Ed 480 Final Presentation


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Ed 480 Final Presentation

  1. 1. Mr. J. Jenkins Spring 2012By: Joann Torres 4/30/12
  2. 2. A blog (sometime referred to as weblog) is a Webpublishing tool that allows authors to quickly and easily self-publish text, artwork, and links to other blogs or web sites.
  3. 3. Click Here: http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/user.php?login=joannt&view=userquizzes
  4. 4.  Blogs are very easy to use especially for teachers They require minimum technology knowledge They are flexible in design and can be changed easily Students find them convenient and accessible at home or any place that have computer access.
  5. 5.  The technology is easy to use Excellent tool for communicating Motivates student who are not good with classroom participation Helps student improve reading and writing Promotes effective forums for collaboration and discussions Learning is extended to outside the school environment
  6. 6. •Classroom Management•Collaboration•Discussion•Student’s Portfolio
  7. 7.  Classroom Management  Can be used to inform students of class requirements, post handouts, notices, and homework assignments Collaboration  It is a space where teachers and students can work to develop writing or other skills  Teacher can offer instructional tips  It can also be used as an online mentoring
  8. 8. •Discussions •Opportunity for students to discuss topics outside the classroom •Students have equal opportunity to share their thoughts and opinion•Students Portfolio •Blog presents, organize, and protect students work as digital portfolios
  9. 9. •Blogs are viewed publicly•They have no producer, publisheror editor•Students must be trained on: •Access •Privacy •Security •Free expressions
  10. 10. Click the link to view video http://youtu.be/SqQ03JWETd8
  11. 11.  http://edublogs.org/ http://wordpress.org/ http://www.blogger.com/
  12. 12. •http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog•http://www.det.wa.edu.au/education/cmis/eval/curriculum/ict/weblogs/•http://www.glencoe.com/sec/teachingtoday/educationupclose.phtml/47•http://www.scoilnet.ie/hp_schoolsthatblog.shtm•http://www.gerrymcgovern.com/nt/2004/nt_2004_08_23_blogging.htm•http://www.tw3o.com/5-reasons-not-to-use-blogger/