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Spotify - staying lean from small start-up through rapid growth


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In a few years Spotify has grown from a small startup in Sweden to a pretty big company with more than 30 engineering teams in four different development offices on two different continents. And we have no intention of slowing down. Such rapid growth carries big challenges. How can we continue to improve our product at great speed, while growing the number of users, employees and supported platforms and devices? How do we stay lean and agile when we grow from a small startup to a big corporation? In this talk we will present how Spotify is addressing these challenges. We will talk about autonomous squads, tribes, retrospective gatherings, guilds, hack weeks, system owner days, and a lot of other ideas we’re experimenting with.

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Spotify - staying lean from small start-up through rapid growth

  1. 1. st ayi ng l ean f r omsmal l st ar t - up t hr oughr api d gr owt h
  2. 2. The r i ght musi c f orever y moment
  3. 3. Spot i f y: FastFact s• Over 6 mi l l i on payi ng subscr i ber s• Over 24 mi l l i on act i ve user s• Over 300 000 l abel s si gned• Over 20 mi l l i on songs• Over 1 bi l l i on pl ayl i st s cr eat ed• Over 20 000 songs added dai l y• Avai l abl e i n 28 count r i es
  4. 4. Devel opmentof f i ces
  5. 5. Gr owi ng f ast
  6. 6. Devel opmentspeed t hat
  7. 7. Aut onomy
  8. 8. • “ Feel l i ke a mi ni -st ar t up”• Sel f - or gani zi ng• Cr oss- f unct i onal• 5- 7 engi neer s, l ess t ha10Squad
  9. 9. Exampl e squads
  10. 10. Pics ofsquadrooms
  11. 11. Pr ocess t hat f i t s
  12. 12. Aut onomous squad• Dedicated product owner• Agile coach• Influencing work• Easy to release• A process that fits the team• A mission• Organizational support
  13. 13. Aut onomous squadsur veys
  14. 14. r e we t her e yet ?
  15. 15. StructureandalignmentSquadPOSquadPOSquadPOSquadPOChapt erChapt er
  16. 16. Chapt er sSquadPOSquadPOSquadPOSquadPOChapt erChapt er
  17. 17. Chapt er Lead
  18. 18. Per sonal devel opment
  19. 19. Tr ai ni ng andknowl edge shar i ng
  20. 20. Tri beSquadPOSquadPOSquadPOSquadPOChapt erChapt erTri beSquadPOSquadPOSquadPOSquadPOChapt erChapt erTr i bes” Pr ovi de f astand r el i abl eaccess t o al lt he wor l d smusi c§”” Enabl e hi ghpr oductdevel opment speedwhi l e mai nt ai ni nga hi ghl yavai l abl eser vi ce”
  21. 21. Net wor kor gani zat i on
  22. 22. Tri beSquadPOSquadPOSquadPOSquadPODependenci esTri beSquadPOSquadPOSquadPOSquadPO
  23. 23. St r uct ur e happens!
  24. 24. Tri beSquadPOSquadPOSquadPOSquadPOChapt erChapt erTri beSquadPOSquadPOSquadPOSquadPOChapt erChapt erGui l dGui l ds
  25. 25. Aut onomy vs.Al i gnmentAut onomyAl i gnment
  26. 26. Aut onomy vs.Al i gnmentAlignmentAut onomyMi cromanagi ngor gani zat i onIndi f f erentcul t ur eAut hori t at i veor gani zat i onConf ormi stcul t ur eEnt repreneuri alor gani zat i onChaot i ccul t ur eInnovat i veor gani zat i onCol l aborat i vecul t ur eSource: Stephen Bungay, The Art of Action
  27. 27. Vi si on
  28. 28. OKRObj ect i ves &Key Resul t s
  29. 29. Proj ectPr oj ect s
  30. 30. 2x speedchal l enge
  31. 31. I mpr ovement
  32. 32. Ander s I var sson@ander s_i var ssonai var sson@spot i f y. comJoaki m Sundén@j oaki msundenj oaki m. sunden@spot i f y. comwww. j oaki msunden. com