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AIL Platform APIDays Mediterranea


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The AIL Platform is a non-invasive telecare product that allows seniors to participate in modern society enhancing independence through ICT-based solutions. The platform is composed of independent but interoperable modules through AIL-Middleware.

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AIL Platform APIDays Mediterranea

  1. 1. Titol de la presentació Persona, càrrec Nom de la jornada, lloc, dia E-Health & Smart Home Platform Mediterranea APIDays BARCELONA, May 2014
  2. 2. Motivation The Ageing problem: Active Ageing According to the recommendations made by WHO in the policy framework Active Ageing, this term entails the optimization process of the health, participation and security opportunities in order to improve the life quality of people as they get older, including the disabled fragile people who need attendance (WHO, 2002). Main Goal The attendance of seniors might be eased by the use of novel ICTs initiatives which are called to play a key role in the following years improving living conditions. Target AIL Platform aims to focus to a new market segment currently not covered between the traditional service of telecare usually proactive by the user, and home care services (SAD), which requires the physical presence of qualified personnel at user’s home with a high cost for many dependent people.
  3. 3. Predecessors SAAPHO project (AAL-2010-3-35) supports Active Ageing by assisting seniors to participate in the self-serve society preserving and enhancing independence and dignity through the application of innovative ICT-based solutions. Users felt confident towards a system adapted to their needs and preferences User-Centered Design Process: From the very beginning, SAAPHO involves the direct participation of end users from Spain and Slovenia in the iterative design lifecycle of the system. Article La Vanguardia
  4. 4. AIL Platform The Platform The AIL Platform represents best of Saapho experience and enhances and improves its functionalities to the product: E-Health & Smart Home Platform.  Security - Smart Home: ensuring safety and well- being of seniors using CE ambient sensors (gas leak, CO escape, fire), ambient parameters and Collectors.  Health care: supporting and providing services to seniors s.a: monitoring their medical routines. Health care Role is managed by third Party professionals who use AIL APIs.  Participation: empowering the social inclusion by an easy-to-use communication adapted to seniors: videocalls service (WebRTC) makes so easy the communication between relatives, friends and professionals.
  5. 5. AIL Platform – Overview–
  6. 6. Middleware: OSGI - 100% Open Source AIL Platform – Architecture– Decoupled architecture Secured MW/APIs Open System Market Oriented Low Cost HW
  7. 7.  Gateway Station, an embedded Linux device collects data from several different security devices. It implements basic rule based machine and also incorporates different actuator sensors. AIL Platform – Architecture–  CE ambient sensors, Z-Wave sensors as gas leak, CO escape, fire and ambient parameters s.a.: temperature, humidity, luminosity and presence. System Architecture: modules  Medical devices s.a. Blood pressure, glucometer and activity sensor connect to the tablet App via BT.  Middleware, a server in cloud platform which provides E-Health & Smart Home APIs.
  8. 8.  Security - Smart Home: is devoted to provide safety based on Ambient Intelligence. Development of a flexible network of smart- nodes in order to provide non intrusive safety services AIL Platform – RESTful APIs – Store AIL Platform Panic Button Actuators Multi Sensor Smoke CO2
  9. 9. AIL Platform – RESTful APIs – Security - Smart Home
  10. 10. AIL Platform – RESTful APIs – Security - Smart Home
  11. 11.  Participation, empowering the social inclusion by an easy-to-use communication adapted to seniors.  Videoconference between users, relatives or carers implemented in WebRTC.  Social Services: interaction to Facebook, Gmail: Google Calendar, Contacts, Picasa, Twitter in all- in-one service.  Leisure services such as news with intelligent recommendations using social activity and personal data. AIL Platform – RESTful APIs – Store AIL Platform
  12. 12.  Health care and assistance services such as medication assistance, healthy lifestyle interventions and healthcare management  Monitoring: medical devices such as Blood pressure, glucometer and activity sensor connect to the tablet App via bluetooth for visualization and send data to the healthcare services for intelligent recommendations.  Historical data: the Middleware (via health gateway) provides historical data measurements, recommendations and alerts to the user AIL Platform – RESTful APIs – Store AIL Platform
  13. 13. FE: App (patient users) AIL Platform – Product UI–
  14. 14. AIL Platform – Product UI– FE: Center Care (carers)
  15. 15. Moltes gràcies! Joan Protasio AIL Software Engineer