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Efficient PPC Bid Management


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In this presentation I cover new ways to approach PPC bid management. How can you be more efficient? How can you leverage in-house talent and resources to manage your way to success?

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Efficient PPC Bid Management

  1. 1. Automated Efficient Bid Management Joanna Lord Director of Acquisition Marketing (day / month / year)
  2. 2. No need to freak out.@joannalord
  3. 3. This is not automated bid management Advertiser opens Advertiser sets Advertiser goes to beach Adwords account budget to max they can and drinks Mai Tais lose without getting fired@joannalord
  4. 4. This is not automated bid management Advertiser opens Advertiser sets Advertiser goes to beach Adwords account budget to max they can and drinks Mai Tais lose without getting fired Also not: A way to manage your keywords that don’t get a ton of traffic A way to “brand” your company A way to collect data to use in other channels A way to run without messing up what you’ve already accomplished@joannalord
  5. 5. Instead we mean: • Efficiently allocating your time where it needs to go • Using your historical data to guide your future decisions • Making your ROI formulas work to limit risk and maximize opportunity • Making use of the tools they are providing us with • Not losing your mind@joannalord
  6. 6. When is a good time to use automated bidding strategies? Obvious winner: When account gets too big to manually touch every word But what about: Transitional times (new contractor, changing tools, rebranding efforts) Off-season Right before and after promos…or during promos! Testing out new bidding strategies When you are sick of doing PPC When one of your other job tasks needs some love
  7. 7. What options are available to us? • Automated rules • Advertiser goals • Auto bidding options • Auto management tools@joannalord
  8. 8. Automated Rules (Click into the campaign, will be a top nav option) You can automate your account optimization. Can apply rules at: Campaign level Ad group level Keyword level Change bids when… Ad text level Pause keywords when… Raise bids when…@joannalord
  9. 9. Advertiser Goals (Found under the Opportunities tab) Choose your advertiser goal: increase traffic, balance both, decrease cost Keyword ideas & bid suggestions are adjusted accordingly You can export ideas, format & upload… easy as pie.@joannalord
  10. 10. Auto display bidding options (Found under Campaign Settings)Under “Bidding Option” you will find an “Automatic bidding” option where youcan maximize clicks, with a CPC bid limit.You can also use your past conversion tracking data as the basis for those automaticchanges (sounds a lot like you would do huh?)@joannalord
  11. 11. Bid Management Tools Seriously…go here:
  12. 12. Danger Zone: What to Remember About Automation Your automation is as good as the insights you base it on Automation should be tested before it rolls out Campaign automation should be revisited often If you find your entire account is automated, time for an agency Automation will evolve, you should too@joannalord
  13. 13. Ideas to take with you Automation is no longer the black horse of PPC It is for everyone…just not always the same reasons It is the direction Google is moving, I would listen up at the least Testing out automation doesn’t hurt anyone, ignoring it could@joannalord
  14. 14. Thank for listing to me ramble. Questions? Hit me up, I mean it! @joannalord Joanna Lord Director of Acquisition Marketing