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Lippincott's Ithaka PPT


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Published in: Education
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Lippincott's Ithaka PPT

  1. 1. TRENDS IN H.E. &IMPLICATIONS FORLIBRARIESJoan K. Lippincott, CNI, February 21, 2012
  2. 2. Selected trends Assessment  Learning analytics Mobile Environment E-Research Globalization
  3. 3. Assessment Questions about the value and price of h.e. Questions about student effort and achievement Questions about value of some majors
  4. 4. Implications for libraries Opportunities to demonstrate value  Study environment  Contribution to academic improvement  Development of higher order learning What will be important to officials?
  5. 5. Learning analytics Using data from behavior of successful students to guide less successful students Focus on large, introductory courses, especially in STEM Looking for higher order thinking or mastery?
  6. 6. Implications for libraries Opportunities to collaborate on programs  Writing centers  Oral presentations  Learning communities  Undergrad research [Less support for information-intense projects]
  7. 7. Mobile environment Tablet computers, smartph ones E-book readers Apps Few h.e. institutional strategies Professional schools most active (business, journalis m, medicine)
  8. 8. Implications for libraries Personalized information environments E-textbook and e- book licensing – institutional strategies Incompatibility of platforms
  9. 9. Implications for librariesBritish Library WolfWalk NCSU
  10. 10. Will innovative T&L programsconnect to information?
  11. 11. E-Research Science, social sciences, humanitie s Data storage, infrastructur e, security Varying disciplinary acceptance of scholarly work products GIS Workstation NC State U. Library
  12. 12. Implications for libraries Consider data part of collections Stewardship Funding model Opportunities to showcase digital content McMaster U. Media Center
  13. 13. Implications for librariesDigital scholarship centers U. Virginia Scholars’ Lab Institutional resource Mission and constituency Programs Staff Funding model
  14. 14. Globalization International campuses Open courseware Very large open courses Certification
  15. 15. Implications for libraries Content licensing for international campuses Incentive to use and highlight open materials
  16. 16. Other trends?DistancelearningMedialiteraciesOpen…DemographicsCommunitycolleges Research Commons – U. Washington Libraries
  17. 17. Thank you!Joan K. Lippincottjoan@cni.org