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London needs software developers. How to find a tech job?


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Guide to improve your employability skills and get a software developer job in London. Presentation sponsored by the programming bootcamp in Valencia

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London needs software developers. How to find a tech job?

  1. 1. London needs Software Developers. How to find a tech job?
  2. 2. Why London?
  3. 3. London Tech City Source: +30,000 job vacancies• Finance • Density of network • Talent attraction
  4. 4. • Ex-colleague acting as headhunter • The couple is relocated to London “Personas” • Lack of good opportunities in cities like Valencia push professionals to emigrate • Yourself
  5. 5. The language – First Certificate Do I need it?
  6. 6. The Language- First Certificate Only recognized in schools and universities
  7. 7. The Language – Interview Practice spoken English
  8. 8. The CV
  9. 9. The CV This format is not used on the private sector
  10. 10. The CV Download English template: English CV template Cover letter (optional) Cover letter example Youtube video about tech CV: Adam Bolton -
  11. 11. The CV Download real CV
  12. 12. The Online CV - LinkedIn Example: Pablo B. LinkedIn Profile Makeover for developers: 1. Choose a strong job title 2. Get endorsments in specific areas 3. List your projects and describe them 4. Show links to what you actually built 5. Show your course work 6. Join local developer speciality groups and participate 7. List industry certifications 8. Share your GitHub repos
  13. 13. The Online CV - GitHub Sample mark-down resume on GitHub: • • Makers Academy Blog Post Automatically generate your GitHub resume: Read more: Tips for your GitHub account
  14. 14. The Online CV - GitHub How to grow your portfolio: 1. Online Git tutorial: • • 2. Ruby/Sinatra website: • • 3. Collaborate on open source and private projects: • , • ,
  15. 15. The CV – be Agile Very important skills to include: • Agile • Scrum • XP
  16. 16. • Startup job boards • Google • • • • Job offer aggregator • • • More: • • Job Hunting – Online adds
  17. 17. Job Hunting – Online Networking • Linkedin Groups Ruby on Rails +48000, UK Ruby on Rails Jobs HTML/CSS/JavaScript , JavaScript Discussion / Jobs Spanish Software developers looking for a job in London Android Group Strategy: Join groups and use the Advanced Search tool to search for relevant people within this groups and connect them
  18. 18. Job Hunting – Online Networking • LinkedIn – Advanced Search Sample search: • Good: UK + IT • Better: Founders + London + Ruby group Actions: 1. Connect potential employers 2. Message them Sample message: (Tip: A/B test your messages) ‘I am looking for opportunities on the startup education sector, have been coding on open source projects and would like to help growing Name_of_Company, please let me know if I could be of any help? Many thanks’
  19. 19. Job Offers – Offline Networking • • • • • • • • Hackathons • More: Github: London-tech-event-hack-collection
  20. 20. Job Offers – Fair • Silicon Milk Roundabout – Job Fair Next Event 15th -16th of November Tour to Silicon Milk Roundabout Fair and more events! organized by @Devscola More info soon, join: Aprende a Programar en Valencia
  21. 21. Job Offers – Recruiters • Look for recomended recruiters, I personally know: • Jose Naranjo Spanish recruiter in London specialized in iOS and Android • Adam Bolton .Net recruiter in London • Recruiters work generally for senior positions but might work for junior Senior: 40K GBP to 80K GBP
  22. 22. Should I apply from Spain or move to London and apply there? If you are experienced developer: • Try first to apply from Spain before quiting your job • It might help to specify some dates when you are travelling to London If you are graduated Software Developer: • Most probably you need to organize a trip and apply from London • Or get a scolarship and apply for internships Applying to a job offer
  23. 23. Assignment sample on Github: Developer evaluation platform: Text format: Shazam-test Computer science problems: Technical Assignment
  24. 24. Salary Expectations Source: Source:
  25. 25. Source: London Ruby Salary Expectations
  26. 26. Source: Cost of living
  27. 27. How to find accommodation • Flat share: • • • Entire apartment: • Tip: look in zones 1 and 2.
  28. 28. Are you ready?
  29. 29. Devscola principles: • Programming will be as fundamental as reading and writing • Learn the skills required by top tech companies • Learn by doing in Valencia with the help of a mentor School opened Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm in the Town Center Get more information emailing Operación PFC coming soon Keep updated, join: Aprende a Programar en Valencia Let´s learn together
  30. 30. “Programming Education and Employability advocate.” Connect me on: Code with us: • Meetup CodeCollective London • Meetup Learn to code in Valencia • Devscola – Ruby on Rails bootcamp in Valencia • Spanish Software Developers looking for a job in London Joan Senent