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Paris fashion week 2013, Social media monitoring report


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Social media monitoring report with insights from Paris Fashion week 2013.

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Paris fashion week 2013, Social media monitoring report

  1. 1. Nilsson Monitor social insights reporting on Paris Fashion Week 2013
  2. 2. Analytical insights.Query: (paris AND ("fashion week" OR fashionweek)) OR (location:france AND ("fashion week" OR fashionweek)) OR (#pfw OR #parisfashionweek) NOT ("paris fashion week 2012")
  3. 3. Where did people talk about ParisFashion week?
  4. 4. Who are they? British Vouge twitter profile tweeting 365 times about Paris Fashion Week
  5. 5. Volume of mentions broken downper page type
  6. 6. Twitter was the dominating real-timechannel during the event Over 6,000 tweets
  7. 7. With a potential reach of over 260Mtwitter followers
  8. 8. People from over 160 countriesparticipated in the online discussion
  9. 9. The biggest buzz during ParisFashion week Dior & Raf Simons H&M Stella McCartney Balenciaga & Alexander Wang Getting ready for... Viktor & Rolf
  10. 10. Alexander Wang made the overallbiggest headlines
  11. 11. Most active Tweeters
  12. 12. Most active bloggers
  13. 13. Most active Facebook pages
  14. 14. Most active on Pinterest
  15. 15. Most re-tweeted
  16. 16. People "love"ing it!
  17. 17. "FUCKITY FUCK!" ?! :)
  18. 18. Marketing is no longer just your paidadvertising.Its your customers combined perception ofyour brand from paid, owned and earnedmedia. PAID OWNED EARNED Todays marketing reality
  19. 19. About Nilsson MonitorWhat are people saying about your brand, products and competitors online?Where are they saying it? On blogs, forums, twitter, Facebook or are theyInstagramming photos of your products?Understanding what’s being said about your brand online is fundamental forany social media program, whether you will do customer service outreach onsocial media channels, search for sales opportunities, listen to what’s beingsaid about competition or measure how your share of voice stacks up.Nilsson Monitor is a custom and private social media monitoring dashboardpowered by Brandwatch technology* where you have all the relevant onlineconversations easily accessible from one single place.*Nilsson Monitor is a Brandwatch partner since 2012
  20. 20. Use cases● Community Management, nurture and grow your existing community online, understand who they are and where they live.● Customer Service Outreach, are people sharing any negative experiences with your brand in the public? Can you reach on directly and sort their problems before it escalates into bigger issues.● Sales Opportunities, can you identify any potential leads by looking at what’ s being said about your competition?● Brand Management, what’s your share-of-voice per market and channel? What’s your online sentiment and reputation?● Business Intelligence, are your customers sharing things on the web that you else wouldnt know about? Are they sharing how they perceive your products? Can you gather the same insights from your competition?
  21. 21. Features● Powered by state-of-the-art Brandwatch technology● Monitors over 50 million sources in 25 languages● Full access to Twitter’s full firehose data● Data partner with Social media data vendor Gnip● Powerful boolean search queries with advanced filtering capabilities● Excellent language filtering● Sleek, modern and easy to use UX● Team workflow tools● Meta data, sentiment and influence stats● Rules, email alerts and fully exportable data● Track and analyse your own Facebook and Twitter pages (more channels coming)
  22. 22. Fully customisable monitoring &intelligence dashboard
  23. 23. Contact Joakim today to learn moreabout how Nilsson Consulting SocialCRM services can help your business.