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Ge health cloud 1.24.17 slides


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Slides from the 1/24/17 webinar for the GE Health Cloud Innovation Challenge:

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Ge health cloud 1.24.17 slides

  1. 1. GE Health Cloud Anish Patankar Director, Health Cloud Portfolio
  2. 2. The Basics: Register and submit @ Deadline: Tuesday, February 28, 2017, 5pm EST Eligibility: Open to participants based in the USA only. Main requirement: Submit a cloud-based healthcare software application in one of three categories: Clinical, Financial, or Operational.
  3. 3. GE Health Cloud – Big Picture The GE Health Cloud will deliver a scalable, secure, connected cloud platform for independent software vendors (ISVs) to deliver healthcare applications. The GE Health Cloud will enable ISVs to easily expand the universe of potential customers by enabling them to take advantage of GE Healthcare’s global reach.
  4. 4. Why run this hackathon? • Inspire new ideas in health care applications • Reach ISVs of all sizes AND new software developers • Spread the word about the upcoming GE Health Cloud
  5. 5. Why join the GE Health Cloud? • Deploy and host on platform built for healthcare • Access data from multiple data sources including more than 500,000 GE medical imaging machines and more than 1.5 million imaging machines worldwide • Access to GE’s broad customer base
  6. 6. Health Cloud technical services • Connectivity – DICOM, File transfer and other healthcare payload data • Storage and Data Management • Configuration – Users, Organization, Devices • Business Operations • Compliance, Security
  7. 7. ‣ Managed API Gateway supporting multiple stages. ‣ SDK’s with GIT based versioning. ‣ Federated and Social Identity Management. ‣ Fine grained metering of partner’s offering. ‣ Package subscription. ‣ Payments support. ‣ Managed access to CI/CD/CT. ‣ Social Documentation (wiki) ‣ Social Coding (github) ‣ Docker containers. ‣ Elastic compute for custom CPU & GPU processing ‣ Serverless Micro-Services Integration Subscription and Metering Collaboration Hosting Partner Enablement
  8. 8. Submit early! We review submissions in the order we receive them, and we’ll let you know if your application is missing anything. Please allow at least a couple of hours for us to review your application before the deadline. That way you’ll have time to fix things or add whatever is missing before 5pm. Don’t wait until the last minute to submit!!
  9. 9. Have Questions? Email Visit the hackathon Ryver channel: Post to the discussion board: Or ask us right now in the chat window!