MENG Introduction 2012


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Master Presentation outlining the benefits of the Marketing Executive Networking Group (MENG): community of accomplished marketing executives dedicated to helping its members succeed by sharing knowledge, experience and contacts.

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MENG Introduction 2012

  1. 1. Setting Executives
  2. 2. About MENG Mission: MENG is the community of accomplished marketing and sales executives dedicated to helping its members succeed by sharing their knowledge, experience and contacts. MENG Vision: To be regarded by accomplished marketing and sales executives as the “go-to” community for trusted relationships, information and resources.
  3. 3. MENG Member Profile Members are experienced executives, like you:  1,600+ members  Members from all marketing functions & industries  Nearly all are current or former VPs, CMOs, CEOs  Meet MENG requirement of salary of $160K+  84% have Fortune 500 experience  70% have graduate degrees  Membership consists of a smart mix of corporate marketers, agencies, and consultants so that you get a diversity of opinions, experience, and insights from every viewpoint  Members in transition are supported to achieve their career goals – whether corporate, agency, or consultant
  4. 4. MENG Member ProfileFrom 2011 National Member Survey respondents.
  5. 5. MENG Member ProfileFrom 2011 National Member Survey respondents.
  6. 6. Chapters Most chapters have monthly  Chapters meetings  Atlanta  Boston  If you don’t live near a  Chicago chapter, the “virtual”  Connecticut chapter enables you to  Dallas Fort Worth connect with other  Los Angeles members  New Jersey MENG also provides a high  New York level of interaction and  Northern California  Irvine/Orange County content for members via  Philadelphia requests, list serves and rich  Phoenix content available online  San Diego  South Florida  Virtual  Washington DC
  7. 7. Member Resources Exclusive member discounts
  8. 8. Member Resources Webinar series, examples:  Career Maximization  How to Effectively Use the Internet & Social Media for a Successful Job Search  8 Steps to Obtaining Speaking Engagements for Business & Personal Branding  Social Media  Organizational Mindset & Culture Markers  Facebook Marketing for Executives  Connecting Direct Marketing and Social Media  Marketing Insights  Mobile Marketing & Location Based Services  Tribalization of Business: How Companies are Leveraging Communities
  9. 9. Member Resources Member White Papers & blogs (examples)  Building Brands in a B2B Environment  Maximizing Business Value by Optimizing IP  The 6 Cs to Successful Change Management  Crowdsourcing: On the Edge  On Customer Experience Design
  10. 10. Request Examples Are resume  Requests are the heart of MENG, members writing services can ask any question of the membership and actually helpful – usually receives anywhere from 5-50 replies which ones are worth the with useful information. Examples: time/money? I am trying to perform some market sizing for a client interested in Fresh Fruit/Veg I am working for a company sortation (based on size, grade, color, etc) that has an interesting for retail merchandising/distribution. branding exercise. Thought I- Any ideas on sources of data for quantity? would solicit other MENG- Any leads/contacts with fresh distributors brand marketing experts for I may be able to talk directly? some advice. I’m looking for a highly recommended SEO agency located in Orange County, CA.
  11. 11. Resources to Help You Change Jobs Hundreds of executive job leads ($150K+) posted by members each year; new ones daily Preferred Recruiter Program Exclusive Guide to Executive Job Search Job Search Webinars Peer Group Resume Review Professional services (coaching, resume writers) Career site discounts MENG Member Database
  12. 12. Setting Executives Apart www.mengonline.comHow can MENGset you apart?   