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Advanced Landing Page Optimization - PubCon Las Vegas


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In this presentation I cover the new LPO. What needs to be on your pages? What should you be testing? How do you capture this new social audience? Tips, tools, philosophical changes.

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Advanced Landing Page Optimization - PubCon Las Vegas

  1. 1. Landing Page OptimizationJoanna Lord, Director of Customer Acquisition, SEOmoz November, 2011 - PubCon Las Vegas
  2. 2. http:/
  3. 3. Lets cover the basics for a hot minute.
  4. 4. The Basics: Specific To the query, keyword lineage, easy navigation, right fit Clean & Concise Bullets, small paragraphs, drop unneeded fields Call to Action Big, clear, visually appealing, buzz word usage Branded, Certified, Trusted Positive words, official site, certified seal, personable http:/
  5. 5. That’s it…basics over.Lets get on with it. http:/
  6. 6. Advanced Landing Page Optimization
  7. 7. a.k.a. “That stuff your boss likely doesn’t know much about, that stuff you see everywherethat makes you feel happy on sites you love, and that stuff you’ll spend your career fighting to get live on your site.”
  8. 8. What the hell does advanced landing page optimization include? The 2 Sides of Advanced In-House Tactics On-Site Tactics Integration Secondary conversions Automation Brand strengthening Champion results Testinghttp:/
  9. 9. In-House Tactics Integration Automation Champion ResultsBrown bags/education Landing page templates Data collection Checklists Auto-expire pages Spotlight efforts Integrate your CMS Preview/Q&A Circulate & educate System http:/
  10. 10. One down. One to go… On-Site Tactic Time Warning:This is where it gets a little crazy http:/
  11. 11. On-Site Tactics…a little more (okay lot more) complicated… Primary Conversion AddressingCustomer Concerns Secondary Conversions Multi-MediaAttention Grabber Announcement Get Feedback Dual Navigation Options Sharing Options Education Strengthen the Brand http:/
  12. 12. On-Site Tactics Secondary ConversionsEmail Addresses RSS/Social Subscribers Social CountsBecome Member Downloads/Views Engagement Feedback Loyalty Programs Virtual High Fivehttp:/
  13. 13. On-Site Tacticshttp:/
  14. 14. On-Site Tacticshttp:/
  15. 15. On-Site Tactics Brand StrengtheningMission Statements Testimonials Awards Customer Counts Logos Consistency Badges Press Mentions Positivity http:/
  16. 16. On-Site Tacticshttp:/
  17. 17. On-Site Tacticshttp:/
  18. 18. On-Site Tactics Testing All Truths. Layout Sentiment Features Design Navigation Elementshttp:/
  19. 19. On-Site Tacticshttp:/
  20. 20. OMG take a deep breath. but wait…that sounds like a lot of work.
  21. 21. http:/
  22. 22. tools that can help.Creation Usability Testing http:/
  23. 23. resources to explore.Wider Funnel Blog Tim Ash’s Books Unbounce SlideShare Unbounce Blog Ed 1 & 2 Marketo E-book http:/
  24. 24. If that doesn’t work listen to these crazy cats coming your way. Yo Tim! Can you believe she didn’t make fun of us? Dude right?! Maybe third year is a charm? http:/
  25. 25. Q+AJoanna Lord, Director of Customer Acquisition, SEOmoz You can now try SEOmoz PRO Free! • Twitter: @joannalord • Email: