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JA Resume 7-2016

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JA Resume 7-2016

  1. 1. Joan  Ascheim             255  Silver  Street  —  North  Granby,  Connecticut  06060  —  Phone:  603-­‐496-­‐4282  —  E-­‐Mail:   Objective   A  public  health  leadership  position  in  a  progressive  public  health  organization  seeking  to  use  both  innovative  and  proven   practices  to  improve  the  health  and  well  being  of  populations  where  they,  work,  live  and  play.   Summary  of  Qualifications   Highly  motivated,  creative,  and  connected  public  health  leader  with  over  thirty  years  experience  developing  and  managing   public  health  programs,  leading  planning  initiatives,  and  improving  agency  performance.    Extensive  content  expertise  in   maternal  and  child  health,  performance  improvement  and  public  health  planning.    A  talent  for  assessing  agency  needs  and   developing  innovative  and  simple  solutions  to  move  from  planning  to  action  expediently.    Proven  ability  to  work  with  diverse   individuals  and  groups,  and  consider  their  strengths  and  contributions  to  achieve  results  that  are  greater  than  the  sum  of  their   parts.       Selected  Experience   Connecticut  Department  of  Public  Health   Performance  Improvement  Manager     November  2012  to  Present   • Trained  department  staff  in  Results  Based  Accountability  TM  and  subsequently  launched  a  web-­‐based   performance  dashboard  to  monitor  agency  program  performance  and  health  outcomes  from  Healthy  Connecticut   2020,  the  state  health  improvement  plan  and  other  agency  programs.   • Provided  training  and  technical  assistance  to  department  and  external  teams  in  Lean  and  quality  improvement   techniques  to  realize  improved  program  efficiency  and  effectiveness.       • Collaborated  in  shaping,  developing  and  implementing  the  state  health  improvement  plan.   • Planned  and  participated  in  preparing  the  department  to  pursue  national  accreditation   New  Hampshire  Department  of  Public  Heath  Services     June  1983  to  October  2012   • Senior  Deputy  and  Chief  for  the  Bureau  of  Public  Health  Systems,  Policy  and  Performance  served  directly  under   the  Director  of  Public  Health.    Directed  strategic  planning,  public  health  improvement  planning  and   implementation,  public  health  regionalization  and  policy  development.   • Administrator  for  the  Bureau  of  Family  and  Community  Health.    Provided  leadership  and  management  to  the   Maternal  and  Child  Health,  HIV/STD  Prevention,  Immunization  and  Rural  Health  and  Primary  Care  Sections.   • Bureau  Chief  for  Maternal  and  Child  Health.    Managed  a  $6  million  dollar  budget  and  health  services  to  over   65,000  individuals.    Administered  the  Maternal  and  Child  Health  Block  Grant.    Established  the  newborn  hearing   screening  program.   • Public  Health  Nurse  Consultant  for  Special  Projects  including  child  abuse  prevention,  home  visiting  and  health   and  safety  in  child  care.    Transformed  a  pilot  home  visiting  project  into  a  statewide  project  sustained  through   Medicaid  funding.         New  Hampshire  Technical  Institute           January  –  August  1997     • Adjunct  Faculty  for  the  course,  Health  and  Safety  in  Early  Childhood  Settings  for  early  childhood  majors.      
