Namibia 2012 - adventure trek


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Do you want to come and participate in an amazing adventure? A tough challenge that will push your mind and body to the limit? Have a look at this and get back to us to let know that you want to join us in Namibia in November 2012.

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Namibia 2012 - adventure trek

  1. 1. NAMIBIA 2012 Are you up for a serious challenge? THE NAMIB DESERT CLIMBING BRANDBERG MORE THAN A CLIMB We will take you to You will join our We offer you a one of th oldest team challenge of complete experience, November 2012 deserts in the world, climbing the tallest prior, during and where you will sleep peak in Namibia - post the trip. under the stars and 2,606m (8,550ft), Executive coaching is experience this with 25kg backpacks included, as well as unique wilderness in temperatures of up desert knowledge from environment. to 45c. local experts. [1]
  2. 2. Team work takes us to the topThe Brandberg climb Team Support Crew For those of you who want to push out the boundaries of your The team supporting the trip have extensive experience. Leading thecomfort zone we are offering the chance to enter into the wilderness of expedition is Kobus, our local guide. To assist Kobus a UK doctor willthe sparsely populated Namib Desert. The Brandberg mountain rises accompany us to ensure everyone gets up and down in one piece. Johnstraight from the surrounding desert plains. Climbing the 2,606m is not an and Joakim have made multiple expeditions to the Namibian Desert,easy feat. The nature is very unforgiving and we will be completely self- including climbing Brandberg and ultramarathons in the Namib desert.reliant as a team. Our previous trip up Brandberg we did not see a single Accommodationperson for 6 days! This wilderness is as remote as it gets in today’s world. Your nights on the mountain will be spent camping under the stars The climb is not a technical climb, it is mostly treking up small around the campfire (for the evenings where we can find dry wood!).animal paths and climbing through large boulder fields. Having said this The day we get off the mountain we quickly drive off to the Whitethere are exposed sections of the climb where a steady foot is required to Lady Lodge, where food, drink and a pool will help us to start the healingget the team forward. Depending on the route we might also be doing process. In the backdrop we can see Brandberg, knowing that we havesome abseiling to allow for a speedier descent. been to the top and come down in one piece. The climb will require you to use both arms and legs to get yourself The final night will be spent at a relaxing camp in the Namibianto the top and down. There will be sections with flat open tracks, but countryside where we will be able to replenish our reserves and fill up onmore often than not we are going through areas where you have to take energy for the flight where you put down your foot for every step of the way. Steppingfrom one stone to the next boulder is a constant reminder to us how smallwe are in the greater environment of the mountain. This is wildernesswhere it is at it most remote. The beautiful Brandberg mountain is our adventure playground [2]
  3. 3. SHARING Join a selected few for a sunrise to be remember Sleeping at the top Training The top of the climb is the majestic Climbing the Brandberg will be a serious Koningstein. At 2,606m (8,550ft) you will have test of stamina. Physically and mental strength an amazing view of the surrounding Namib will be tested to the limits. To cope with the Desert. The 360-degree view is spectacular at climb it is important to condition your body any point of day, but for our trip we will aim to prior to the trip. Hiking with heavy backpack spend sunset and sunrise at the top. There is will give your body the ability to cope on the nothing that can prepare you for the views mountain. Long slow sessions are better than of the surrounding landscape that you will short and fast. In the end, there is little you can Will you see see - it is every photographer’s dream. do to 100% prepare for the heat and the sun, me before I see but a fit body will acclimatise better. you? Water, food and rest Throughout the climb each member of the Equipment team will carry their own water, food and We will provide you with detailed lists for equipment. All in all your backpacks will weigh what to bring. However this is not an between 28kg when full with water, and expedition that will require lots of technical 10-12kg without water (lets hope we dont have equipment. Backpack, sleeping bag and this too much). We cook on open fire and/or sleeping mat are are the main part of what is gaz stoves and we sleep under the stars where needed. we find appropriate ground. Sleeping rough under the Namibian skySharing is caringOn our climb we share anancient environment. Wetake water from themountain where also theanimals come and drink.The territory we trekthrough holds surprisesthat we sometimes arelucky to see (such as thehorned adder above). Thethousands year old rock-art reminds us that peoplehas been at Brandberg for+6,000 years [3]
  4. 4. THE LAND MADE IN ANGER - THE NAMIB CHALLENGE“The land God made in anger” - that is how Namibia is often referred to. When you find yourself in the Namibdesert, one of the oldest deserts in the world, you truly know how this saying came about.Phase 1 - The build-up Phase 3 - follow-up The goal of this phase is to provide Napoleon Hill once saidconcentrated executive coaching to ’Experience is not whatparticipants over a period of a few months happens to a man but whatprior to the event to prepare them for the sense he makes of whatdesert mountain experience. happens’. In order to achieve this, we will work on a On return home we willwide range of personal development issues, cushion your retur n byfitness, personal resilience and coping supporting you with furtherstrategies –as well as to focus on key current coaching to help you makeleadership challenges facing people in the sense of your experienceworkplace. We will provide all the technical and to take the learningknowledge about desert kit, clothing and back into your world of worksurvival so that team members are set up to and indeed the rest of yourget the very best out of the climb. life... The crucial In addition we will check that people are post-climbfit enough and will fit in. The building of R&Rsupportive relationships throughout the eventwill be an important feature of the experience.Phase 2 - The desert wildernessexperience Climbing the Brandberg is a true test of Sleeping under the stars...character. We are going to enter some of themost harsh environment on the planet, and we When the wind hits your face and you turn your backare completely self-relient – but don’t let that towards the wind and look up on more stars than you everput you off. You will be required to stay could imagine, you think about the solitude and yourfocussed and not let your through stray. This is senses awaken to record the slightest sound. You feel on the edge and then it is a comforting thought that ournot the place to break an ankle. However when guide, Kobus, has slept on the ground in the desert inwe stop for a rest and gaze around, you will Namibia over 2,000 nights over the past 15 years. Yousee a landscape that will truly energize you and might think that you will sleep poorly under suchrefresh your body and soul. This event is of an alternative sleeping arrangements, and yet you wake upextreme nature. It will be a serious undertaking rested and with an eagerness to see what Brandberg will show you the next train hard enough to cope with theonslaught of the Brandberg on your body. Why wait? EXECUTIVE STRETCH For additional information This challenge is suitable for Contact us for full information contact us on anyone who has the drive and about tour costs, including determination to succeed. flights, personal insurance etc. [4]