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Anesthesia powerpoint


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Anesthesia powerpoint

  1. 1. Choosing the Right Anesthesia for Your Procedure JOAN BELLEMAN
  2. 2. Types of Anesthesia  Moderate Sedation – “Twilight Sedation”  MAC – Monitored Anesthesia Care  General Anesthesia -- Completely Unconscious
  3. 3. What Goes With What?  Moderate Sedation Colonoscopy, simple Hand Surgery, dental procedures  MAC Surgery < 45 Minutes, deeper twilight  General Anesthesia Heart, Abdominal, Joint Surgeries
  4. 4. Benefits  No pain or discomfort  Rapid administration  Closely monitored for safety
  5. 5. Risks  Heart attack or stroke  Brain damage or death  Smoking, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure  Increase the risk of complications
  6. 6. Things to Discuss With Anesthesiologist  Previous complications Nausea and Vomiting Body temperature control problems Personal and family health history Current medications
  7. 7. Summary  Discuss options with physician  Ask questions, no question is stupid  Research/educate yourself  Get a second opinion if necessary