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A day in the life of a ux designer


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"What do you do?" is by far the most difficult question that any UX Designer can ever be asked. This presentation hopes to offer a bit more insight into what UX can involve and to share its benefits which can't normally be summed up easily.

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A day in the life of a ux designer

  1. 1. A day in the life of a UX Designer Joanne Richardson 26th July 2010 SuperUX
  2. 2.  User Experience Designer at Orange Bus  Over 3 ½ years in UX and user research  Always been a passion since University  Worked on some pretty exciting projects! TV Licensing, Nexus, Sage
  3. 3. A dedicated team Not distracted by how it will look or be built at the important planning phase. Backed up by research Creates an informed design. Saves money Changes at the start are cheap.
  4. 4. I give up, I can’t find what I want! I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. Grr! 15 steps! I don’t have time for this.
  5. 5. Inform the design Apply best practice Problem solve early Focus the project
  6. 6. ...and beyond!
  7. 7. The more we know upfront, the better we can plan, design and reduce costly changes later on
  8. 8. Listen to Stories  Personas (whole team understands the audience)  Analytics (look for patterns & problem areas)  Ethnography (observation in a persons own environment)  Client research (e.g. call centre stats, surveys)
  9. 9.  Stories and experience  Business needs & goals  Competitor Analysis  Content Audit  Requirements Gathering
  10. 10.  Prioritise Requirements What's achievable?  Experience Statement Ethos of the project  Design Principles User & business needs combined  Gap Analysis Where are we now and where do we want to be?
  11. 11.  See the whole issue  Knowledge gathered informs the design  Strategy focuses it
  12. 12.  Structure of the website  Labelling  Plan for content early!
  13. 13.  Lots of Sketches  Wireframes  Documentation
  14. 14.  Documentation  Quality Assurance  Content Curation  Project Focus
  15. 15.  Usability Testing  Track Analytics  Always looking to improve
  16. 16.  You can’t do everything  UX can fit any budget Its about picking the things that will give the greatest benefit