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Google You So Silly - Whats New with Adwords?


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In this presentation I discuss the latest Adwords developments, and walk you through some new ways to approach the basics that can increase CTR, and conversions.

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Google You So Silly - Whats New with Adwords?

  1. 1. Google…You So SillyWhat’s new with Adwords (or what should we expect to Joanna Lord Director of Acquisition Marketing @joannalord (day / month / year) February 23, 2011
  2. 2. Disclaimer: I skipped all the basic stuff – accountstructure, best practices, formulas, bidding strategies.If you want any of that stuff, hit me up after the presentation ( now let’s get all sorts of crazy and moveon to the latest Adwords developments and get a bit more advanced. @joannalord
  3. 3. Let’s jump right in. @joannalord
  4. 4. Things have changed. @joannalord
  5. 5. What’s Google investing time into?1. Ad formats2. Display network3. Remarketing/Audiences4. Opportunities tab5. Automated bidding @joannalord
  6. 6. 1. Ad FormatsLonger headlines – Increase chances by formatting firstline with full sentenceEnhancements to ad sitelinks – historical performanceadjustmentsSearch ad display URL changesProduct ads (Product listing ads & extensions) Why are they doing what they are doing? Fight ad guideline abusers Increase CTR (they only get paid when they click people) Doing the quality score adjusting for us  (ding, ding, ding) User data research for future vertical search experience/advertising opportunities @joannalord
  7. 7. 2. Display NetworkSimplifying – bye bye default bids(finally geesh!)New contextual targeting tool – useit, no really.Display campaign optimizerUpdated display ad builderUpdated display resources @joannalord
  8. 8. 3. RemarketingTarget people that have visitedyour site or a section of yoursiteShow them related ads on othersites in Google Display NetworkStrengthen brandrecognition, increaseconversions by keeping yourbrand/service front of mind @joannalord
  9. 9. 4. Opportunities TabFirst page CPC notificationsAdvertiser goalsIdeas & increased export optionsAnalyze competition Purpose: Stop management paralysis Keep expanding w/o outside tools Data dumps for research purposes @joannalord
  10. 10. 5. Automated BiddingChange budgets, increasebids, decrease bid, createrules for ad groups, ads, etc…automatically. When to use: - Transitioning managers - During holidays - For promos - Optimize for performance - When you get sick of staring at PPC - When your client doesn’t have time - Whenever you want. @joannalord
  11. 11. So there you go. You all have a few fun things to check out. Now for the bonus round. @joannalord
  12. 12. Bonus # 1: Local• Local extensions• Local extensions make over (multiple locations)• Promoted places (WTF?! #awesomeness) @joannalord
  13. 13. Bonus # 2: Mobile• Mobile ads launches forever ago• Set ads to just serve mobile devices• Manage your Adwords campaigns on your mobile• Preview what your ads are going to look like on specific mobile devices• Holding mobile webinars & building out resources• Keyword tool enhancements just for mobile devices• Click to call phone extensions (location & phone) @joannalord
  14. 14. General things we are seeing & what it means:Customization –already seen this with the new layout options, newbidding options, new advertising strategiesCampaign set up tools– ad preview tool as an example, want us tosucceed rather than force us to refine (hello opportunity!)Improved targeting – geotargeting, dayparting in analytics, they wantus to increase ROI month over month – they know we have otheroptions elsewhereMore customer support – auditing, consultation, etc. Webinars,videos, feedback, etc. Hand holding for those who want it. @joannalord
  15. 15. When we say “advertising on Adwords” in 2011 we mean:(1) Contextual targeting(2) Beyond the initial search intention(3) Lower barrier to entry(4) Automated management(5) More pressure on us – attribute everything. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.“Social search advertising?” Yeah expect it. @joannalord
  16. 16. Thank You…for listening to me ramble, please hit me up questions! @joannalord