dominica!Dominican Republic!Ecuador!Egypt!El Salvador!Estonia!Finland!France!French West Indies!Germany!Ghana!Gibraltar!Greece!Grenada!Guatemala!Haiti!Hong Kong!Hungary!!Iceland!India!Indonesia!Ireland!Isle of Man!Israel!Italy!Jamaica!Japan!Jersey!Jordan!Kazakhstan!Kenya!Korea (South)!Kuwait!Latvia!Lebanon!Liechtenstein!Lithuania!Luxembourg!Macau!Macedonia!Malaysia!Maldives!Malta!!Mauritius!Mexico!Monaco!Montenegro!Morocco!Netherlands!New Zealand!Nicaragua!Nigeria!Norway!Oman!Pakistan!Panama!Philippines!Poland!Portugal!Qatar!Romania!Russia!San Marino!Saudi Arabia!Serbia!Singapore!Slovakia!Slovenia!South Africa!Spain!Sri Lanka!St Kitts & Nevis!St Lucia!St Vincent and The Grenadines!Sweden!Switzerland!Taiwan!Tanzania!Thailand!Trinidad and Tobago!Tunisia!Turkey!Turks & Caicos!UAE!Uganda!Ukraine!Uruguay!US Virgin Islands!USA !Uzbekistan!Vatican City!Venezuela!Vietnam!Zambia!
  14. 14. Comparison with WIFI hotspots!!WiFi hotspots! SG Network!Security! Public network! APN, encrypted data!Easy to use!Access via Web,cookies, different set upfor each hotel, airportetc.!Always the sameconnection.Automatic setup!Speed! Generally < 300 Kbps!Maximum networkcapacity, up to 14Mbps!Cost control!Direct payment withcredit card, differenttypes of contract (perhour, day, month etc.)!All included fixedtariff!
  15. 15. Comparison with Spanish operators!!  Spanish operators! SG Network!Cost control! No consumption limits!Warning and servicecut-off. No additionalcosts!Credit level! Not highly available!Over dimensionedfor standardconsumption!Simplicity!Tariff for Spain +roaming vouchers!Single price for theentire territory!Availability! Own network in Spain!Networks of differentoperators in Spain!
  16. 16. Worldwide classification of zones!!Zone  1:  27  European  countries  and  other  zone  1  countries  •  Austria,  Belgium,  Bulgaria,  Cyprus,  Czech  Rep.,  Denmark,  Estonia,  Finland,  France,  Germany,  Gibraltar,  Guadalupe,  Hungry,  Iceland,  Ireland,  Italy,  La  Reunion,  Latvia,  Liechtenstein,  Lithuania,  Luxemburg,  Malta,  MarHnique,  Holland,  Norway,  Poland,  Portugal,  Rumania,  Slovakia,  Slovenia,  Switzerland,  Sweden,  United  Kingdom.  Zone  2:  Main  non-­‐European  tourist  desHnaHons:  •  Albania,  Andorra,  Algeria,  ArgenHna,  Australia,  Bosnia,  Brazil,  Channel  Islands,  China,  CroaHa,  Egypt,  USA,  India,  Israel,  Japan,  Jordan,  Lebanon,  Libya,  Mexico,  Moldavia,  Morocco,  New  Zealand,  Russia,  Serbia,  Syria,  South  Africa,  Tunisia,  Turkey.  Zone  3:  •  Rest  of  world.    Zone  4:  ExcepHons  •  Afghanistan,  Anguilla,  AnHgua  &  Bermuda,  Armenia,  Azerbaijan,  Bahamas,  Barbados,    Benin,  Botswana,  BriHsh  Virgin  Islands,  Brunei,  Cameroon,    Cabo  Verde,  Colombia,  Ivory  Coast,  Cuba,  Dominican  Republic,  Gambia,  Honduras,  Iran,  Iraq,  Jamaica,  Kazajstan,  Kenya,  Kuwait,  Macedonia,  Madagascar,  Maldives,  Mauritania,  Montserrat,  Namibia,  Nepal,  Panama,  Philippines,  Qatar,  Congo  Republic,  Senegal,  Sri  Lanka,  TahiH,  Tanzania,  Turkmenistan,  United  Arab  Emirates,  Uzbequistan,  Zimbabwe.  
  17. 17. MIFI solution in 5 steps!!ServicerequestedthroughSGNetwork!Kit sent toyour home!Pack it inyoursuitcase!Turn on theMIFI when youarrive at yourdestination!All WIFIdevices haveInternet Access!
  18. 18. Conclusions!!MobileInternetexclusivesupplier!Flexiblesolutions!”allincluded”services!Global coverwithoutroamingcosts!Managementplatform inthe cloud!Savingswhencompared toothersolutions!
  19. 19. Contact: 
SG Network official
Podsystem Distrubutor in Spain!!Joaquín Sanz-Gadea Goncer !E-mail:!Mobile: +34 607597115 !Url:!
  20. 20. References  16  January                          Mobile  Data  Freedom          20  
  21. 21. References  16  January                          Mobile  Data  Freedom          21  
  22. 22. References   22  Most  important  device  renHng  company  in  Israel    •Client  since  2010    •Over  200  SIMs  with  500  MB  to  5  GB  capaciHes    •Offer  rental  of  devices  with  SIM  cards,  with  special  services  for  trade  fairs  and  conferences  •Data  SIM  card  supplier  at:  Mobile  World  Congress  Barcelona  2012    •2012  Olympic  Games