SCRM Cloud - How to identify & monitor your brand influencers


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How to identify & monitor your brand influencers:

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SCRM Cloud - How to identify & monitor your brand influencers

  1. 1. We help brands listen, analyse & engage in social conversations using world-class technologies and expertise consultancy.
  2. 2. Business cases & opportunities People talking about brands online opens up for new business opportunities that did not exist before the rise of social media. It’s what customers post on social media that creates the opportunity. Typical use cases includes: ● Identify & monitor brand influencers ● Customer service outreach ● Search for sales leads ● Identify industry & product trends ● Monitor competition for competitive advantage
  3. 3. How to identify and monitor your brand influencers.
  4. 4. Enterprise-class social media monitoring & analytics technology The SCRM Cloud is using state-of-the-art enterprise-class technology from Brighton based Brandwatch. ● Advanced query writing ● Comprehensive list of data sources ● Big data management ● Built-in reporting & analytics features
  5. 5. Steps for successfully identifying online brand influencers 1. Write a good search query 2. Filter out noise 3. Select metrics for identifying brand influencers 4. Read & analyse mentions data 5. Identify business opportunities
  6. 6. Write a good search query We want to search for Krug mentions related to the Champagne brand but we’re not interested in spammy forums selling fake Louis Vuitton bags. (krug NEAR/20 champagne) NOT (outlet OR handbag* OR watch* OR sale) Query only searches for “krug” within 20 words of Champagne and excludes mentions having outlet, handbag, watch or sale in it.
  7. 7. Krug Champagne social media key stats September 2013 393 Mentions 274 Influencers 160K Reach
  8. 8. Metrics to identify brand influencers ● #Number of unique mentions posted over time ● Estimated reach score
  9. 9. Channel focus, Twitter
  10. 10. Large follower base, but without a context are they really “influential”?
  11. 11. Less followers but tweeting with context = influence
  12. 12. To scale their online mention audience, Krug need to leverage on the people authoring brand mentions.
  13. 13. Most influential people across channels in August 2013
  14. 14. Same list of influencers over the year Opportunity: Incentivise people to stay influencers over a longer period of time
  15. 15. Opportunity: Invite senior tripadvisor contributor “Christina S” to the online Krug Lovers community.
  16. 16. Opportunity: Thomas, Technology-savvy chef from Switzerland. How can you incentivise him to share more Krug branded content?
  17. 17. Opportunity: How about catering for people like Drew hosting their own private house parties? #KrugKitchenChezMoi (?!)
  18. 18. About Joakim Nilsson Joakim Nilsson is an Ex. Head of Social Media at one of Europe’s largest iGaming groups turned Entrepreneur. He’s now heading up the SCRM Cloud as Social CRM Strategist. Twitter. @JoakimNilsson Blog. LinkedIn.