  2. 2.             Joan  Ascheim   2   Education   • Master  of  Science  in  Nursing,  University  of  Virginia,  Charlottesville,  VA       1982   • Bachelor  of  Science  in  Nursing,  Georgetown  University,  Washington,  DC       1977   • Northeast  Public  Heath  Leadership  Institute,  State  University  of  New  York,  Albany,  NY         2004   • Lean  Certification,  Leanovations,  Hartford,  CT             2013   • Leadership  Development,  Leadership  Greater  Hartford,  Hartford,  CT         2014   Selected  Presentations     • Ascheim  J,  Holder,  E  and  Roeselle,  D  Results-­‐Based  Accountability  and  Performance  Management:  A  Tale  of   Two  State  Health  Departments.  Invited  speaker,  Measurable  Impact  2016:  A  Results-­‐Based  Accountability   Conference.    Baltimore,  MD,  June  2016.   • Coffman,  J  and  Ascheim,  J  ASTHO’s  Performance  Dashboard:  A  Tool  to  Measure  and  Improve  the  Health  of   Public  Health  Agencies.      Open  Forum  for  Quality  Improvement  in  Public  Health,  Kansas  City,  MO,  June  2014   • Ascheim,  J  and  Gortakowski,  H  Monitoring  Public  Health  Performance  and  State  Health  Improvement  Plans   Utilizing  the  Results  Scorecard:  the  Vermont  and  Connecticut  Experience.    Open  Forum  for  Quality   Improvement  in  Public  Health,  Kansas  City,  MO,  June  2014     • Ascheim,  J    Using  Public  Health  Research  to  Inform  a  Regionalized  Public  Health  System  in  New  Hampshire,   Public  Health  Systems  Research  Learning  Institute,  American  Public  Health  Association  Annual  Meeting,   Washington,  DC,  October  2011   • Ascheim,  J  and  Stewart,  J  Public  Health  Performance  Assessment,  The  New  Hampshire  Experience.  Invited   speaker,  National  Public  Performance  Standards  Program,  Training  Workshop,  St.  Louis,  MO,  April,  2006     • Ascheim,  J.  and  Mandigo,  C.    Innovations  in  Training:  A  Creative  Curriculum  for  Training  Parent  Aides  and   Home  Visitors,  at  the  13th  New  England  Regional  Parent  Aide  Conference,  North  Smithfield,  RI,  June  1997   • Hotaling,  GT,  Ascheim,  JH  and  Sugarman,  D.  The  Children's  Community  Bridge  Project:  Outcome  Evaluation   Results.    American  Public  Health  Association  Annual  Meeting,  Washington,  DC  October  1994.     Selected  Publications       • Ascheim,  JH  et  al.,  NH  Public  Health  Regionalization  Initiative:  Report  and  Recommendations  from  the   Findings  of  Capacity,  Governance,  and  Financial  Assessments,  New  Hampshire  Department  of  Health  and   Human  Services,  Division  of  Public  Health  Services,  Bureau  of  Public  Health  Systems,  Policy  and  Performance   December  2011   • Ascheim,  JH,  Frey,  K  Ed.  Improving  the  Public’s  Health  in  New  Hampshire;  A  Performance  Management   Approach,  New  Hampshire  Department  of  Health  and  Human  Services,  Division  of  Public  Health  Services,  Bureau   of  Policy  and  Performance  Management,  2005.   • New  Hampshire  Home  Visiting  Advisory  Committee-­‐  Training  Subcommittee,  A  Training  Curriculum  for   Trainers  of  Home  Visitors,  New  Hampshire  Department  of  Health  and  Human  Services,  1996   • Frank,  E  and  Ascheim,  J    Using  Volunteers  to  Survey  Child  Restraint  Compliance  Among  New  Hampshire   Drivers,  American  Journal  of  Public  Health,  Vol.  86  (8)  1996,  pp.  1169-­‐1170.  
  3. 3.             Joan  Ascheim   3   • Hawks,  D,  Ascheim,  JH,  Giebink,  GS,  Graville,  Solnit,  AJ    American  Public  Health  Association/American   Academy  of  Pediatrics  National  Health  and  Safety  Guidelines  for  Child-­‐Care  Programs:  Featured   Standards  and  Implementation,  Supplement:  Pediatrics,  Vol.  94  (6)  1994,  pp.  1110-­‐1112.       Selected  Professional  Activities  and  Service     • Association  of  State  and  Territorial  Health  Officials,  Performance  Improvement  Policy  Committee,  Senior   Deputies’  Committee  2010  -­‐  present     • Public  Health  Accreditation  Board,  Member  Accreditation  Improvement  Committee,  Assessment  Process   Workgroup,  Expert  Panel  on  Centralized  States  and  Accreditation  and  Site  Visitor  2009-­‐2015   • New  Hampshire  Public  Health  Association,  President  2009-­‐2010   • Bi-­‐State  Primary  Care  Association  Advisory  Committee,  Member  2003-­‐2012   • Robert  Wood  Johnson  Turning  Point  Initiative,  National  Performance  Management  Excellence  Collaborative,   member  2003-­‐2004   • Merrimack  Valley  Day  Care  Services,  Inc.,  Board  President  1992  to  1994.         • New  Hampshire  Family  Resource  Coalition,  Treasurer  1993,  Vice-­‐  President  1994,  President  1995   Awards  and  Honors     • Robert  Chamberlin  Award  2013,  Family  Support  New  Hampshire,  awarded  for  establishment  of  the  statewide   home  visiting  program.   • Roger  Fossum  Lifetime  Achievement  Award  2012  New  Hampshire  Public  Health  Association   • Leadership  Award  2003,  The  Early  Connections,  Project  of  the  University  of  New  Hampshire  Institute  on   Disability   • Public  Citizen  of  the  Year  Award  2002,  New  Hampshire  Pediatric  Society