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Tecwrit proposal


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Published in: Technology
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Tecwrit proposal

  1. 1. Joanne Marynelle Ong , Camille Ann Miguel – DMA1 Tutorial MediaAktiv
  2. 2. Proposal Summary ● Solve the problem of how we can aid out fellow students on adding their knowledge, building them to be better artists in the future and to sponsor competitions and provide scholarships for artists. ● Students will learn different techniques about the course while having fun at the same time. ● Services are based on the latest softwares, tools and equipment in the field of multimedia. Teaching staff includes professionals. ● limited knowledge that they have about the course/subject is the problem that we’ll be solving.
  3. 3. Problem Statement ● Students who wishes to learn more but does’nt know where to find services that will provide ther specific needs. ● To know proper information and suggestions of the students, the group conducted a small survey. ● We conducted a survey and there are 3 possible causes of the problem such as, 1.) lacks facilities 2.)students prefer art classes than online tutorials. 3.) tutorial offered by the school should be implemented
  4. 4. Target Market ● Students of De La Salle-College of St. Benilde ● Frosh students and upper class students
  5. 5. Methods ● Mondays will be for reservations. ● Forms to be submitted at the 12th floor Org. room. ● We’ll be reserving the equipments and make sure that the materials and machines are working well and is in a good condition. ● Obtain the student/s schedule. ● Every week on the last scheduled tutorial we’ll let them answer a survey form.
  6. 6. Work to do: WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 Preparation(Posting of ads, compiling professor’s free schedules, preparing forms needed) Start of reservations for 1st week of MediaAktiv, students can come by at 8th floor commons every C-BREAK (12:20- 2:30) for consulting and asking of other information regarding information. Reserving classrooms, food, materials needed, chairs and other multimedia needed for the following week. Opening of MediaAktiv TIMETABLEFORTHEMONTHOFSEPTEMBER
  7. 7. Budget A. Personnel Tutor fee 2800php (700 php/hr) B. Non-Personnel School Aids 600 php (60 php/ad) Art Supplies 6860 php (980 php/ person, upon request by the student) Food 1050 php (150 pax) Other 200 php Total 11,510 php